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Brings back memories...

HI THERE! My name is of no importance. Ok fine, you can call me by my desighned character's name: Mina. So I guess I should tell a little bit about myself. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Kirby, I am a huge fan of Touhou, and I ABSOLUTLY HATE HATSUNE MIKU AS MUCH AS I LOVE KIRBY!! KILL THEM WITH FIRE! But anyway, if you want to talk, or argue, let me know! Oh, I should also say I like Fullmetal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts, DA HUNGER GAMES, Pokemon, Silent Hill, Death Note, and the Walking Dead. If you have any suggestions on good animes or shows that AREN'T romantic(I'm serious, no romance), please be a totally awesome person and let me know!

'So I guess I should say some are MY favorite Touhou characters!

Hakurei Reimu and stuff

24: Reimu Hakurei

Ok, I have a lot of things to say on why she's so low. She get's too much attention. There are very few people who you'd find (or maybe that's just me) where as Reimu is their #1 favorite. When you looked a Reimu, and be honest, did you expect her to be in an actual game? I have friends who know Cirno and Flandre by heart, and when I mention Reimu, I have to classify her as the "girl in the red bow". They were stunned to know she's from Touhou. Why do you think people find it shocking when you find someone that's actually HEARD OF THE TOUHOU NAME!? Other then the fact that she has a lot of undeserved fame, she's cute, humorous, and very very powerful. I can't put her in the dislike list because she's so precious!

23: Nue Houujuu

Oh man. When I took one look at her I immediatly said "OK SHE'S BADASS!" I mean look at her, HOW OFTEN DO YOU GET A CHARACTER LIKE THAT HUH!? Don't answer that. She is just amazingly cool, and she's like an alien! I like U.F.Os

22: Nazrin

She is soooooo cute! I find mice to be adorable, not dirty pieces of filth. I am also imressed with her theme song, what with being a Stage 1 Boss and all. I also like the fact that she is good at stealing. I am a grade A thief in video games when it comes to treasure huntin'! I always want a 100% on anything I do in video games, a 99% is unacceptable!

21: Rumia

SHE IS SO CUTE! Honestly, she's one of my favorite people who controls darkness and stuff. And that fanmade thing about her...what was it...Ex-Rumia? They should make a game about that, seriously!
Hijiri Byakuren full

19: Byakuren Hijiri

THis girl is tough. I'm suprised she was able to move on after her little brother's death. If I lost MY little brother...I don't know what I would do. However...if it was my OLDER brother...Anyways, I love that scroll she's carrying, it's rainbow! What, you didn't know that was a scroll? Well now ya do!

19: Mima

Mimamimamimamima, I totally adore her. She is very well made and freaking MARISA used to work for her! If you don't think that's cool, then you don't know Touhou AT ALL! I kinda wish she could've stuck around a bit longer...but I guess I can understand why they got rid of her. I mean, where would she fit?
What is she looking at

18: Tenshi Hininawi

Tenshi used to be my favorite character and she represents me a little as well. If I was bored and I had the power to cause an enormous ruckus, hell, I'D DO IT!

I like Ten-Ten here because I always wanted a Touhou character with manipulation of the weather, and I got one!
Three Miscevious Pokemon

17: Three Miscevious Fairies

Aw come on, THERE SO ADORABLE! I like Sunny Milk the best, I find her the cutest. There not retarded idiots like Lock, Shock, and Barrel, they have at least some....ok maybe not. But there not stupid about...ok maybe a little. But they were brave enough to fight CIRNO! Because their just that stupid to destroy her house...

16: Mei and Mai

Nyu? Not Touhou? What does that matter!? Everything? Well I'm still puttin' em' on this list! Don't know who they are? There these cute little 5 year old twin sisters who were trained to be soldiers! Child abuse? Well, they were adopted by the military. Whaddaya want me da do abad it? Never heard of em'? Well don't blame ya! The chances of you finding a person who knows Seihou is slimer than...than...what's really slim? Yeah that! What's Seihou? A game that isn't similar to Touhou in the slightest except it's also danmaku. In fact, it takes place in the FUTURE! How do I know? You didn't see the link to the Seihou characters in the character page? Yes? Well go check it out if ya don't know! Is it worth looking into? Mei, Mai, and VIVIT yes, but everyone else is kinda a waste of air.
Prismriver Sisters full 930118

15: Prismriver Sisters

There the only musicians in this game which I find shocking. Wouldn't it be nice to have a saxaphone character? Or perhaps a flute, a handflute? A lyre would be nice. Or a cute little marching drum! Naw, a CONDUCTOR! We already got a singer sorta, nah she doesn't count. How about an electric guitar!? NO A DJ! Or like a Techno machine? Maybe dubstep? There are no dancers! OR ARTISTS! Wait, what were we talking about? Oh right, them. Ahhh, they need more attention if you ask me. AND MORE MUSICIANS!
Beauty at its finest!

14: Kaguya Houraisan

Ahhhhhhh, Kaguya is SO pretty! I love her spell cards, I love her Impossible Request items, I love how she's based off of Kaguyahime, I love love LOVE Kaguya! Seriously, is there anyone more prettier than Kaguya? Well, I guess SOME, but that's not the point here! I LOVE almost any game or anime that connects with mythology...and doesn't treat it like a joke. Frick, she's ALMOST prettier then the Kaguya in Okami! Yeah, I play Okami. I can't like mythology?

13: Suika Ibuki

The little drunk loli oni girl (I don't know what a loli is). She's just so adorable in my opinion. I love her abilities, I find her species very interesting, and she just so funny! She has manipulation over density! At first, I thought that meant she had manipulation over stupidity! LOL! She reminds me of my made up character's 5 year old daughter Tael. I made her a total genius and a mad scientist. She changes regular old toys into devestatingly powerful weapons...ok I'm off track. Those two prove that just because your young, doesn't mean you can't DO anything!

Kirisame Marisa 600 532557

12: Marisa Kirisame

Yes I do know that Reimu is stronger than her (I think) but does that really matter? Marisa is just about one of the COOLEST witches you'll ever meet! She can bring new meaning to...ok I won't make a Dragonball Z reference. I love how "smart" she is and she lightens up my day...which is kind of ironic since in SWR, she caused rain. Plus she's a thief. If you knew me, you'd know that when it comes to rare valuable things in games, I'M THE FIRST TO CALL DIBS!! The thieves and piros in video game have always been my favorite.

11: Yuuka Kazami

Aw, this girl is SO powerful! I had a hard time with her in Flower View! Geez, that brings back memories. I love the fact that she controls flowers, I love flowers! I think that one of her favorite flowers are sumflowers. *sob* S-sorry *sob*, its just that *sob sob*, there was a woman in Mother 3 named Hinawa who also loved *sniff* sunflowers...I-I'm sorry...just...give me a...minute...I hate everything...

10: Suwako Moriya

HA! A cutie like her can't be taken seriously as a GOD! Plus she's very unique from everyone else. I really like those types of characters who manage to stand out of the crowd. Everyone has either a freaking bow or dumb fluffy hat on their head, and what she got? A F**KIN' FROG HAT!! Doesn't get any better than that. Wait, Touhou basically takes place back in mythology or something right? So how the F--K were Kanako and Suwako able to build a GIANT TRANSFORMER, when in FMA, which takes place in the early 1900s, they didn't even have TOASTERS! Logic: None.
Kochiya Sanae.

9: Sanae Kochiya

Damn, I find her SO much better then Reimu. An actual godess (kinda) and she GREEN! WITH A SNAKE IN HER HAIR! How often do- actually, Nue has a snake on her arm. NOT THE POINT HERE! Although her power, what miracles has she caused? What, all those battles she won? Oh please, even if she uses that power to cheat her way out of every battle she's been in, and even if she does have help from the gods (so does Reimu, did you forget?), at least she's been more times a playable character than Sakuya!

8:Sakuya Izayoi

My my my. Little Miss Sakuya. How do we love you so. She is the number 1 maid in the freaking world! How often do you get a time freezing maid!? However, I bet if you took away her time freezing ability, she wouldn't be so special anymore. She is da somewhat best! How does she stand working for Remi though? How much do you think she gets paid? I don't think she gets paid...enough to do this. Although, as awesome as she is, SHE ONLY WISHES SHE WAS AS AWESOME AS SEBASTION! I'M KIDDING I'M KIDDING I'M KIDDING!

7: Patchouli Knowledge

If this girl wasn't so sick, she could start an incident of her own! I can't tell you how awesome Patchy is, and she has the same condition as me. Yeah asthma, it's not fun. Plus, she's the smartest Touhou character EVER! OK SHUT UP ON THIS ONE! I DON'T CARE ABOUT EIRIN OR ANYONE ELSE YOU HAVE! THERE LAST NAME ISN'T KNOWLEDGE NOW IS IT!? I 'unno, there are lots of magicians who have elemental powers, but Patchy stands out.

6: Aya Shameimaru

AYAYAYAYA! AYAYAYAYA! AYAYAYAYA! AYAYAYAYA! Aya is just to great. She has a nice theme song, she is SUPER fast,and she's so awesome! I love her game Shoot the Bullet, if I could be someone in Touhou, I would say AYA! She's suprisingly smart for a girl...tengu thingie like her...

5: Cirno

Ahhh Cirno. The idiot of this list. She's so stupid, the poor girl doesn't even realize it. Sure, she's a Stage 1 Boss and all, but she's the BEST Stage 1 Boss! She defeated MARISA FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! THAT'S PRETTY IMPRESSIVE FOR A STAGE 1 BOSS ! I like the fact that she's stupid though. I mean, everyone in Touhou can't be smart, right? Just think about it, everyone being smart...but I guess she isn't THAT stupid. Just...loud and obnotious. She even has her own game, not bad for a simple Stage 1 boss!
F Remilia Scarlet2

4: Remilia Scarlet

Remi. Remi. Remi. Remi. Remilia Scarlet is just SUPER badass. I took a quiz and it said I was her! YES, now I can kill Vocaloid and get away with it! I wonder if she pities her younger sister at all for being there all alone. Hmph, I'm sure she might feel some guilt now and then, but I guess it doesn't faze her. I don't find it believable that Remi has a LIGHT appetite...if I was her, I don't think I'd have a light matter what Sakuya says! I feel like there should be some sort of connection between Remi and Rachel Alchard...
Flandre Scarlet is the boss

3: Flandre Scarlet

Step aside step aside. #1 most popular Touhou character coming through! Flandre Scarlet was one of the reasons I got so interested in Touhou in the first place, well like most people. She can destroy anything and everything and is immune to holy items! No wonder this poor little girl was locked up in a basement! I 'unno why, but she reminds me of Kimblee. I've seen videos beyond music videos beyond fanfictions on how Flandre escapes. Her theme song is definatly the FASTEST AND MOST INSANE in all of Touhou. Huuum? Yukari's theme? HAHAHAHA!! BITCH PLEASE, SHE AIN'T GOT NOTHIN' ON U.N. OWEN! Flandre is voted #1 best, however she's not MY #1...
Utsuho Reiuji

2: Utsuho Reiuji

My god she is just TOO AMAZING! She has Nuclear Fusion, do you know what that is? SHE CAN CREATE STARS FOR SUIKA'S SAKE! Wait, Nuclear Fusion is during the stars life form, its when atoms of helium smash into each other to form hydrogen...the process lasts for the star's whole life...then when it stops...I'm getting off topic. Her theme song is freaking EPIC and I took another Quiz and it said I was her! I don't really know who I should be...Remi kinda fits me more...though Utsuho kinda fits me if I went Power hungry...but Remi still fits me...but I feel better as a bird...though I can be a major brat and get bored REALLY easily...but I'm not that smart...(-b±√(b^2-4ac))/2a...what if the Nuclear powers get out of control...what if Flan gets out of the BASEMENT.....*mumble mumble* Anyways, she's my #1! At least...she USED to be my #1...

Lily White and Lily Black

1: Lily White

That's right, this girl who has been collecting dust in the corner is my favorite. Now I know, "who cares about a little nothing like her?" I do. You see that picture up there? That's the VERY FIRST Touhou picture and character I discovered. Not Flan, not Cirno (Ok maybe it was either Lily or Cirno), not Yukari, NOT REIMU, Lily White. I didn't know she was from Touhou until...7 years? Yep, I found out about her when I was 6! And I remembered this picture because I LOVED faires when I was 6. In fact, I still have my fairy book collection. How many do I have? 77? Anyway, she brings back happy memories of SUMMER back when I was in Elementary school (god I hated Elementary school). A character that brings back pleasent memories, a character that you remembered all throughout your childhood, a character you GREW UP with, you call that NOTHING?

~Characters that I Dislike (this isn't in any kind of order)~

Yakumo Yukari

1: Yukari Yakumo

I just HATE Yukari's personality. She's some spoiled bitch of a hag who is extremely powerful, which ticks me off. I just hate those kind of characters who think there the best and they actually are. Now, A LOT of characters, for example, Sonic the Hedgehog, say there the best and they are. Characters like Sonic do it in a cheerful way and such. Yukari does it like...well...she doesn't BRAG about it per se, but her personality sure shows. And I'M PRETTY SURE SHE'S A WHORE, IT'S A FACT! I just want someone to pulverize some sense into her, that's all. And why does she give other people crap for not working, when I'm pretty sure she's the LAZIEST in this game! What about Komachi? She doesn't spend her time bitching to other people! I could go on and on, but I think I've hated on her enough. MOVING ON!

2: Reisen Udongein Inaba

I am not very fond of nice characters who look and have the personality of a raped victim. Seriously, you gave a cowardly excuse for a rabbit GUNS!? The only reason I don't hate her is because her ability is fricking awesome. I just don't like the cliche bunny ecchi girls, it makes me sick. Why ZUN? Why a miniskirt? Wasn't she already a sex tool to begin with? Y'know, maybe I'm just judging her to much? .......Nah, let's move on before I can move on. Shall I go on

3: Rinnosuke Morichika

You could've AT LEAST made him look sexier. I'm not complaining that he isn't in the game, though it would be...nah it wouldn't. His power is to point at any item and know exactly what it does. I guess DOGS didn't exist back in mythology (completly forgets about Momiji). Compared to everyone else, that power is worth less than...WORTHLESS!!I've also seen random paring of him with other characters. RinnoxMarisa: Eh, understandable. RinnoxReimu: :D Huh? RinnoxTokiko: Of course! I actually had a nightmare that they got married. RinnoxYukari: Told you she's a whore! RinnoxKeine: OK WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE!? THIS COULD NOT GET STUPIDER! RinnoxFujiwara: ...............

4: Koishi Komejii

I 'unno why, I just don't like her. Her power isn't all that great, only slightly stands out from her sister's ability. I mean, I've seen it in MULTIPLE places (bitch please, she can manipulate your subconscious, Namine can MAKE, ERASE, RECREATE, and PLACE random information of your entire LIFE!), her expressions are the definition of LOL and DERP combined, and is there anything really facinating about her? She wanted to avoid hate blahblahblah so she did this blahblahblah and she got that. She's also stronger than her sister (gee I wonder where they got THAT idea?). We already got Flandre, isn't that enough? Actually, I've noticed some FlandrexKoishi fanart which I find just plain fucking wrong!

Other characters I'm fine with or don't care about.

Favorite Theme songs:

1: U.N. Owen was Her?

2: Solar Sect of Mystic Wonder ~ Nuclear Fusion

3: Our Hisou Tensoku

4: Sweets Time

5: Septette of the Dead Princess

6: Retrospective Kyoto

7: Strawberry Crisis

8: Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial

9: Skies Beyond the Clouds

10: The Sealed-Away Youkai ~ Lost Place

11: Onigashima in Fairyland

12: Heian Alien

13: Green Sanatorium (y'know what this IS right?)

14: The Road of the Misfortune God ~ Dark Road

15: Vessel of Stars ~ Casket of Star

16: Locked Girl

17: Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle

18: Lullaby of Deserted Hell

19: Crimson Tower ~ Eastern Dream

20: Did you see that Shadow?

21: Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passanger Ship

22: Tomboyish Girl in Love

23: Emotional Skyscraper (Why exactly is it called this?)

24: Hartmann's Youkai Girl

25: Winds of Time

26: Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess

27: Captain Murasa

28: Bad Apple

29: End of Daylight

30: Touhou Judgement ~ Fate of 60 Years

31: Corpse Voyage ~ Be of good cheer!

32: Crimson in the Black Sea ~ Legendary Fish

33: Catastrophe in Bhava~Agra ~ Wonderful Heaven

34: Positive and Negative

35: Ghostly Band ~ Phantom Ensemble

36: Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye

37: Native Faith

38: The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood

39: Mystic Oriental Dream ~ Ancient Temple

40: Unknown X ~ Unfound Adventure

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