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Lotus Land Story

Yuka Kazami 1

Yuka Kazami 2


Mystic Square - 怪綺談.TXT

Yuuka         Youkai

One of the strongest youkai living around Hakurei Shrine, but her
personality is such that one can never tell what she's thinking, so
she's a very uncharismatic youkai.
However, she actually seems to be quite sharp-witted...

Kioh Gyoku - ZUN「創曲幻想」.txt

3. Youkai Moe

Now then, absolutely no relation (well, some relation) the only character
with a slightly different feel, Yuuka, is actually the last boss I made a long
time ago for the STG Touhou Lotus Land Story, and is a playable character of
Touhou Mystic Square.
A youkai. Yes. Youkai moe~.
The reason she doesn't feel oriental at all is because she's a Youkai. Yes. Youkai moe.

By the by, I think that 10 out of 10 people would read the level 1 barrage 萌風 as "moekaze".

Wonder if a Youkai would come out. Like in my room, or my workplace.
A shrine maiden is fine too.

Also, after Mystic Square's extra ending, as planned, Yuuka received the ultimate
magic. The author himself doesn't know exactly what is it.

It's definitely something moe. Moe~.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View - キャラ設定.txt

Pl09 fc n2
Flower Master of the Four Seasons

Kazami Yuuka

Species: Youkai
Ability: Manipulation of Flowers

A youkai that lives in Gensokyo. Has the ability to manipulate flowers.
She loves seasonal flowers, so throughout the year she moves to the respective
place where the flowers grow: spring flowers for spring, summer flowers for summer,
autumn flowers for autumn, and although there aren't many, winter flowers for winter.

This time, as she witnessed Gensokyo being overtaken by flowers,
she wasn't surprised at all and very well understood the situation.
Although she understood it, she thought that it'd be paradise if it
was always this way.

The outbreak must eventually be resolved. She decided that she
would enjoy this outbreak while she can. It'd be a waste to not enjoy this once
every sixty year outbreak.

Without a destination in mind, she enjoyed the flowers as she slept and awoke, as her
pattern continued.

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