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Generally, the latest chapter of Silent Sinner in Blue will take priority over other things, until it's finished. (After all, they're generally short and easy.)

There are a couple of things that are always on the list, and will be done in no particular order:

  • Curiosities of Lotus Asia chapters that strike my fancy
  • Remaining text from Bohemian Archive and Perfect Memento

Edits to your MoF Translation

Hello, I've made some edits to the Prologue, and would like to hear what you think about them. I'm still learning Japanese, and haven't done any translation before this. The Touhou backstories and in-game dialogue seem like a fun place to start practicing (at least, with editing, if not actual translation). If you're ok with the edits, I can work on the scenario dialogues; or if not, feel free to revert them back. AlephNull 01:02, 22 May 2007 (PDT)

Most of them make sense; it was lazy for me not to go back and edit it myself after some time had passed, honestly, especially given how long I'd been awake at the time. Kyan~ A couple things, though:
  • "That fellow ordered me ... " - Fellow does imply a man to most people, I'd guess, and the chances of a male Touhou antagonist are probably pretty slim, so I'd suggest something like "The visitor ordered me ... ", or even the dreaded "they".
  • multitude -> countless - is there something I'm missing? This doesn't seem to change the meaning or voice much. I usually tend against phrasing edits of that nature since they're almost totally subjective. (The original would literally be something like "incredible number of", but I think that somehow that doesn't give the right feel for that passage.)
  • They -> that person - I'd guess most people would say "they" in conversation rather than "that person" (though this is minor).
Generally, though, they all obviously made sense to me. --T. Solamarle 11:42, 22 May 2007 (PDT)
"Fellow does imply a man to most people"
Really? Huh. I always thought it was a gender-neutral term, but I just checked, and dictionaries say it generally refers to men. English really needs more gender-neutral terms. - Pilpsie
I've moved the discussion over to the article's Talk Page. - AlephNull 20:25, 22 May 2007 (PDT)

SA stuff

Spell cards:


想起「戸隠山投げ」 想起「百万鬼夜行」 ... wait, these are lolioni cards. Do we get card revamps for the other characters, too?

猫符「キャッツウォーク」 - Holy shit, Walfas totally predicted this card.


恨霊「スプリーンイーター」 Touhou Solid 3

(much later!)


ーーー 核熱「ニュクリアフュージョン」






4面タイトル:誰からも好まれない恐怖の目 (Stage4地霊殿)
4面ボス:古明地さとり (BGM:少女さとり~3rd eye)

5面タイトル:昔時の業火 (Stage5灼熱地獄跡)
5面ボス:『地獄の輪堝』お燐 (BGM:死体旅行~Be of good cheer!) 4~6面すべてに登場
所持SC:呪精「ゾンビフェアリー」 恨霊「スプリーンイーター」 贖罪「旧地獄の針山」 「死灰復燃」

6面タイトル:荒々しき二つ目の太陽 (Stage6地底都市最深部)
6面ボス:『熱かい悩む神の火』霊烏路 空(れいうじ うつほ) (BGM:霊知の太陽信仰~Nuclea Fusion)
所持SC:核熱「ニュークリアフュージョン」 爆熱「メガフレア」(発動時に核マークとCautionの演出)

Thanks for Wiki Save

Yup, I'd like to thank you for the heads up on the generic title Chapter 1. I have extremely bad wiki skills, and appreciated the fact that you caught one to it. Thank you for the save point, and have a nice day.--Mentaljosh

Call & Response

I left this message on the Gensokyo Call and Response talk page, but seeing as you haven't posted to that page for just over a year, I figured it might to do echo the message here:
I just added a few more references taken from the commentary article at Spira's Diary. However, I don't know if they were initially omitted on accident or on purpose. (For instance, they might not have been there when you last checked.) Did I go into too much detail, or should we go ahead and add the rest of this person's (non-Touhou) notes?--Apcog 00:55, 25 January 2009 (UTC)

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