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Main Profile

YuugenMagan is a being that Reimu Hakurei encounters in Makai in Highly Responsive to Prayers after entering through the gate. Like the other characters in the game, there is no information regarding this enemy.

Character Basis


Like most characters in the Highly Responsive to Prayers, YuugenMagan doesn't have an official kanji. It is assumed to be written as 幽玄魔眼 or 幽幻魔眼. Generally, Magan (魔眼) indicates the same concept of the "evil eye" (literally magical/demon's eye). If "yuugen" was interpreted as 幽玄, it means "recondite/subtle/profound/etc" or indicates the concept of the traditional Japanese aesthetics similar to that of Elegant in English. 幽幻 is not a legit established term in Japanese, so if it was interpreted as this, it's likely to come from Yuugen doushi (幽幻道士) (original title 殭屍小子): a horror action comedy movie made in Taiwan starring a Jiang Shi as the heroine.

More Information

• YuugenMagan's stage boss has the most hit boxes in the series that affects the same health bar, coming second would be the Prismriver Sisters in Perfect Cherry Blossom.

• YuugenMagan and Mima share the same theme, called "Angel's Legend".


• YuugenMagan's gender is unknown, but it's speculated that she/he is a female because of the figure formed in the center.

• YuugenMagan has been drawn as a human-like character in some fanart, mainly being depicted in pure gold.

• YuugenMagan's name can be a typo for many western fans as they will usually put an 'e' instead of an 'a'. e.g. "YuugenMagen".

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