Vision-pm spellcard

You can use the spells of the characters that appear in Touhou. You may play as many as you want during your own Main Phase, but you cannot play them to interrupt.

"Equipment" and "Spell" are treated as part of the player they were set on. "Fantasy Being"-type cards come out in Sleep mode. "World Spell"-type can only be played once per turn, and come out immediately in Active mode.

If the card was played on the character whose name is under the Cost, you can ignore any Node and Cost requirements.

Effective Scopes (Cross) Affects a single target. (Tornado) Affects many targets(you don't pick which). (Star) Affects a player, their hand, their deck, or their discard (Arrows) Has multiple effects (Minus) Other

Effective Period (Claw) Immediate (Food) Continuous (Swords) Equipment (Hand) Spell (Leaf) World Spell (Minus) Other

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