About me

I am a girl who enjoys games. :3 I go to school and have a life away from the computerized world that I've come to know and love.

I have found out that I enjoy wikis >o a lot of my enjoyment probably comes from doing more extensive research and information on the topics I enjoy, which gives me a change to actually compile something worthwhile. I like turning nothings into somethings, not that I can say that I'm very good at doing that.

I do enjoy new friendships and friendly people, which is why I will assume the best before the worst (in most cases, tee hee).

I am planning on learning a variety of languages (Khmer and Vietnamese are two that are supposed to come first, because of my family :3 but I've become a little more interested in Korean, Cantonese, and Japanese). There are a ton of things I would love to do with.

I'm a dreamer, which is why I put up tons of goals for myself to accomplish sometime in life.

I like pretty things and organized things, not that I really am in other areas of my life.

My cat believes in fan death :o

  • I've been a wiki editor for over a year now :D (1 year, and 6 months now :3) --Imanie 21:37, August 4, 2011 (UTC)

My favorite pages

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