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Main Profile[]

Youmu Konpaku is one of the stranger entities in Gensokyo, part human and part phantom at the same time. Her two halves are not intermixed like one would expect from a crossbreed, but actually exist in physically separate bodies. Youmu has a straightforward and focused personality, which complements her sword fighting skills well. However, her personality conflicts with that of her master, Yuyuko Saigyouji, who is very whimsical and playful in nature. Still, she serves Yuyuko as best as she can, tending to the gardens in Hakugyokurou and following her orders.

Youmu commonly wields two blades at once, having studied under her predecessor, Youki. The longer blade, called 楼観剣 (Roukanken) - Lookout-Tower Sword, is said to be able to kill ten ghosts in one swipe. The shorter blade, 白楼剣 (Hakurouken) - White Tower Sword, is able to cleave through a person's own confusion. However, not much is known about her particular style of sword fighting or about her parents. What is known is that Youki, also a servant of Hakugyokurou, had begun training a very young Youmu possibly as a child, when he suddenly disappeared one day, leaving her style incomplete and presumably causing her to teach herself. No one currently knows his whereabouts.


During the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom, Youmu was ordered by Yuyuko to gather as much spring essence from Gensokyo as she could in order to get the entire cherry blossom garden, including the legendary Saigyou Ayakashi, to bloom perfectly. Youmu's efforts indirectly caused winter to continue unchecked in Gensokyo, prompting the player to find the source of the problem. Youmu tried to prevent the player from reaching Hakugyokurou but was defeated. She also tried to stop the player's confrontation against Yuyuko but was defeated again.

In Imperishable Night, she traveled to the world of the living with the intent to fix the moon although Yuyuko was more interested in having a feasting tour with a "dragon dish" as the crowning attraction.

In Phantasmagoria of Flower View, she was minding her own business but kept encountering various people barging into Hakugyokurou suspecting her of being behind the flower incident. When she traveled to Gensokyo herself to behold the spectacle, she immediately noticed what was going on but thought nothing of it.

During the events of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, she set off to investigate, concerned as to how and why someone was slaying ghosts. After a hint from Yukari, she found and defeated the culprit.

List of Spell Cards[]

Perfect Cherry Blossom[]

  • Ghost Sword "Fasting of the Young Preta"
  • Preta Sword "Scroll of the Preta Realm"
  • Hungry King Sword "Ten Kings' Retribution on the Preta"
  • Hell, Realm Sword "Two Hundred Yojana in One Slash"
  • Hell, Fire Sword "Sudden Phantom Formation Slash of Karmic Wind"
  • Asura Sword "Obsession with the Present World"
  • Human Realm Sword "Fantasy of Entering Enlightenment"
  • Human Era Sword "Great Enlightenment Appearing and Disappearing"

Immaterial and Missing Power[]

  • Human Sign "Slash of Present World"
  • Human Oni "Slash of the Eternal Future"
  • Life-Cutting Sword "Slash of Meditation"
  • Hesitation-Cutting Sword "Slash of Departure from Hesitation"
  • Soul Sign "Wheel of Pain of the Living and Dead"
  • Sign III "Sudden Divine Severing of Karmic Wind"

Phantasmagoria of Flower View[]

  • Hesitation Sign "Sword of Binding Desires"
  • Hesitation Sign "Half-Body Disillusion"

Imperishable Night[]

  • Human Sign "Slash of Present World"
  • Human Oni "Slash of the Eternal Future"
  • "Matsuyoi-Reflecting Satellite Slash"

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody[]

  • Human Knowledge Sword "Turning Angel Cut"
  • Spirit-Cutting Sword "Slash of Ascension to Buddhahood"
  • Cherry Blossom Sword "Flashing Scattered Flowers"
  • Thought-Cutting Sword "Slash of the Buddhahood of Flora"
  • Closed-Eye Slash "The Bullet-Cutting Spirit Eye from Roukan"


  • Her name Youmu(妖夢) means "Demon" or "Ghost"(妖) (you, from Youkai) and "Dream" (夢)(mu).
  • Though both characters in Konpaku (魂魄) mean "soul", they refer to different parts of it. "Kon"(魂) refers to the soul that ascends to heaven, and "paku"(魄) is the soul in the physical being that returns to the earth after death.