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I have archived my talk page. --Hakurou Tengu


Hey you ass hat, just keeping true to my word. New SCP. Has a lot of new rooms and SCP's. My fav is this guy. You would not belive how much I fear this thing; allmost as bad as 106.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Turns out, I can not do the other thing I said I would do for you. But I have to wonder if you even recall~ Any way, so I am doing the same thing I did with some one else about a half a year ago with you. If you wish to know or get anything from me, say so. And I will do what I can. Hell, I can gift you game off a steam if you wish. As long as you don't go over kill with it. However, if you do not wish a thing, say something so I can let "Some ghost" fall into my fond call back folder, and be done with this whole thing.

FYI: If you told me something over Skype, sorry, but I did not see nor can I get it. As with a new laptop, my whole thing with that got fucked. And know what else? Windows 8 is overkill. Too many dame buttons. Why do I bring this up? My new Windows 8 Skype said I got something from you, but I could not see messages. Nice upgrade.

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So called it. If you want to wait till after C-mas, then do so. I was going to do the same thing, but my damn happy wife said other wise. Older sister ho~ There is a reason for her doing this, if you wish to know. And I would not call that too far away, truth fully.

Windows 8 fun? No. I will not even humor a joke about that. First damn app that has made me want to cry. Toshiba ho~

Ah, Satori. She makes a great Mother, know that? As for the song, I am geting the URL thing once more. But its not the video, rather Anti-ware. So, I will hear it at some point, just not now.

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Ahh... thank for that deletion page thing, really annoying what people do when your computer is broken ^^; Alanomega (talk) 22:38, December 17, 2012 (UTC)


Would it be sad to say, I can only get Skype to barely work? The fucking Windows 8 makes it hard. Not that I really want to get on, mind you. Took you too long to get it. Just a FYI, Persona one and two take place in there own world, as does Persona three and four. So, no need to know the first story...All it had was Hitler, nothing more.

All I got was the Laptop. And a sword. And the X-COM games...I do think my family is a bit too giving at times. Not that I am complaining much. I spent a bit this year...Any way, think of anything think you want?

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

I may need it some time down the road, so might as well get it working at some point. Yeah. In Persona 2 you fight Nazi's and a zombie Hitler. No big deal. Have fun going up the 256 floors of the hell tower. To get your ass kicked by one of the hardest boss's I have ever fought~ She took me forty minutes to beat. And I had a level 85 Thanatos on my side. Its not that she is cheap, just so much HP...And an A.I that cheats, in the sense that it is well made and will do everything it can to break your groups weakness! Like all proper boss's should. Do tell what Persona tree you end up favoring though. I use Death and Fool mostly.

Pro tip: Do not go out with two female's at one time. As this can break there links, and that is a pain. As you need to kill a few days to get them back, and you only have a year. That may sound like a bit, but its not. It really is not...Even more so if they are party member...That is, if you date one. And you will. Even if you did not mean it.....Though, First game I played in wich I can say I dated a robot. At least she was my fav char?

X-COM. They had good reason in mind...As for the charger, my luck is the best with those. Money is over-rated. Just cuff is out for Maple? Or, get your self a fancy nice knife or something. That is a bit of money.

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I would think it would be best to take down the longest one first. Have fun with Loki. AND; you want to do a few links at one time. You won't be able to get many maxed out, and you will need the power.They tend to place on diffent days any way, cept for the SC. Go to the mall, and to the game center. You can rise your stats and get your Perona's better there. And better gear is bought there, so might as well. If you have time~

I am sure Youtube has what you are looking for, and I do belive there is a site for the game. I will link one more thing, this here list. Been playing the games for two weeks now(Got it early.), and I can say most of it is true. And by most I mean all. I say get it now. Better to have it, then lose the chance.

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Black Knight.

Worry not lowly Wolf, for I care little. Been having fun with doing my Blacky Knighty things. I will give it a hear later. All Chen is good for is recyleing.

Given what I recall from ToV, you will never be truely sure. Till you fight God or something, then you know you are done. That be the place to buy everything, and a dating site. So, you will be there often.

Here is a story: X-Com started out back in 1994 as a PC only game line, that went on till 2000. The games stoped as they tired to change the games from base building and turn based fighting into a third and first person shooters. A game maker you might know, Fixaxis(and 2K games), got the rights to X-com, and made a remake to the 1994 game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This one had a port to X-box and Ps3, and from what friend's have told me they run nicely on the ports. I would not know, as I have the Pc one. Get the dame figure. Those things go up nicely, those albums will not. At least, not as much. And you can still get the music, yes? So why the rush?

I will say it bluntly; I do not give one fuck for that game. Just don't. All the more power to ya though.

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I'M VICITINI!! And I see that the new Touhou games have been updated. Any news on any new characters yet? If not, I can wait (not really!). Though if Kaguya was a wolf, would you like her then? This is Touhou 13.5...why is it .5?I feel like the Fighting Touhou games aren't...technically Touhou or something. And I recommend the Walking Dead to you. You can handle gore right? --TokyoMania45 (talk) 23:33, January 26, 2013 (UTC)



I hope you like them!

NYA~! I'M STILL VICITINI~! I knew you'd like that chibi one! You had exams huh? I actually have an exam this week, whoppie. Well not an exam, an essay, double whoopie. Frick, I hope you have time to watch the Walking Dead SOON! But seriously dude, if Kaguya was a wolf, would you like her more then? I hope the new characters come soon. By the way, I've seen all these cool Touhou characters, I'm pretty sure there fake or didn't make it to the games. Check it out when you get the chance: [[1]] Sorry it's all in Japanese. Hmmmmmm, you know who that other girl I sent you is right? OF COURSE YOU DO! ...right?--TokyoMania45 (talk) 03:28, February 5, 2013 (UTC)

Yes yes, you got it right. Its Ammy, the Japanese Sun Goddess. And what did you mean by "The Momoji one?" and "If I was refering to something else?"? Only one Okami I know (there is only one "o", no big deal). By the way, it's confusing, but Amaterasu and Shiranui are different people technically. And I actually believed they were soon to come characters until I spotted Sasha, then I got sad. They were very well designed, don't you agree? Notice all the pictures of Sakuya I posted? Yeah, I'm not in a very good mood today, the reason for that is stupid. And apparently, posting pictures of Sakuya helps me calm down(?). Have you read Koishi's Heart Throbbing Adventure? It's not over yet, and I'm so excited! The fandom, YES, the fandom is really disgusting. In fact, check this out below and tell me there not taking this to seriously. People make fanfictions all the time I know, and some are really good. Its just...SOME DON'T MAKE SENSE! The Walking Dead is still going on. Its on AMC and they make a new episode every Sunday. If you're not the kind of person who has to go watch the previous episodes, then I don't think you should watch it. Now that I think about it, ever heard of Elfen Lied? Its a "really gory" ecchi anime. My friends said that not even I could handle it and trust me, that's SAYING SOMETHING. I watched it, it was SO lame! Pathetic even, to be even compared to horror. Makes me sad. --TokyoMania45 (talk) 01:43, February 21, 2013 (UTC)

Their all from the same website by the way, their the crazy ones...




Gods, I do think I hurt something.

No worry, not here to bug ya'. I think? Just as I said in them past, I do not go back on my word. Hell, you could no longer use this thing, and I would not know. Any who, why I am here. Recall the SCP? Newest one. Said I would keep ya updated, so here you are.

And one other thing. You owe me nothing, so I will hold nothing if you wish not to answer. But; recall that Maple figure thing? You ever get it? Been thinking about geting something like it, as a throw back to when I used to like the Touhou line. Nothing more, nothing less. Just want to know if it would be worth it.

Oh fun fact. Took me like 20 minutes to recall the damn password to "Some ghost". Gods, can recall my own dreams but not a simple six letter thing....

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

At least they geting things done. Was in 2 something for ages.

I never heard that little bit. Maybe you are confuseing me for some one else? As I think I was the one you told you just to get the damn thing, hence why I thought maybe you got it. As for the site, thanks for that. Should get a Reisen key chain thingy.

By the way, once SCP hits 1.0.0, I will stop with this thing. So, I should only bug ya a while yet. Now, off to look at more capes! As I need them.

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HIHIHI!! Who are those people Becthor posted? Are they fanmade? Or are they just in that Pocket wars game? --TokyoMania45 (talk) 16:45, March 13, 2013 (UTC)


Sweet Lily White

Going to just make this fast, Megaman DS is being a dick. My sword chips are my own, damn it! Any way, this should explain things:

"* [Favor, Matt(WolfMan). He asked that I update him on SCP, I said I will go on till the first beat able ver. Should be 1.0.0. If made beat able more early, ask if he wants more updates. {Stats; Ongoing}"

Yes, I write my notes like that. Why? No idea. Its old data though, as you might have guessed. Found my old falshdive, most of the stuff was useless cept the old note data, and that nice one being a gem of sorts. So, what do you want? I can guess at the answers, but who knows. You can be more forgiveing then I am. Now, back to my hell. Bass.EXE, you have better be fun....

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

I can bluntly say this: No, what I asked simply was if you wished to be updated futher on SCP. I kinda put up the old favor deal thingy. I have nothing to show, put simply. And I do think it would be awkward to talk on Skype after so much time. Even if I did go on, it would just be me bitching about MMBN4. God damn you High Max, you and your damn super alien weapons and God-like powers....And Dark Meggers can go to hell too. Round three time!....I am SO going to murder Bass.EXE for this. SO much pain...

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Lazy to go down.

Very well. I shall keep updateing till they don say they be done. Just do what I do and turn that fucker off.(Hit F3 or the like, and disable 173. 96 and 106 make up for the less nicely by showing up a hell of a lot more often, and is more scary that way.)

By the way, might as well ask this; I still do owe you that favor and I got a bit of time on my hands, so yeah. Need anything found? Can't really buy anything as I been useing my money to spoil someone, but I should be able to hunt down a game or something.

FYI: Never play BBN4. They have taken my Proto form from me, and they replace it with a Roll form. God damn you High Max, taking all my god damn fun!

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

No one likes the thing. And it still have the bug that lets it go though damn walls. They should fix that all ready.....Beware of the guys with guns. They be a pain as well.

Steam is a rather simple download, and I have all ready told you the things with it, not going to re-say em'. Ah time. Just get a sleeping dis-order, and you have all the time in the world for em....Just need to deal with being tired all the time. Not as bad as one would think~

Yeah, its battle network. I got all six of them a while back, playing them blind. Just beat five, going to start six. One was okay, two was good, three was freaking great, four made me want to skin a cat with a slated blade, five was okay. Time for six.

Any way, talk to ya' next update. Need something found just say so, so on so on~

Some ghost 04:26, March 28, 2013 (UTC)

Sorry, forgot to say something, an SCP thing more or less. Recall Slender? This is a upgrade thing for it. It cost's around ten bucks, but nothing can be done about that. Any way, all the info you need is on the link. Have a nice weekend~

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

I met your kind today. And I now have a horse. Makes me wonder how I got to this point. It was only a nine hour drive....

Any way, I am not here for a god damn 1st thing. As you might recall, I dis-like this day a bit. What I am here for is this: Slender Woods. And no, this is the last thing I am going to update on Slender. As kid you not, there is over 15 Slender games, and I have only found a few, and thus, making you aware. As I am nice like that. Not really. I skin cats with slated blades. By the way, MMB6? Its great. About on par with three, and that be a good thing.

Oh yeah, why update you on Slender? Easy. He is a SCP, thus, fits under the thingy. In case you were wondering. Done for a while, sorry if I have been a bother.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

You ever play Xenogears? Just saying, that game is geting really fucking odd as of late. Any way, SCP 0.7.1 came out a bit ago, here is the link.Link~

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

AWWWWW WHAT!? THERE NOT NEW!? What a shame, I was really hoping that they were new. And the new Touhou game is taking a little while to develop I see. Oh, do you know why there is a NitorixHina paring? And I'm sure you already know this, but did you know that the Skyward Sword main theme is Zelda's Lullaby backwards? Now that I think about it, I'm going to have more exams coming up next week (yay). Ahem, anyways I'm doing a little game with my friend. She just found out I have a Wiki account and now she's trying to find me. Her user name (I think) is Echo. If you see her, DON'T TELL HER YOU KNOW ME! I'm going to change my profile picture so she doesn't know. And after you read this, PLEASE DELETE IT! I can't put my name here, so I'll be putting a math equation here. I give you this question: What's the WORST anime/show you have EVER seen? x=(-b±√(b^2-4ac))/2a

Ok, contest over. I got found. But now my profile is even BETTER! --TokyoMania45 (talk) 21:47, April 22, 2013 (UTC)

A thing about a little something.

Yeah, recall SCP? The guy who makes it, Regalis, has gone onto military service for about the next year. So, no updates past seven something for some time. There may be small updates, like bug fix's but that is about it. If you need something just ask, till then, see ya~

EDIT: Sorry, forgot to say one thing. There is a new SCP-087 game, called SCP-087-C. Given that the download thing for it went down and I have no idea when it will be up, if you want it, I will give it via Skype. Should be able to download it over night or something, right?

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Really now? All ways nice when one wants to help. Hope he keeps the dream alive.

Recall how I got the horse? Yeah, I keep falling off the thing. So, I will be free that time, thanks to being sore. At least I got my Xenosaga to play. So yeah, talk to ya then or something.

Oh yeah, go play Nier. Every one must...Such an under rated gem. At least hear its OST.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Oh, forgot to say as I tend to leave Skype fast still. I may or may not get on, given that I do not manage my time as well any more. So yeah~

Off to more story time!

Some ghost 06:39, April 27, 2013 (UTC)

I must forget the simple things. Its in my blood!

So yeah, I got both the Vis.Novels and there English patches to go with them. And have the right download thing. But, here is what I forgot. I kinda sort of, no longer recall how to set up the Jap unicode thing. So, can I ask for a bit of help?

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Okay, thank you. Its was a little diffent, but was for the most part the same. So yeah, all be well. I guess I should flip a coin and see what one I play first. Blind again, as that was fun with Kannon. Even though it did bring me to the stabing of one self for no reason....Demons!

Oh yeah, recall SCP:CB? Yeah, no new update or anything, but I did find something a bit...neat. Ver 0.0.1. Sounds like it can be a thing...

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Then I will go with little whatever. As I do not want to be rail roaded! Unless its a game like MGR. Then its kinda needed. Any char I should look at for? In the sense that I will not be able to say no to them? As, you know. The last one leaded me to demons.

I do not know! But that what makes it fun. I guess I will save it for the weekend. Though, I think that BG might be a thing though. Though, I think I started to play SCP back when it was 0.2.0. So, might be fun to see what was before that. So, yeah. Back to Senator Armstrong. I got beaten about six times all ready!

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Does he just show up a lot or something? Or is just kinda there? Like the other males of the Key things...And, that be a lot of story's. I do hope none of them have box cutters.

I have "played" it in the sense to see if it works. 173 looks freaking funny as all hell. But, that is about all I know. The game is un-beat able though, so I think I will only play a bit and go back to 7.1. As I have a save game on that one. That has been fun....Run into SCP-049 yet? He is one creepy mother fucker. And has Zombies.

Oh, fun story. You know how you have to turn your off your fire wall? Well, I forgot to. It got rid of ALL the files. I mean even the Winrar things. So, I have to spend a good two hours geting those back. Weee~

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Something to ask; did you have anything issues geting the "little Busters" to, you know, run?

EDIT: Yeah, never mind. Little buster seems to be a PSP thing. This is past what I can figure out...Was a nice idea. But eh. And Rewrite seems to be the same. So yeah....

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Rewrite? Maybe. But I got Little Buster was though a media file thingy. So, yeah. I have worked with PSP things before; they be pain. Lots of pain. And not the good kind! As for the screen sharing thing, as I do not have the Torrent you did, I do not think that will go far. You sure you do not recall where you got it?

As for the time, only Wednesday or this weekend work for me. Sorry.

I see. So, no side story love. As I do not know who be the mains, I do not think I will know for a while. You best not be telling me who the mains are. As you know. Monswoon reasons.

EDIT: Okay, I am using to much time on this. So, I have been able to do a bit with it, and fix a good deal of the things with it. But here is where I hit a snag, Error 2100. Sad thing? I know what this means. I need to mount the disk for it to work. But, I can not seem to find the disk file thingy. Am I missing some file or something? I would look more into this, but I am geting very sleepy. 曾於 と御 ぼてぇr~

Damn jap unicode can go fuck right off! What did I even type!?

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Yeah, I put that up at like 11:45. Some get up early, you know. And that makes that kinda late! Just saying, its going to be like and hour at least untell I am on. I do kinda have to take care of a horse. They tend to like being taken care of. I will just fight a fallen knight with an east sword and then kick his wolf. Show those damn Torrents who's boss!

Monswoon! Will do. I mean, why not? Its not like it kill's cat's or anything.

Sorry it this is a late reply. Or not. I just checked Wiki now. For all I know, you could have sent the damn message a minute ago. Now, to the horse!

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As a reminder to your failure...

Here is a link to SCP-173 game! Unless bull shit happens, you should be playing this here game later. And I will not forget to remind. I do write down my own dreams, you know.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Fast thing to ask.

Looking at a walkthough for little busters brought something to the eye. It says that you can not re-do someones route untell you beat something called "Refrain". Is that by any chance true? As, as dickish to say this(And there is a very, very good chance it will be painful as fuck. I mean, I got the good ending, but GODDAMN.)but I kinda want to get the bad ends as well. Now, I would look this up, but......I am going to go be sad for about a day or so. So, I will not be looking up too much on the game for a while yet. Hell yeahs for have weak power over how sad you get! At least there was no box cutters. I wonder what else is going to happen in this merry little game?

Oh yeah, one other thing. Is it true that "Little Busters EX" is going to be a H game, or is this just old BS I happen to find?

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Walkthough I have, makes it so ALL of them get blocked, save Rin1 as that is not a true route. All in all, I guess I can see what they are going for. Oh, thought I said who I got. Seems I did not! I got Kud. And yes, I did look that one up. I did everything right for both Mio and Kud. Just, I happen to go to the store with Kud, thus, locking the route. I did not mind much, Miss Wafuu was fun. Kud is my fav for the time being, so lets see who this turns into later!

Damn it Key! So, chances are you get it on with Cat Overlord and Cold hearted Gold...Who was the third one again? Saya or something like that? Good thing she has the same name of Ragna's sister, or I would have forgot that one. I think we should call her "Noel". Just seems fitting. Or Manus.

Time for dicking around with Crazy Cat lady again. We must make the foods! And, the whole being sad for a day? Yeah, dream logic saved me there. I get Snow back! Any way, cooking.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Hey, recall System Shock 2? Well, not like I am really asking. Its on Steam for seven bucks right now. One of the hardest games to find, and a pain in the ass to get to work, is right there. And they do all the work for you. So, if you ever wanted to try one of the best games ever, go buy it. And vote for Agarest!

Well, back to messing with the Twins! Will Key turn this into more family in-fighting? Well, they have already. Still though, I must give props to Cold-Hearted Gold here, going out of her way to pose as her sister...Even if I kinda saw that long before Riki did. She was using her right hand, goddamn it! But, how did she change her voice so well...? Well, I sure this will be explained never. Weee~

Some ghost 22:18, May 15, 2013 (UTC)

Err....Sorry? Swear I did not mean too!

The fuck!? You don't know the game? Really? Well, I do have it, so I can show it too you. It also has co-op, so that's a thing. I think any way. Yet to try the steam online ver, but its a safe guess. If you want to know about it, just ask. As, truth be told, I do not know everything on it. Been playing the game blind. I just have been wanting to play it for ages now. But, like I said, the game needs OLDER rigs to work. And those are a pain-in-the-ass to get. And cost a bit....So yeah. Seven bucks/ten bucks, so much nicer...Steam is great for geting PC games(Durr) but its also nice in the fact that they have a buch of older games that are hard to get(System Shock 2 being only one of them.).While your at it, should look into Starcraft. And they got a buch of small groups that post cheap games on there, that are fun for a few hours. And mods. So many mods.

I was on her story. And the voice WAS a little diffent. In the sense it was a little deeper likes Golds. But hard to pick up on...Cept, you know. The whole right hand and making food that was hard to make like nothing. Should have thought about that. And why did she forget the blue berry jam? I recall asking for that! I mean yeah pose as girlfriend is one thing, but forget the jam? You just asking for it there. Now, back to Midori! Really, what is she? Lets see if I do not fuck this on up!(Note, I do have a walkthough. But, I stop using it once I get on the route I want.Makes things fun, you see.)But, having kinda a hard time with this one. Is it selfish to want Mio even though she wants to be alone, and make Midori go away even though she wants to live? Or she I think more so about what the sisters need rather then want? And how, in the ever lasting fuck, is this even going on? Is Midori a SCP? As it sure seems that way. Family abuse, one thing. This? Fucking SCP's. Maybe I should bail...But she makes good food, I guess. Maybe she can win Riki over with a kiss! But I do not think she will do that. I mean, Mio could not bring her self to do that, so who's to say the sister(?) can? But she does keep droning on about love and some crap...And the whole forgeting of the sister. How did she do this again?

Anyway, long post is long. Did not mean it to turn this long, but eh. This is what happens when I write just what I have on my mind. Writing papers is easy for me, as you might have guessed. I tell you Blade Wolf DLC was a let down? I do not think I have. Any way, it was a let down. Only 45 minutes, and it was just a buch of re-used areas. I mean, sure, same was with the Sam DLC, but they fixed that with all the fun lines and fun fights. Blade Wolf got ONE boss fight, Sam got three. How could they mess that one up? But the boss was new.....Had an axe. Might have been from Canada. But, then why was he such a sterotype marine man? I sense tom foolery. Okay, NOW I am done. Have fun with your work there~

Oh, next time, I will not write what comes to mind. As I mean...Just look how much I put up. Though, maybe my way of thinking leads to fun things~

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

ARRRRRRGGGHHH! Finally, I'm back! I've been studying for EOC, which is a little hard when a friend of yours keeps TEXTING YOU ABOUT POKEMON X AND Y! It was a major letdown of an exam I tell you. I forgive you though, but I'm still upset that she found me so easily! POOP! Well for my standards, I think the worst anime I've seen is...hmmmmm...Pichi Pichi Voice. You'd lose so many man points if you look it up! Oh, by the way, Echo wanted me to tell you this (why Echo WHY?). In orchestra class today, we and a few other random people taught my other friend about...something that rhymes with corn and starts with a P! See this is what happens when my teacher lets us off early! It was kinda my fault that we got to that subject...uhhhhh...I think I'm gonna stop there. She's still the most innocent friend I have...but that will change once we get into...something that starts with and o and ends with an m! I'm gonna go kill Echo now...--TokyoMania45 (talk) 02:43, May 17, 2013 (UTC)

I hope you wrote your info down somewhere. As you do need to login...Unless there is only one steam thing on your PC, then all is fine. Maybe.

Oh yeah, it was. Would have been neat if they went the Kyou way and just said nothing, but then how would they explain things? Eight pm, huh? Well, that should be easy to do. I do not tend to help the group with Math homework any way. Hell, last time I did that was a year ago. Should be easy to skip out. Time to come up with cover story foolery!

I just love to write. Helps a ton with school. For the most part. Leads to my hands hurting by the end of the day though...In MGR they seem to said "Fuck guns" as only one type of foe use's guns. Not that good well. And RAY. But that's a given. Its all about them HF what ever's!...Why don't they just make guns better, rather then make knifes that can heat up so much they melt metal...?

What ever, back to school. Oh, turns out I am an open minded person. Who would have gussed? I tend to think of my self as dense as a rock.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar


Yeah, so this idea just came to mind. Just to remind you to go get System Shock 2. I messed around with it a bit, and it is co-op. How it plays out, your guess is as good as mine. But hey, seems like it could be fun. But, I think it would be wise to give me the fire arms. Just a thought...

Now, it be 4:15 in the AM, but I must get done with Little Busters. I just freaking have too.....Back to the darkness...?

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

The reason is so they can use proper tax for the area your in. So yeah, its not like they be trying to take over your house. So weee~

You were able to get it? That be great. Have any sort of idea of what you are going to spec in and what not?

Okay, time to go get yelled at. Wish me luck!...Is that something you should want luck with?

Oh yeah, I got the good end. No one going to die on fucking bus's when I am around!...And I like the whole cast. That helps too~

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Yeah, download this. Don't ask what it is, and try not to play it till the week end. Is a scary(What did you think I would find? Game about candy?..I shall look for such a game.)...more or less. Its more "LOL" worthy then scary. And no, I did not feel like sending it when on Skype. As I would most likly forget.

Also, failed to get my friends into SS2, and that is for the best. *Sigh* I should really stop talking when I am not of my full mind set. Leads to bad things I guess. But still had to try...

Now then, can go do some school work, or futher my quest for "feeling" the witch of the school...That game is odd. I seem to be playing to many odd things lately~

Oh yeah, one other thing. I am looking into geting one of those monster hunter games, but don't really know what one to go for. Any tips? I mean, yeah, I recall you telling me what one to get(Don't recall the title. Just the box art. Not much to go on). But I am still human. I forget things! I will not get it till next week, so this can wait till Skype if need be.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Can think of a title, have a song.

Just what I happen to be hearing, so eh. Maybe you have heard it before, maybe not! And I also bet you did not see that type of song coming. Any way;

I am not even sure if there is one, and you ate it already? Well...Good job. I was not kiding, I will look for one. But, been busy with armor core, the like. Can you give me a hit ratio thing? You should recall how good I was with my guns, so I do not feel the need to put one down! I has no idea who route I be on, if there is even a way to tell. So, yeah...I really want to do Akane route though. You think showing up in a new game will change any thing!? I beat you before, I will do it again! As for the things, I will not say anything. But, with my dis-order kicking in, good chance I will beat this one faster then I did LB. Funny, is it not? last time, it was by my will that I stayed up so late. Now I am geting forced to stay up!...I hate life at times. It is such a dick.

I still have my Wii. No Wii U though. Never saw why. The controller and all that just seem dumb. 3DS is rather kick ass though. And I do have them PSP's. So, might as well do a little looking around. Time to kill monsters to get loot so that I can kill even monsters for even better loot!...Well, in a week. *Sigh* Waiting to get payed gets trying at times.

As for SS, I could just tell you what they said to me. Then you would get why I am just a little bit on the, you know, not wanting to try anymore side.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Wow, those were very accurate guesses! Exams aren't so bad for me, either it's because I'm smarticles or there just too easy. I say smarticles! Back on topic, WHY is Koishi in the new game? That's an error right? There kidding right? It's a lie right? It was just a hallucination RIGHT!? Nerrrr, I no like Koishi. She's poop. Just like Twilight fans. Speaking of fans, I was out watching Flandre remixes when a wild pointless argument appeared. It was about how only girls could use danmaku and men couldn't. It's NO big deal, but is that true? I heard some guy found it in the Grimore of...someone. Know anything about it? Its one of those questions where I'm not expecting much of an answer, so yeah. But can you answer these 7 questions for me:

1. Do you like Final Fantasy? 2. Have you ever watched My Little Pony? (clips count) 3. Better music: Kingdom Hearts or Zelda? 4. Zombies or Vampires? 5. Google or Bing? 6: What would you rely on more: cake or a potato? 7: If you faced Whitney, how hard was her Miltank? Categories: Flipping easy, hours of frustration, rage quit, or smashed Gameboy/ds?

--TokyoMania45 (talk) 17:15, May 23, 2013 (UTC)

Still my hero~

Still love the way Rin reacted.

Oh. Well...That works. Here is a song from me!...Again, just what I happen to be hearing. Fun fact, that was un-forgivenly hard and fun as fuck. We need more boss fights like that...First song just reminds me of the opening. That be a good thing. Loved that song~ Can't really tell what the 2nd one is a remix of...Like it none the less. Yeah, they were all nice. But, as you may recall, I not one to review music that well. So, yeah.

Oh, the whole "Make a team" BS? Yeah, I made a team and just go solo. Like I wanted. Ah, well you are trying. You will get the hang of it...I think. But if you go laser I call the bullets. As, you know. Lot less of those around....Oh, funny. As I am on her route. I am still trying to get over the dragon....And I guess that means I am of Gaia. Weee~ And that means I can not talk of the "What the fuck?" going on. And I would like if you kept Patch and Reps routes under wraps. Flower though, go for it. I do not much care for her. I am used to it by this point. And it means I most likly will beat RW in a week. Even if I wanted to save this one a little. But what do I do at night? Look at loils!?...Great idea. I shall do that.

It is? Well, then I will get that one. As I do love my 3Ds. Well, the 3Ds has a lot of fun RPG's on it, at least? But the Wii U seems like its going to die at this rate...That is for best. They make better handhelds anyway. Now days any way. Wait till Skype for what? What they said? Its of little worth, so don't worry about it.

Oh yeah, download this. I like how I don't ask anymore...Any way, try not to play like normal.

Now, back to what ever it is I do on Thursdays at this time!...Not kidding. Forgot what I was doing.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Oh, don't bring that up. As how he acts at times...Makes it seem likely. Or, he likes Riki too much. One of the two.

Trust me, it is very hard to get pics of Chaos, much less "Prime Chaos". He gets that name when he is going 100%. And dear god, he was holding back. So much. But just a FYI, that Chaos is the one you fight in RAW2(You fight his normal form as well, not just his prime form.), the one on steam is RAW1 and here is a link to his first theme. He not as powerful, but not to be taken lightly. He can and will kill your ass fast if you are not careful. But you are going to have to beat Summerill first, and there are many who gave up at that fight. Can't blame them. He has two Dark Knights to back him up, and one alone can take you down easy. And Summerill is far worse. And still weaker then one of the dark gods...Who are weaker then Chaos. See how it all comes together!? Too bad you will not get to fight Mimal though...She is not some god or super monster, just someone just like you. And that makes the fight fucking awesome! Any way, nuff about Agarest.

I have yet to play online, so I can not say how good I am. I tend to be a lone wolf on this things. Hell, how often did I leave you to your own things in SS2? I think it is rather normal to use just three. I mean hell, I used two for freaking ages. In BB that is~

The fights you mean? Like how you need to use logic. In fights that lack logic. Crab battle!...Well, from my view point right now, the Guardians are dicks. I mean, Gaia is not much better but damn.(Semi-plot thing. So eeeh~) I just go for a walk and they try to kill me? The hell have I done yet!? Do they want the Key? They can have her. She is creepy are fuck. And I have seen what she can do to even the most withdrawn persons...

Ah, I see. I kinda no longer recall what was said clearly anymore so too late for that. But little worth, as I said already. Plans are for malls.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Just saying...

I beat the route. Why am I saying this? Easy!...That was the most bad ass ending I have ever seen Key do. Do the other routes have endings of this scale? Or am I just geting me hopes up? Most likely am, but....

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

I was having so much fun, I'm not smiling now. I was laughing and playing, I'm not happy now. My only brother, here and now, is dying, in my arms. Just because of one stupid mistake. I'm so angry, I could finish you here. Not only are you leaving us, but you get to see mom. You always were, the lucky one huh? It should've been me. WHY WASN'T IT ME?!

I'm typing this with tears in my eyes. I need some tissues. Some reason, I get really poetic when I cry. Or maybe that's normal? Mother 3 really gets to me, y'know? I also got heartburn after accidently eating expired pills. Fudging fantastic. Anyway, I STILL NO LIKE KOISHI!! And I hope that ZUN isn't thinking about making another dude in Touhou. If he did, of course, he has to be hot. Y'know what that means? YAOI FANGIRLS, START YOUR ENGINES!! As for me, I guess Final Fantasy is ok. But if you even SAY Final Fantasy X...! I got into MLP because of pressure from my friends and my brother. You think KH music is better than LoZ? GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE AFTER ALL! I like zombies, because of the Walking Dead. Daryl is MINE! GOGGLE FTW! I mean, you can't trust potatoes, but the cake is a lie! I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE! And I was in the hours of frustration category. FRICKING MILTANK!! I need to throw away my tissues. --TokyoMania45 (talk) 21:30, May 26, 2013 (UTC)


I have to say, now that Nishikujou is not trying to murder the shit out of me anymore, she is most like able. Does she only use that other "self" on Gaia? And not lieing, do not know what side is the real one. Any way, why I am here. Just wondering if you might have a little list of drops for Monster hunter 3 ultimate. Having to google every little thing I need is starting to wear. As not all of them are easy to find. Ores? NP~ Monster drops? Pain. Is the game still new or something? And yes, tried to find a list already. No luck. Hence why I be asking you. Sorry to bother.

Now, I SHOULD be studying, but don't feel like it. More hunting for me!...Should have waited to get this game.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Just beat Lucia's, so I have beaten three now. Akane's was still the most "Why" worthy of them so far. Even SCP BS does not really cover what happen there~ And now you seem to get why I like Sakuya the most. But from the very little of Guar I saw, she seems to be the one giving orders, at least in Japan. So, why did she go her self to fight him? Or am I missing something simple here? Now to go learn more about the Key and see how many of my guess's are true!..Not going to lie, so it mostly as a monster now~

Of, that is fully what I want. Well, what ever time works for you. As I am free for the part this week. As I Tried of tests.Oh, found out what the Elder Dragons were. Did not mean too, but shit happens. You can fight those things off line right? Or do you really need a team? As I would love to one on one those things. And yes, I am still very dumb when it comes to picking fights in this type of game. But hey, I have kept wining so far?

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

ER MEH GERD!!! There is ANOTHER Touhou game! The new characters look SO cool! ...Oh wait, you told me about this didn't you...? --TokyoMania45 (talk) 01:02, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

Yeah, I really don't get something with the Key now, but I will ask later. But I still don't feel bad about killing the thing. I killed earth message two times now, and want to do it more! Yeah, that is a no go. Going out, around 7 my time. Sure, there is an hour I could get on, but I can not really be late, so better safe then sorry. But, I only have to make a new armor right now, and already have made a list so I should be fine.

Oh, there are? Well, its not like I can really find out about them. Well, I can, but I do not know how useful the NPC hunters will be...Oh well, better then nothing.

Oh yeah, don't bother messageing me un-tell Skype on Friday, not going to be on my PC much. Just for warning.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Doujin huh? As in the cool epic kind or the creepy yuri kind? By the way, DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND A "DECENT" PICTURE OF MOMIJI!? They make her breasts OBNOXIOUS!!--TokyoMania45 (talk) 22:59, May 30, 2013 (UTC)

I'm stuck, can you help me?

I want to have my talk page look cool. Like, I want to know what kind of stuff you used to make yours look cool. I DON'T WANT TO COPY, I just want to make mine look cool like I said. I think I can extend the size of it on my own. I don't like bothering you with this, but I can't ask Echo, she quit. And I WOULD post this on that "help" page thing, but I want it answered soon as possible. Plus, I feel like I'd be dumb doing that...anyway, I'm really sorry for asking, but yeah, please help?--TokyoMania45 (talk)

Momji Inubashiri

I take it back...

Kagari is fucking awesome. I mean sure, she only like this now thanks to the Moon route, but still. Funny how she is trying to get Kotarou to help~ Terra route be all kinds of really, really sad fun.

Any way, I am going to be about an hour late to Skype. Most likely. Its not set in stone, but for-warning is still in order. Till then, talk to ya later.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Been waiting on this one....

This SCP game, is one I been waiting for what feels like ages(Six weeks. Two years for some.) now. Its based on SCP-682. Its up to four players, and you have to try to trap the thing. But its un-kill able, and will change its self to better get the players. But we got guns!...That might as well be pop guns. Its not done, but its play able now. And that is great.

On a side note, played Monster Hunter 3U to get a favorite monster, the thing being the Lagiacrus. And I think it is safe to bet yours is that Zinogre thing? As it is more or less was a god damn thunder wolf.

And have 100% Rewrite! As in, also got the "Oppai" route. What I saw there, never going to talk about. Terra route was awesome though.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Oh yeah, on Steam, there is a game. A free game. Called "Cry of Fear". Its, a really old Half-Life mod. A group got together, and made it not need Half-life. And put it up for free on steam. Only just found about it, so that is why I said nothing before. Go get it. Its a really fun game. And there is Co-op, up to four, but I have no idea how to set those things up yet. I will look into that later...But for now, I have three new bullet hell's to play. And two JRPG's. School is out for me, so I have all the time to play this things!

You did say it, but back then I had no monster to fit the name too. Now I do. One name is still alien though, that Alatreon. I will find out in do time I guess though. As for armor sets, I am still a little SOL there. I am wearing the set made of the Lagiacrus, but I can hardly call it my favorite. But as is, I still don't know all the things you can make. And thanks to that book you sent me, I now know that I have been using Low rank stuff. Kinda hurts. I like the stuff I farm forever for...And I am using that book only to find drops and stuff. Don't want to ruin things for my self. As in monster things. Like the Ivory Lagiacrus. Damn you, free DLC...!

Ah, that route. Seems like so long ago I did that one. And that one was almost as bad at messing with then the Mio route. School is almost out, hang in there.

On a side note, learned of that Touhou, Kagerou. Have to say, almost feel bad for Momiji. But, for some reason, I like kagerou. Even though, I know nothing on her. Maybe its her looks...That being odd, as you know how I feel on those tails and ears.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

What time is it? SUMMER TIME! Join in, I dare you.

I REALLY appreciate your offer to help me! Hopefully I can figure some stuff out too. On our last day, they gave out presidential awards to the smart people (as in 79% of our grade). I didn't get one because I suck, neither did Echo. But my friends Emily and Alex did. A good percent of those people didn't deserve those awards! Hmph. But for some reason, a guy I like to annoy named Brendon, who has gotten so many awards at my school for various reasons, DIDN'T get that one award! He was so disappointed, I was the one who was angry for him. I dunno why, and now my friend are teasing me constantly about how I'm SO IN LOVE WITH HIM! They are lies. LIES! LIES I SAY! Your on my side about this right!? I'm asking you because my friends said "I bet you internet friends will say the same thing, 'you can't deny it, your in LOVE!'" Be honest, I promise I won't kill you. --TokyoMania45 (talk) 00:26, June 8, 2013 (UTC)

Also Wolfman, are there tutorials in the Touhou games? :< I can't remember if I asked you this or not--TokyoMania45 (talk) 01:53, June 8, 2013 (UTC)

Still upset.

For geting Reisen killed. Its not like I have murdered my damn Momiji....And god damn, I forgot how good the Touhou fandom music was. Thanks for the reminder~

Ah, you must of got that Keine where I got my Hatate. That route just likes being nice, I guess. At least she was not level 40 when you lost your bug....Still training up my Yuyu. She is level 28 now, and is most likely going to be one of my aces, next to Luna. Get a Ran there. Or an Eiki. As I think you lack a Reason type, the bane of Koga's gym.

Sounds fun. Any way, thanks for telling, will change plans to fit. As in, I will go to bed early that night. I hate being an early riser at times.

Any way, back to what I was doing. Oh wiki, what would I do with out you?

EDIT: Have beaten Touhoumon Merry. The last of my team was: Luna, Yams, loil and Yuyu. Every thing else I cared for died! Any way, just something to say. The Cry of Fear on steam, its well...Broken. In the sense that files fail to load. So, if you try to play it, be ready to restart a bit. I will look to see if there is a patch of some sort, but for now, be wary of the thing.

WALTELL: Almost forgot, have a new scary game. Called Stairs. Cept it has rooms you go though. I will leave it up to you if you want it. As I know how you feel about those games.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

GOOD JOB! YOU DIDN'T RESPOUND, now Echo can leave me alone. I sure hope I can get use to the controls, it's been a while since I've played a game on my computer. Though, I am going to play War of Warcrafts, and Mindcraft. Hm, I really also want to play Skyrim, have you played it? Your still in school huh, that's poop. I'm going to go to high school, GAH! I don't wanna. Me and Sakenzie are going to get to work on the Flandre Scarlet wiki. IT'S GOING TO BE THE AWESOMEST THING IN THE WORLD! I'll tell you when were done. --TokyoMania45 (talk) 23:10, June 9, 2013 (UTC)

I saw those!...Never fought one though. Tell me what they end up being like.

I do not see why not. As long as we upload at around the same time, all should be fine. If you want to talk details, just tell me a date. As you know, school is out for me. Planing is far more easy then it used to be. As long as it is the later hours(Around the normal Skype time is for the most part fine). As you know. Them.

Ah yes. E3. I have nothing I am really looking forward to, cept the PS4 and X-box ONE. But might as well still check it out...

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Nasty plot + Mana brust = One hit every thing. Hatate was boss back then. When she was...Alive. So, a jack of all trades. How useful that will be in a pokemon thing, is kinda out there. Best of luck then.

Tonight is fine. I will be on..In about half an hour. Just watching that Minecraft hardcore thing you told me of so long ago. The Season #2. My fav of the group has died how ever..Still going to watch though.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Can't think of a title thingy. Have a song~

This one. Just what I happen to be hearing. That is the theme of Monswoon!

So THAT'S how you get Goliath. I have had to fight that thing a good many times now. I would not say she is good however, as I am used to one hiting it. With a heart type...I don't know, maybe its a gem.

As for the islands, I would just ingore them unless you need a Touhoumon. Or need the EXP. As they do have three route in witch you can get new stuff. Like a Erirn, Mokou and Sakuya.

And sorry for the late replay, I kinda sorta broke my alarm. Imma going to get a new one...At least I got a new idea for my story's out of this~

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Hey, download this. Hit the red download button, then the orange one. I will also say you have no choice in this matter!

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar


It most likely will. But time will tell. Okay, I am just going to make a list on all the rules we agreed on, as well as one or two "mercy" ones. As, you know. I have beaten the thing. With the rules...I will get the list to ya later, as soon as it is done. So, later today most likely. As I do not put off my works!

Well err...Okay. I will have to shift my plans a bit, but nothing major. Thanks for the info. Dogs are a pain some times, no? Any way, should message soon. After I get the name to Khamsin theme.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Oh hey, I will have to give said list over Skype. As I kinda forgot that wiki breaks you god damn lists you make. Its done however. Weee~

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

MY FRICKING KEYBOARD IS FIXED!! It didn't look like it, but lets just say my comments would've looked like a new language! Anyway, do you think there are any games like Touhou? Well, besides Seihou. Not gameplay wise, but like...why the FIG am I asking you this!? I found this game...on a random Tuesday...the characters look fine...except for...the shrine maiden. Perhaps you've already seen this game...but here. You'll know or should know what I mean. DOLPHINS AND PINEAPPLES! Oh that? That's just my signature saying. --TokyoMania45 (talk)

So yeah, new SCP:CB update!...I call playing this one first.

EDIT: What did you name your self in Merry again? Can't recall the order of the letters...Kinda wish I wrote it down.

Some ghost 20:14, June 13, 2013 (UTC)

I will have to ask later why you like playing as an half elf. But hey, look at that! Someone from a tales game I know!

By the way, Chinami is only a year younger then You. I kinda was thinking she was a lot younger...This vis novel is get more and more awesome the more I read. There is a cafe where the worker's have to wear maid out fits(If female! From what I am geting for the story thus far, you can pick to work there. Imma going to do it if I can~), what more could you want!?

Playing Touhoumon Merry just got a lot harder, I want you to know that. Damn novel...

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar


So yeah, about Touhoumon Merry. I sorta kinda have ran into issues with the recording. I don't know if Windows eight or what ever is to blame, but I can not really view what I record, thus, I can not really edit it. I am looking into this, but you may have to do this by your self. Sorry.

Some ghost 15:51, June 17, 2013 (UTC)

Ah, that maid. Thanks to her, I have a thing for maids. Why do you remind me of this things!? Good song though. I have this though! Love Song of the Ancients so much~

Going to be blunt. You can not help. I spent three hours on it, and know what the deal is. It is the file type it is being saved as; in short, I need some other form of recording. At least for now. There might be a way to fix this, but I am taking a break for tonight. As I kinda want to read more Hemoria. I was able to make sure I did not go into the sister complex! I am not really looking forward to that one....I just want my loil's, is that so bad!? The answer is yes.

As for Minecraft, I am geting the PC version on this Thursday(Most likely! Never know what might come up. But if all is well, I can). Have a skin ready for it, take a wild guess at what that is going to be. I should get what now?

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Don't "ha" me, it brings me shame.....Really should have won the award. So close, yet so far. Oh yeah, the guy who did NIER music is coming back for Drakengard 3. I will get that game for the music alone at this rate. Have you heard the Shadow lords theme yet? Best track on the OST for NIER. And the song does change like that, but you will learn why later. But I think you might make a guess on the tune....

Being taken a break for a few hours now, little late there. I some how found something worse then the sister complex. And its kinda hard to explain...I will most likely just have to show it. Given, you know, its taking you forever to get done with Rewrite. As for the thing with the video, I have not given up yet. I shall look into it more. Got a few ideas to try once I wake up. After I read more.

Why is that? Do they only use a few groups at a time though out the week or something? No, its not Marth. I like the guy, but I was able to find a Starcraft 2 Ghost skin. Suits me needs just fine...Still need a texture pack though. Kinda bored of the base ones. Yeah, at least he was no scrub~

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

I don't think I know that guy. As for the GBA thing, I fixed it a few hours ago. I going to start recording later tonight. That was a fine three something hours. I am on her Route. I was aiming for Komomo(Even though I want to do Mare's route, I have do every one else route's first. I was going to do that any way, so it's not that big a deal. At least that is what I tell my self...), but can't get every thing I guess. Beware of the grown up parts. They are worse then good ol' Kanons. But you should be able to handle them, no? I am reading five. One at a time, but still. I am doing better then you! Or something, I dunno. I am not counting Clannad, as I am not going to get to that one for ages~

Is it something on your PC? As chances are, I will have the newest one. As you know, gotta buy it. If need be, I can look into it. Best of luck with that. Well, Starcraft 2 did win best RTS of 2010. So, I would think some one out there would do it. Not only that, I found a pack that changes the mobs into Statcraft units.(EX: Zombies become Infested Terran) and one that changes the weapons and armor into awesome things. I think I will leave the rest alone, so I can tell what I am trying to mine.

Ah, I see, I recall just having to do them all at once kinda thing. Exam day kinda sucked~

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Oh, never played those games. So, I do not know if his work it good. So, not past the intro yet. You can not really do anything till then, and you will know when the intro is over. Trust me. FYI, There seems to be more then one AO thing per-route. At least with Asuho...It was great you know? Thinking the big thing was over, so I was reading the novel at a friend's house. Then that bit came up. Then before I could turn it off, I get seen with it. And then none of them let me explain, and only one understood what was going on....And I now have a new title.....Oh what ever, with her route done, its Komomo time! Oh yeah, you're older then me. You don't really act like it...Good going, Senpai. What about the trains?

Best of luck with those things. I guess~ I kinda have Homachi, so I don't think that is a big deal. Unless less the Ender Man was turn into Kogasa, I think having to deal with Zerg and Toss make things more scary. I would go on more about it, but your Starcraft know how is lacking...

Was most random, yes. But I liked Jeff more. Good job to Berry, for making that part so funny.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

There are other bullet hell games? Like what? And no, I don't remember there ever being a bullet hell version of Arcana Hearts, if that's what you were asking. I'm going to take art lessons for the summer. Because all my friends have AMAZING talent and me...well...I need help.--TokyoMania45 (talk)


As I like darker games, I kinda would not know or care to look it up~ Well, it helped with the pain of geting stabed by Mare, that's for sure. But done with Komomo's route, now onto Kosame. I am aware of the fact I am going though the thing fast, but I am loving the story so far, so yeah. Plus, I really want to talk to Yume, but I have do do the first five routes for that one. Who's she? You will find out. I hardly see being seen with Hentai at a friend's leads to being bold. Care to explain this one a bit for me?

As for a goal, I kinda want to take on the Wither. As that thing is not in the X-box port, and I kinda want to see what its like. I know there is only a 2.5% drop rates for those skull's, but we both play Monster Hunter. So, we should be able to bear. The hell is a Skultan meant to be, by the way?

EDIT: Minecraft is a no go. At least for today. Don't ask for details, mostly do to the fact that its something -Mostly on there end- my own end.

WELTALL: Okay, have fun. Seeing as I am still shamed, I will just start on Chinami route. Its for Mare, its for Mare....Nope, not helping with the dread I feel.

REPORT: I said I was going to do this. I think....Any who, I failed in geting to the Wither. I died by a Zombie Pigman while just to find more of those god damn skull's. I only got one. I know there pain now...I mean, damn. That did not feel like a 2.5% drop rate! Felt like the game was toying with you, just leting you think you had a chance, before it rips it all away...

But, I am not sad. I lasted longer then you(I made a bow in your honor, however. Called it "Wolf Fetish"). Plus, Mare said this: "I-If I go out with you....That would make me a paedophile" I fucking love Mare.

SOMETHING RATHER: That song is oddly relaxing. For a little bit...But this is my type of song.

I am up to trying again. There something about Hardcore that I love. I think its the feeling of death hanging over your head or something...

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Castle something or other...seems legit! Oh right, who do you think is the weakest character out of all the Touhou...people youkai demons, I dunno. I think it's Orange. Speaking of games, I also found these games called...Ar tonelico and Trinity Universe? Take a look sometime, or don't. CALL ME CRAZY, BUT I ALMOST THINK THAT RIZELEA FROM TRINITY UNIVERSE KINDA SORTA MAYBE NOT REALLY VAGELY LOOKS A LITTLE BIT, JUST A LITTLE BIT, JUST A TINY BIT, LIKE PLATINUM THE TRINITY FROM BLAZBLUE! BUT I THINK I NEED BETTER GLASSES RIGHT!?
Platinum the trinity
--TokyoMania45 (talk)

Fairies are the weakest? I guess that makes sense, but yes, Cirno defiantly gets some credit. I think Trinity Universe is a bit...odd to say the least. Oh yeah, IS THERE ANYTHING YOU HAVEN'T HEARD OF!? Or do I just not know a lot?

Alright, my little brother wants me to ask all my online friends this question: do you like Fairy Tail? I hate it a lot, so do my offline friends. And by a lot I mean Vocaloid lot. He loves it more than anything. If you like it, that's ok. --TokyoMania45 (talk)

A taboo has been broken! I think.

Then its no big deal. Just don't die too fast. As for the days, I am going to being a little mean; I am going to step up plans with my friends for Wednesday, and take Ash out some where Thursday. So, I am not going to be able to go on those days. Why am I doing this? Bluntly put, I don't want to cost you sleep or anything. Yes, I want to play, but it will have to wait. Make sure you rest well and have fun, you mother flumping wolf. I will make it up to you later. And this, this is why I think I am too nice...

As for that, a fucking speed fun of a RTS? God damn, I never would of thought of doing something like that. Hell yeah, I will watch this!...Over a few days. It is over three hours. I like how he is playing on the lowest setings so the game runs faster.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Two things.

I have a new scary game, called Pesadelo. This is the full thing, seems to have been around a while. Its jump scares, so you want me to play this one? Link: I would do that [] thing, but the damn URL is too long.

The other thing? I have re-gained something beloved...I now re-own my beloved StarCraft 2. Holy hell, why did it take me this long!? Its so fucking fun...I will still play Minecraft and all that, and I will not try to kill my self or anything to play SC2. I just giving this one warning; I may kinda sorta not shut up about the game. I mean, it is my favorite RTS and all that.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Recall Survivors? The game with that damn Werewolf? Well, guess what? Not like I am waiting for your answer, as doing that over a message is dumb. No, they made a new one. Survivors Viy. This one has were wolfs, and the Grudge! And up to four players, like the last one. So weeee.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Yeah, there might be a issue with the Survivors one, but Pesadelo works fine. At least on my end.

As Minecraft will take freaking hours, it will be best to save it. Not like its going anywhere, and we run the sever. So, its should be fine. I don't know, I will leave this one up to you. As, I do not know the thing going on with your family, so on so on. Plus, that means I can just play more Starcraft~

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Oh, by the way. The Moon link is this guy, Nozomi Suemitsu. You can find him in the mall every week day. And you need at least one charm. The reason I could not recall him is simple! I don't like him. But, you want his power, so go for it!

EDIT: Sorry to bother. But I can not really recall a little something; Skype was a no go today, yes? I know you got that thingy, but have lost when it happens. Damn Zerg, I was so focused on fighting them back that I was only giving you and Chen a very minor part of my attention. I am learning it is not wise to play SC2 when talking to others.

Some ghost 08:46, June 30, 2013 (UTC)

Oh yeah. You have to hear a rumor at school first. You can hear it by geting the Magician link at three and talking to NPC's at school. That guy is Shinjiro. He is awesome, by the way. And the "one" you start with, means it is level zero. Not one. Get the point!

Oh, so we do get on then. Alright then. Well talk to ya then, have to get back to work.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar


Sorry to say, but you will have to do the Touhoumon Merry thing alone. There is a event thing going on where I work, and its going to make me have a lot less free time. So, the time I do have, I would rather spend with friends and what not. Though, I should be able to do Skype things like normal, I just might be late here and there. Best of luck with your run!

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Its easy to write about things you love, I guess.

Get ready for a wall of text. It would be much more easy for me to say everything now. I shall write it in steps to help my self out a bit...

1: First thing first. You are going to need a Battle net. Make it here.

2: Forget the code things I was talking about. Bilzz seems to have gone a little bro. Get this:Starcraft 2: Starter Edition. Its a demo, more or less. It will let you play the first four missions of campaign, play two Challenges, fight A.I as any race, but only Terran online. As they are the easy ones to learn, not a bad deal. I will make the severs, so don't worry about that.

I am just going to give a basic run down on the races, so read if you want. I will link there themes as well. Oh yeah, forget the Zerg having the best theme. Hearing the Terran one made me recall how badass it is!

Terran: As I said, they are the most easy to use. Hard as fuck to master though, for good reason. They are by far the most flexable of the rares. Able to change there tech tree easy, have mechs turn into air fighters. This is what makes them hard to master. They have simply have to much stuff to use! But that's a story for later. Here is a list of all there units.

Zerg: They are the fucking swarm. The use sheer number to overwhelm. All there units are cheap, they mine faster, they spread really fast. Have the best ground army, thanks to those numbers. They have a hard time switching there tree, but it matters little for them. As its easy to make new units to fit what they need. Here is the list of Zerg units.

Protoss: They more or less have the best units in the game. They are all hardy, and dish out a lot of damage. The thing is though, they are costly. As in, one Zealot cost's 100 minerals. You can make four Zerglings and two Marines for that same cost. But the Zealot kicks ass, to make up for it. They also have the scary as hell Mother Ship, that thing being able to hide a whole army making it hard to take on the force head on. They have a weak early game, so its kinda hard to rush with them. But a great late game to make up for it. list of there units.

Oh yeah, here is a tech tree for the races, as I forgot to link them. Terran. Zerg. Protoss.

Before this goes on any longer, I will end it here. Need help with something, tell me.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Forgot to ask this. We going on Skype tonight to mess with the SC thing, or was that a next week thing?

Oh yeah, get this as well. Its kinda...Off, from the stuff I normally find.

Some ghost 20:34, July 7, 2013 (UTC)

I will hear it later, bit busy right now.

...That's kinda late time to be waking up, no? But as a early riser, any thing past ten seems late I guess. In that case, I shall not be geting on, going to use the time to tie up some lose ends. Have a nice day and all that~

As for that game...Yeah. I dunno. Something you kinda have to play to get. Should screen share that thing with your buddy there. I know whats on it already, so this should be the more fun thing to do.

Some ghost 23:01, July 7, 2013 (UTC)

lose ends fucking sucks it would seem. Its like freaking three am....Any way, not here to complain. In my boredom, I found a little flash SCP game. Says you might be able to play as an SCP, so something new. I would rather be human, be each to there own or what ever. And I still have an hour to kill....Maybe I should fight that very easy A.I, see what I have missed out on. Given that I fight harder A.I's, this should push me a bit.

EDIT: Welp, don't get that little game. Nortan tells me it harms them laptops. And given that its not a VN, I am going with my ware here. I dunno, have this song here. Guess I am fighting that A.I now...I hope it lasts for just a little bit.

MESSIAH: That's a Persona, I swear. Any way, made it a goal last night to find a non-laptop eating new scary thingy. Well, found it! And don't fight that A.I. You will learn nothing fighting one. The very easy one, I mean.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Well, it helps you stay up I guess. I would tell you to go to bed, but given how little luck I get with my friends....Yeah. My kyousuke powers only take me so far. Okay, I will get on tonight.

Yeah, good thing. Laptop eater things rarely are fun. I will be more careful with what I send over now. Love songs like that, and metal. I kinda have an odd taste in music, but its mine!

I not really sure what you are getting at. I don't know, try to find a meaning or something. Last time I did something like that, I got paired with a Chaos god. Why? Can't really recall anymore~ I would have rather had Erebus or something.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar


Do to some dumb ass getting caught with his sheet, the runs are getting closed off early. So, I should be on Skype Friday, just late. But I should be able to get on at normal times after that. Oh yeah, this thing is not something I shame myself with, so I am not going to be downer or anything. I need to start planing, so I will not be able to reply to anything till like...Midnight. Have fun at your movie, and you best be telling me if its good.

Sigh* I just wanna play StarCraft....

Some ghost 21:45, July 11, 2013 (UTC)


New version of SCP:CB. The intro been remade, SCP-096 has a new model and SCP-914 talks or something now. And they is a made a map maker thingy now. So yeah!

Some ghost 18:02, July 19, 2013 (UTC)


For the love of....I dunno, things. Get this GAME. It beats the fucking hell out of SCP-087-b. Its great. Get it. NOW! Or when ever the fuck you see this goddamn message. Just do it.

Some ghost 01:22, July 28, 2013 (UTC)

What's Up?

I have been playing THE ABSOLUTE SH-T OUT OF HARVEST MOON!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! I've never set foot on a farm so as you can imagine I didn't know what a sickle and hoe was for... Anyway, when I play the game I just don't play the game I PLAY THE FRICKING GAME!!! Ever had that? If so, which game?

I haven't had so much fun since Pokémon Platinum! It made me forget about school coming back...*sigh*. Hey that reminds me, do you know why people are afraid of the dentist? It seems like a random question...then again when were my questions ever on topic with anything? Anyway, I'm going to the dentist tomorrow, and I've always put up with it. I just don't get it.

By the way, one more thing. Who are more disgusting, Fanboys or Fangirls? I want you to really think about this one Mr.Know Everything. I think fanboys are more disgusting. They turn innocent female characters into naked big chested sluts in some horny pose. I FIND THAT SEXIST! Totally damaging your view on that character. They even do that to LITTLE GIRLS!! EWWW! Even though yes, fangirls make unnecessary Yaoi pairings and gay fanfictions out of everything, at least least they...errrr...they......

--TokyoMania45 (talk)


You know that one AIR vis.novel? Well, its now in English. You should get it. Though, I don't think you have even gotten done with Rewrite yet...I will not be getting it for a while, as I have too many novels to read as of right now. Got like seven of the fucking things to test out, and four more being downloaded.

Guess I am getting on Skype tonight, thinking bout' it. As all I am going to do is make sure those indie games and novels work. Talk to ya later~

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Well, I have gotten it. So I can say if its worth. Sooner or later. (I know what I said! Just kinda was...I already got 11 of them. What is one more?) Well, I know nothing about AIR. I kinda forgot it was a thing...I just happen to see it in English when I was after something called: "Majikoi" Its made by the group that made Hemoria, so I have been watching it for a while. Just happen that AIR got done on the same day.

Depending of Yugioh battles? Well, we will see.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

SSS. A Super Saiyan Samurai.

Don't worry, not trying to be buddy buddy or anything. Our morals and what not are simply too far apart for it to be fun. Or something. Any way, I am here for a simple thing really. As I get to be more busy with school work and being forced to be a fucken honors again, I just going to write this while time gives me it. As life hates time. Two things;

I am simply just sending links to a few games that would be spiffy. first one being Grisaia no Kajitsu. This guys made Memoria, so yeah. Though, I have to wonder if you are done with damn Rewrite yet. Other one being Kamidori Alchemy Meister. This one is a SRPG(EX:Like Fire emblem) with v.novel things to it. And a fucking LOT of hentai. And I mean a lot. A sence for just about every female...Hell, some get more then two. And not all of them are human to boot. Why play it then? Simple! The game is fun as hell and the charters are great. Story is okay, but the side story's make up for it in spades. You get to fight a Super Saiyan Samurai at one point. In what other game do you get to do that!?

Thingy two: Why am I doing this? Simple. Told my self I would. Nothing more. Nothing less. If we were still talking I would have linked them sooner, but things. Any way; need help with them say something(If you even get around to playing them. I mean hell, took you forever to get done with Persona 3, much less Rewrite.)and I will do what I can. And drugs. Any way, I go back to...What ever the fuck I had planed next to do. I need a note pad or something...Hell, I think I forgot to link something. It will come back to me later, I swear it. Not really.

There is no greyIs there?Sheiki avatar

Permission to use your picture as my logo!

Hello! May I please use your image of the black bunny girl png you made? which is this one: :) I would love to use it for a youtube channel and my youtube logo! I would credit you c: Please reply when you can! thank you :D

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