There seem to have been some people who are not sure or don't know what we are here for. There also seem to be some people who are unsure about Wikia's hosting policies. Here is something to help explain and soothe some of those concerns.

The copied text portions are taken directly, word-for-word, from these links.

What Wikia does own

The words WIKIA and WIKICITIES are registered trademarks of the Company in the U.S. and/or in other countries. The Company's trademarks may not be used, including as part of trademarks and/or as part of domain names, in connection with any product or service in any manner that is likely to cause confusion and may not be copied, imitated, or used, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of the Company.

What does this mean to you?

  • This means that Wikia and Wikicities belong to Wikia.
  • The Wikia Logo has some minor specifics that can be learned about here.

Submitting Content to the Site

You are solely responsible for the content, including but not limited to photos, profiles information, messages, search results edits, and other content that you upload, publish or display (hereinafter, "submit") on or through the Service, or transmit to or share with other users. You may not submit content to the Service that you did not create or that you not have permission to submit. For submissions to search results pages, you may not submit content that is not compatible with the license used by the particular project of the Service. You understand and agree that the others may, but are not obligated to, edit, delete or remove (without notice) any content from the Service, for any reason or no reason. You are solely responsible at your sole cost and expense for creating backup copies and replacing any content you post or store on the Service or provide to the Company.

When you post content on the Site, you authorize and direct us to make such copies thereof as we deem necessary in order to facilitate the posting and storage of the content on the Site.

What does this mean to you?

  • This means that all content submitted should be allowed to be here (by the person who created the content), in terms of pictures and copyrighted material. All the content submitted can be changed or deleted (if deemed necessary) when put on this wiki. Wikia can use the content you submit (as can anyone else on the web, if it doesn't fall into certain categories) just like Youtube, or Deviantart can.

What this does not mean

  • This does not mean that Wikia owns any of the information you post up, just that they are allowed to use the free use information posted. If Wikia owned every bit of information posted, then copyrights would be meaningless to add up, because it would belong to Wikia, and there would be no sense (or way) to remove all the content on a wiki (hosted at Wikia) and move it to another host.

Why wasn't this wiki closed when most of this wiki community left?

All wiki projects are subject to closure or alteration if necessary. Wikia staff and helpers may contact the community about making changes to the wiki, including the site name or url, to meet our Terms of Use or to improve search visibility and ad display.

While a wiki founder may request that their project be closed, if the topic is of general public interest Wikia generally prefers to leave dormant wikis available for adoption.

Wikis which have no content, or remain inactive, or have a large overlap with another Wikia may be merged with another project, locked from editing, or closed completely. In the case of complete closure of wikis that previously had content, the database of content will be made available for download.

What does this mean to you?

  • This wiki was kept open not because Wikia claimed to own every bit of information stored on this (and all its other wikis), but because they were giving this wiki a chance at a new life, or... for it to be scrapped in time if all goes horribly wrong! Oh noes!
  • Since it was going to be kept open, there was no reason why it should be a vandalized mess for newer Touhou fans to happen upon. In fact, it should be the opposite, and want to push people to play the addicting game or read the comics or become more engulfed in all that is Touhou!

Why did a large part of the encyclopedia editors leave this wiki community?

For the larger discussion, take a look here

For my more condensed version, the community left because they didn't appreciate the change that Oasis took, like a few other people did. The content width was smaller and ads were put in new places that many of them didn't appreciate. They decided that their efforts would be better spent off Wikia and on a separate site.

What does that mean for the site left behind?

We had to change our look and our raison d'être (reason for being) to not compete with the rest of the community! This wiki is still easily seen by a ton of people on Google, whether or not it stays number one, people will still find it and hopefully it can become a miniature hub that directs people to Touhou knowledge and sites that are very useful in the Touhou world.

This wiki is working to add user created content, fan-made characters, fanfiction, arrangements, and art created by Touhou fans everywhere so they all get a chance of being recognized.

The old site (the one you're on now), for now, is not meant to be an encyclopedia to host all the know-all knowledge of Touhou, it is meant to direct people to the correct people and places to find out what they need and to learn new things about their fellow Touhou-loving fans. This is, of course, done when all the linked to sites agree :)

Is there any way I can make my content space larger?

There is a way, but you can only add it to your own personal space. So you must be a logged in user to use this feature.

Any Questions?

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