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Fun Facts

  • The name Kurodani is written with characters that mean "black valley". Yamame may be written as "山女" (lit. mountain girl), which refers to a mythical demon in Japanese folklore.
  • In an interview released in Cara☆mel with CiLR 7, ZUN mentioned that he figured her name was particularly "spiderish", maybe because spiders are all about their eyes (me), and pointed out that the number of buttons on her outfit added up to give her the proper number of eyes for a spider. (Yamame might also be written as 八ま目.)
  • She somewhat resembles an Argiope spider, most closely looking like the bruennichi.
  • Subterranean Animism's demo CD featured Yamame on the cover upside down. It didn't take long for fan-art of her hanging upside down to come up. Many fans were disappointed when she didn't do this in the actual game.
  • She is sometimes shown paired with Kisume.