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  • I live in Massachusetts, United States
  • I was born on September 24
  • My occupation is I play video games and listen to Touhou music
  • I am Female
【東方紅魔郷】 Touhou EoSD - Rin Satsuki in Music room-0

【東方紅魔郷】 Touhou EoSD - Rin Satsuki in Music room-0

Rin Satsuki in the music room of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Flandre 22
My name is Sabrina McKenzie and I am a Touhou fan. One of my favorite characters is Flandre Scarlet. One thing I like about Flandre is her theme song, especially the remixes and vocals.

Apparentlly, ZUN never knew anything about Hopeless Masquerade. BTW, he did a great job with Touhou Project, along with the rest of the Team Shanghai Alice members.

I was born when Lotus Land Story and Mystic Square was released, both the demo and full versions.


Favorite Characters

  • ALL of the characters

Fan-made characters info

Starting from Marine Benefit and so on.

Marine Benefit

Mikoto Fun Facts

  • Mikoto means ocean harp. Her family name, Yaobi, is the same as Megumi's.
  • Mikoto and Kanako are the only 2 stage 6 bosses to later appear as a midboss in the extra stage.

Otohime Fun Facts

  • Otohime, maiden princess, is the name of the princess of the dragon palace from Japanese folklore. Kanpukugu means view fortune palace.
  • She is referred as "Kanpukugu xxxx" in the game, since her name is not pronounceable to those of the earthly world.

Otohime Fan Culture

  • Because of her hair style, fans compare Otohime to Seiga.
  • Fans believe that her boss theme, The Butterfly of Issac the Traveler, is to be Flandre's, Koishi's, Nue's, and Seija's themes put together in one theme.

Mrs. Estación

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