Yo I'm kanine9 and I have been introduced to touhou by my friend when touhou 13 came out so I'm nearly new but I already learned a lot about touhou. I love to put info in wikias so I can contribute info time to time once I notice something. I observe too much so I really know a lot of things that some people don't know however my skills in touhou is only a mere no continues in normal and can't really finish lunatic or extra.

My top 5 favorite character theme music

What I wish to add to the Wiki

I want to add a uniqueness to each character by how they attack and what they're spell cards are usually related to. I observe easily and I wish to add more info to this wiki :3 Examples of the uniqueness of character spell cards are like:

  • (although mentioned) Kogasa Tatara's attacks are usually related to rain and her usual attacks involves spirals of circle danmaku.
  • Toyosatomimi no Miko's spell cards usually involve ranks or the things the man she resembles did.
  • Yamame's spell cards involve half of her danmaku will stick in one place as they drop or will home at the player and her spell cards relate top diseases.

I also want to put the feelings of everyone's theme music and what the music means as you listen to them like:

  • Reiuji Utsuho sounds so much like world domination using nuclear bombs.
  • Flandre Scarlet sounds like a child who knows how to kill or do creepy acts.
  • Kanako Yasaka (yet mentioned) sounds so much like her fight of war with Suwako Moriya at the battlefield.
  • Seiga Kaku pretty much does sound like a evil foreign hermit's type of song who does as she wants and succeeds.

Yup I wanna add tons of info to this wiki and nif anyone wanna talk then do that talk page thing?

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