• Darkslime

    Touhou Project #1
    Release Date: November 1996
    Songs: 15 (1 unused)
    Link Count: 71

    The music from Highly Responsive to Prayers is largely hit-or-miss: while there are a few stand-out songs, most of them are pretty strange and hard to listen to while you’re playing the game. It was, after all, ZUN’s first time doing music for a game(of his own creation, of course), so it’s understandable. However, there are some arrangements that bring light to even the bad ones, and those that do justice to the good ones.

    Explanation on different original versions: When ZUN made Touhou 5, he included the “Music Room Special”, which contained all tracks from the first four games along with the tracks from 5. However, he slightly arranged every track from Touhou R…

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