aka I am the Doctor

  • I live in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Or Honolulu.
  • My occupation is Detective
  • I am Awesome. To the point where people put sun shades on because I can burn them with my awesomeness. (Or maybe it's because I look like a stalking coffee kid...)

Main Profile

Why do I like the PC-98 Touhous more? It's not like I don't like the new era but I focus more on the past of this great Project. The old characters had great themes and perhaps were much harder to beat... All right, if people did not ever in their life experience the happiness of beating Gengetsu, they will never know what I am talking about. ZUN is still making references to my favourite gals and a guy.

Why am I exactly copying this layout? Because I am cool like that or maybe because I am dumb. OTL

Warning: If I make references to Kana being like Prussia, just tell me to shut up. Kana is awesome.

And don't blame me for the NAZIrin thing; I did not start it but I spread it because she's a rat that cannot be trusted.. (I still love her though!)

I am just a fan girl that will make your life a misery or ZUN's.. Perhaps I will just go and bother that dog over there.

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