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YASU (also known as Eon) is a Japanese Touhou player who has held the Imperishable Night Lunatic mode world record since September, 2007.

Imperishable Night

On 2008/07/27, YASU posted a screenshot of his Imperishable Night's profile status screen on his personal blog. It revealed that he had played 31,678 games of Imperishable Night in 1,621.5 hours of play time. As of August 2009 he has played over 33,600 games in 1818 hours of play time.

YASU's goals for 2009 included [1]:

On February, 7, 2009, YASU improved his IN world record to 5.868 billion, despite having made "numerous mistakes due to nervousness" in the second half of the game, where he failed several spell cards on Stage 4 and lost a life on Stage 5. Up until August, he kept announcing new scores made with Sakuya & Remilia as well as other teams, occasionally releasing corresponding replays on his blog. However, on August, 8, he finally managed to break the 6 billion goal with a new score of 6,083,832,350, improving his previous best by over 91 million. In this run, YASU lost over 120 million in stage 6, which would have put his score at approximately 6.2 billion, had it been played without mistakes.

Along with the release of the 6 billion replay, YASU posted a snapshot of his Lunatic/Sakuya & Remilia scoreboard, showing a list of nine 5.9xx scores he's made since April, 2009. He also announced that he would keep improving this score with a new goal set at 6.15–6.2 billion.

In mid-2009, YASU removed all of his Imperishable Night records from the Royalflare scoreboards, first leaving only 3 entries, and then none whatsoever (not unlike HS参謀, right before he put playing Perfect Cherry Blossom on hiatus). Some of YASU's newest replays, made mostly under the name Eon, can be downloaded from his blog, some others are reinstated on Royalflare.

In September, 2010, YASU made a max graze run with Sakuya solo, getting over 100,000 graze points and finishing with two spare lives.

Mountain of Faith

In March, 2008, YASU began chasing after ASAPIN's Mountain of Faith then-#1 score of 2.011 billion points. On September 23, 2008, exactly one year after his Imperishable Night record, YASU produced a no-miss clear with a score of 2.029 billion, capturing 23 out of 25 spell cards. [2] The world record now stands at 2.2 billion points by LYX.

Notable player records

Game Mode Character Score Date Notes
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Lunatic Reimu-B 439,548,440 (#4) 2008/03/08
Imperishable Night — see Imperishable Night world records.
Mountain of Faith Lunatic Reimu-A 2,132,746,610 (#3) 2009/10/25 No-miss clear; 24/25 spellcards captured

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