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Subterranean Animism - おまけ.txt

Stage 6 Boss The Scorching, Troublesome Divine Flame

Utsuho Reiuji
Nickname: Okuu

Race: Hell Raven, Yatagarasu
Ability: Manipulation of Nuclear Fusion

A crow that gives off a conspicuously-colored light.

 On her left foot is the "Foot of fission";
 On her right foot is the "Foot of fusion";
 Finally, on her right arm is the "Third Leg" which controls it.

Using these three legs, it's said she can control the ultimate energy.

The Earth Spirit Palace was built over the long-slumbering embers of the Hell of Blazing Fires. In this time when the underground was no longer part of hell, criminals were no longer banished underground, and the only ones that lived underground now were the hell ravens, the kasha that carried off the bodies of the dead, and various other curious youkai, as well as the evil spirits who only acted out of malice. Satori took the youkai who lived there as her own and raised them as pets.

Utsuho and Rin were both Satori's pets.

Rin and Utsuho both worked hard at their respective jobs, Rin at controlling the evil spirits, Utsuho at managing the the former Hell of Blazing Fires. If the flames became too hot, they'd open the skylight in the courtyard; if the flames became too weak, they'd throw in more of the corpses Rin carried off; they regulated the flames in this manner. They lived out their lives this way, doing the same thing every day but leading a peaceful, satisfying life.

However, one day that peaceful lifestyle was shattered.

Someone from above stole into Hell without anyone noticing.
Then, she began to speak.
Her voice stoked Utsuho's curiosity.

"The Hell of Blazing Fires hides the secret to the ultimate form of energy that humans can attain.
You, crow that lives within the blaze ...
You should be able to contain that power within your body.
We can use that to bring about the wishes of not just the underground, but the above ground as well."

She was enveloped in light, and she felt someone entering her body.
When she came to, her body had changed greatly.

Utsuho enjoyed using her new power, and before she knew it the Hell of Blazing Fires had regained its original heat.
That heat boiled the water in the underground, and when the steam pressure reached its limits it boiled over into the above ground as a geyser.

 The one from above ground.
 Who was she, and what was her purpose?
 Utsuho quickly pushed such questions from her little head.

  - Yatagarasu, the divine three-legged crow
   The power that had entered her body was the god called the yatagarasu.
   It's said to be a three-legged crow that lives on the sun.

   The ultimate power the yatagarasu possessed was the power to split and fuse atoms.
   Atomic energy is the ultimate fantasy left for the future.

Touhou Hisoutensoku

The Scorching Troublesome Divine Flame, Utsuho Reiuji

Sanae arrives at the nuclear reactor core, saying that its extremely hot down there and could be dangerous if staying there too long due to high temperatures. Utsuho unexpectedly attacks Sanae, ordering that due to the contamination of the nuclear reactor core, reactor operations are to be halted and the "foreign substance" eradicated immediately and Sanae is forced into a fight with Utsuho.

After a minutes of fighting, Sanae says to Utsuho that she is a shrine maiden of Kanako but Utsuho doesn't understand who Kanako is. Sanae then says that she is a servant of higher power than Utsuho herself. Utsuho explains the reason why she came to the nuclear reactor core is because of the notification that a "foreign substance" had contaminated the reactor core then they continue their fight.

Some days later, Cirno was looking for the "Daidarabocchi" and fell in the Nuclear Reactor, then is intercepted by Utsuho. Utsuho attempts to eradicate the "foreign substance", but Cirno manages to escape being incinerated to death.

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