• Quirk 567

    2nd post

    July 5, 2018 by Quirk 567

    Hello~? is anyone here?

    just to say i did one post the past in february, and no one has see it... i just want to talk with everyone and give thoughts and theories about what could happen next, if isn't too much to ask?

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  • Quirk 567

    My first Blog

    January 29, 2018 by Quirk 567

    Hi, this is my blog, the reason why I created this blog it is cause i am wondering what could be the next epsiode of Hifuu Club Activity Record ~The Sealed Esoteric History~ , mostly beacause a difference of others fanimes of Touhou, this one it's doesn't have a "main" plot, however it's talks about the others charactes and it's backstories, as well how are the lifes of Renko and Maribel in the outside world trying to find Gensokyo.

    Soo the Question is, Who's character backstory, and what plot of Renko and Maribel are going to be in the next episode of Hifuu Club Activity Record?

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