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About the Mariari script page you made

I've been interested in trying to translating this but there's one big problem. There is no indication of what line belongs to who. Sometimes you can infer who is speaking, but other times you can't.

Sorry about that. Due to the way the dialogue is stored in the script files, it was a lot easier to just copy and paste the dialogue in. What I copied in did not include any information about who is speaking; to get that it is necessary to either play the game or check to see where the line is used later on in the script. I figured it wouldn't be necessary for a translator to know who was saying what, or that it could be infered, but it seems I was wrong. I'll add the speaker to the opening script in a bit and will get to the other sections if you really think it's necessary to continue translating. - Qazmlpok 17:41, 15 June 2009 (UTC)
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