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This page is the directory for anyone who wishes to put content they have created on the site, or for any content created by Touhou fans that simply does not belong in an already existing section.

Note: The page can simply be a description of what you created, if you'd like, the link to it can be off site.
Also: Things posted here should be fan created for fans (open for use). Things like non-ZUN Touhou games for profit, for sale comics, and for sale music belong in their respective categories.

Note: We're going to be restructuring this page in the near future, please ask if you have any questions about where to put submissions.

Also - No user created characters for the foreseeable future.


See Comics - Section other.

Fan Art

Top men are examining how to implement this successfully.


See Fiction.


See Other Games


Make something that doesn't fit in the rest of the categories? Post it here.


This is on slate to be added to the normal music section.


Something will be made for this in the future.

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