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Yoshika in Fan Culture

  • Due to their similar jobs (gatekeeper/guard), both being Stage 3 bosses, and the stars on their hats, Yoshika is sometimes paired with, or compared to, Hong Meiling.
  • Some fans say that her boss theme has an Arabian feel.
  • In some fan works, Yoshika is shown to be acting as a sort of, quote "Meat Shield" for Seiga's protection. This may stem from the fact that, in the heroine's battle with Seiga and Yoshika, Yoshika is in front of Seiga (Acting as a shield) in 5/6 of Seiga's attacks.
  • Because Yoshika's joints basically never move, she's often shown in the same position at all times in fanon. it's up to the creator of the work to decide what she can and cannot move on her body.
  • Since Seiga has strong ties to the rest of the Ten Desires cast, Yoshika is paired with them often, but more or less with Seiga Kaku.
  • Western fans have noticed Yoshika looks as though she's holding an invisible steering wheel. Because of this, and her hat, she's sometimes depicted as a cab driver in Western memes.
  • Yoshika's ability to eat anything causes competition between her and Yuyuko's fandom, some of which Yoshika attempts to eat Yuyuko.
  • Her theme has been mashed up with the Indian Thriller "Golimar" in a video. Golimar translates to Shoot the Bullet, if that wasn't enough.