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Kaname no Kotomi

Kotomi was formerly a Human. Her father was a famous lawyer and her mother was a well-known piano teacher. She had such a prosperous family. As an only child, she was always spoiled and always got what she wanted, especially with that wealth. This lead to selfishness and greed.

One day, Kotomi was home alone, her parents were apparently murdered by unknown people (how typical). Kotomi broke down that day. As a selfish child, she began a top-secret plan that no one, not even her friends knew. A very evil plan indeed.

Kotomi cursed her eyes with a special spell. However, due to the high pressure and tension from the spell, she lost her humanity and became a Youkai. Her eyes went from blue to red and they were much brighter. She had cursed her eyes to make them demonic and force inducing. If she stares intensely at someone, the victim will go under her command and she can force them to do anything. The truth is that her eyes are so demonic they frighten the victim horribly. As long as they are free, the terrifying sight will traumatize them until they sleep, which is never because they are too scared.

As she lived on, she eventually lost all of her remaining money she had from her parents. As a youkai, her lifespan increased, so that was quite a stroke of luck from the intense spell.

Kotomi lived solitarily for quite a long time without any training or learning, so she wasn't exactly smart. Using her force ability, she robbed others and used their many to support her lifestyle.

Kotomi has far too many victims. This actually includes the residents of the Hakurei Shrine, Moriya Shrine, Myouren Temple, Scarlet Devil Mansion, Human Village, Hakugyokurou, Youkai Mountain, Dream Palace Great Mausoleum and even the people from Heaven. Kotomi only has enough to barely live.

That's her life, as a selfish cruel youkai that commits theft and robbery. The moral? If you are rich and only have one child, never spoil your child.

Fun Facts

  • Kaname means "Money Eye". Kotomi means "Little Rich".
  • The name Kotomi is supposed to be based on Kotomi Ichinose from Clannad. The surname Kaname is...
  • The fact that her father is a lawyer and her mother is a piano teacher is based on a character of a book named Isabelle (or something like that).[1]
  • She is sobbing in her picture.
  • ChocolateLily has compared Kotomi with Ana. They both can force people to do things they don't want to do.
  • It is unknown how precisely her parents were killed. Maybe it was a car accident?
  • Who else has bright eyes? Hikari?
  • Who else has eyes that affect others?
  • According to the Not-So-Perfect Memento, she can be compared with Kotomi Ichinose and Kaname Chidori.

Haruhi Seizenmai

Haruhi is an energetic, eccentric, optimistic, smart and sporty high-school student. However, she has a somewhat twisted personality. She found the world she lived in extremely boring and wanted to live in a more interesting world. She is unaware that she has the ability to unconsciously manipulate the world, reality and timeline.

When she moved to North High, she formed the SOS Brigade. She contributed to many activities in the brigade.

She still found the world boring, however. One night, she subconsciously stepped into Gensokyo, where it was full of youkai and other strange entities. In fact, it might be her ability that created Gensokyo and its beings itself. Although, Kyon, Yuki, Mikuru and Itsuki weren't anywhere to be seen, however Haruhi didn't mind.

She entered her dream world, piled with interesting things. Shrine maidens who could fly, celestials manipulating land and weather, ghosts who were able to invoke death, magicians who specialise in light and heat magic, even tengu that can perform spirit photography. Haruhi loved this world and to befriend them, she wished for her own special ability; to manipulate anything and everything.

Haruhi could do whatever she wanted to. Cause a fire, cause a drought, cause hail, cause an endless thunderstorm, you name it all, she can do it. She's overpowered, and she doesn't know it.

You may have witnessed countless monsters, strange ruins, a large power surge, numerous demons, scarlet mists, an endless winter, an immaterial mist forcing feasts, an eternal nocturne, strange flowers, threatened shrine, demented weather, subterranean threats, unidentified flying objects, wandering giants, fairy battles and large piles of divine spirits. It was in fact, Haruhi who caused it all, but wished to put the blame on others to avoid arrest. That being Mima, Yumemi, Yuuka, Shinki, Remilia, Yuyuko, Suika, Kaguya, Eirin, Shikieiki, Kanako, Tenshi, Utsuho, Murasa, Suwako, Alice, Taisui Xingjun, Three Mischievous Fairies and Miko.

Because Haruhi unconsciously caused this, she noticed it and thought it was suspicious. She deicded to go and investigate, but by the time she was ready, Reimu and Marisa had already solved them. She enviously wanted to stop them, however strangely enough, her ability wasn't responding, not that she knew that. She holds grudges against Reimu and Marisa for that.

Haruhi awaits for the events of Touhou 14, or perhaps she will cause it herself.

Fun Facts

  • The kanji for Seizenmai translate to "Flowering Fern World". Haruhi means "Spring Time".
  • Before Haruhi moves to Gensokyo, her life is all based on the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It's like Kaguya Houraisan with Kaguya Hime, who in the Touhou world hides in Eientei. In this case, Haruhi causes everything that has happened in Gensokyo.
  • The facts contradict with Gensokyo's timeline—because it states that Haruhi caused the events of Story of Eastern Wonderland, Haruhi would've been around 3-9 years old when she entered Gensokyo—she hasn't even gone into high school school yet so SOS Brigade was a no-no then—let alone watch the baseball match!
    • This is a huge error made by ChocolateLily. Pretend she is a 1000 year old youkai, ok?
      • According to the Not-So-Perfect Memento, she may have actually stuffed up her own reality.
  • The picture, name and information proves that this Haruhi is equivalent to the true Haruhi Suzumiya (except with a fanmade story), however she has a different surname. Perhaps it's like how Chiko changed her name to Tenshi.

Itogashira no Muito

Muito is an Oni and one of the Four Devas of the Mountains along with Yuugi Hoshiguma, Suika Ibuki and Kasen Ibara. However, she suddenly disappeared because of an incident that occured between the devas. They promised not to tell the press otherwise their reputations will diminish. Being the one who was scarred the most, as her mother was killed, Muito escaped one night.

Being able to manipulate dreams of the mind and illusions, she sneaks into her fellow devas' house each night to haunt them. She remained unseen and successfully gave them nightmares. Muito stated that "she wants them to feel the same pain she did".

However, Yuugi and Suika party everyday and were unaffected by the recurring nightmares. Muito is unsure about Kasen, she she also seemed to be unaffected.

Angry to hear that, Muito tried something else. She took her revenge by sparking illusions in front of others to scare them. Although this only lead to more hatred for Muito.

One day, before Toyosatomimi no Miko began resting, she saw Miko's divine 'horns'. She enthusiastically chopped them off, believing that she was actually an oni. However, Miko is actually a Shoutoku saint and yelled at Muito. Before Muito was bashed, Muito cursed Miko with illusions and then made her escape. After, Miko went on her 1,400 year sleep with Futo.

Muito gave up haunting others and began taking control of a large tower. She was surprised to see a certain old friend there...

According to Mishojo, Muito helped out Mishojo in pulling out an illusion that saved Tenshi Hinanai's life.

Fun Facts

  • Her picture is a picture of Yomi Takanashi.
  • "Itogashira" means "Illusion" while Muito means "Dreamy Green", probably referring to her eyes.
  • The old friend may be Mato (Black Rock Shooter).
  • Muito is ChocolateLily's favorite fanmade (besides the ones from before). Mainly because she is based on Yomi.

Hikaze Raikawa

Hikaze was usually secretive, quiet and always kept herself enigmatic. However, she started is understand the true meaning of life, and told everyone about herself. According to Hikaze, she was born as a natural magician and claims that she can't remember her exact age, only knowing that she is over 800 years old. She has three forms. According to Hikaze, she had three powers, however most of the time, they struggled to cooperate, so she separated them by dividing her body into three pure forms. It is unknown how she did that though (cough cough magic cough cough)

Her first form is called 白風 (Shirokaze, meaning 'White Wind'). It grants her the manipulation of air. She can control the direction it blows, its strength and speed. It can also blow enemies away.

Her second form is called 赤火 (Akako, meaning 'Red Fire'). It grants her the manipulation and resistance to fire. She can make patterns and create her own attacks. It can also severely burn enemies to weaken them.

Her third and final form is called 黄雷 (Koikazuchi, meaning 'Yellow Thunder') grants her the manipulation of electric. She can cause a thunderstorm, shoot electric bolts and enhance her power with electric waves. The power can also paralyze enemies.

When these three elements are all combined, it creates 風火雷 (Kazehirai, meaning 'Wind, Fire and Thunder').When she is charged with full power, she is truly an enemy you shall fear and be aware of.

Although she told everyone about herself, no one still cared about her, and just left her behind the shadows. She now lives in the Forest of Elements, a forest near the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Because she felt melancholy from having no friends, she tried to destroy the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She ultimately failed though...

Fun Facts

  • Raikawa means 'Thunder River'. Hikaze means 'Fire Breeze'.
  • She is the only character without a decent backstory.


Kira is a Human who is skilled with any type of gun. Yes, ANY TYPE, including machine guns and 45-callibers that could dislocate your shoulder. Kira is perfectly trained and is unharmed when pulling the trigger of those guns. She has lots of experience with firearms and feels no recoil. Kira is the only Maid of the Sasaki Mansion. The Sasaki's were well known for their superb craftsmanship. They were able to make identical figures of humans using wood, metal and even wool. They are also notable for their wealth and their only beautiful maid, Kira.

However, there is a hidden dirty secret about the Sasaki mansion. Their maid, Kira, is actually a stealthy assassin. Using her stealth abilities, not only is she paid to do housework, she is also paid to kill others. Kira is a fantastic assassin and has only failed twice out of 250 assassination attempts. The poor 248 victims...

However, there is a major flaw in her ability. When she attacks, whether it's a ranged weapon or a physical attack, it breaks the invisibility. It also breaks when she touches someone.

The first time she failed was when she was ordered to kill Youmu Konpaku. The Sasaki said that she was stealing spring, and the flowers in the frontyard of the Sasaki Mansion were withering. Kira approached Youmu unseen. However, when Kira pulled the trigger of her revolver, her stealth wore off. Youmu, who could slow time, slowed time and quickly dashed behind her. Youmu "stabbed" her but missed on purpose. Youmu told Kira that if she wasn't nice, she would've stabbed Kira. Kira was forced to leave the netherworld (how did she enter in the first place?).

The second failed mission was to kill Kaguya Houraisan. The Sasaki claimed that Kaguya has broken the hearts of five men's families. However, the Sasaki and Kira were unaware of Kaguya's immortality. Nevertheless, when Kira reached Eientei, she was confronted by Himuaka no Tsukiko, the guard of Eientei. Himuaka's abilities were greater than Kira's, thus Kira's loss. Eventually, Sasaki learned about the Hourai Elixir and aborted the mission. Sasaki apologised to Kira.

Otherwise, Kira is a very successful maid and you can count on her, IF you have earned her loyalty.

She was once seen pointing a magnum at Tenshi Hinanai. Whether this was Sasaki's orders or that Tenshi was taunting Kira, Kira was kind enough to let Tenshi go.

People say Kira is frightening, intimidating, strange, scary but others say she is beautiful, lovely, kind, loyal and smart. I'd say the second section is true ^^'

Fun Facts

  • The Kanji for Ki means "Lucky" and Ra means "Beautiful".
  • The name "Kira" may be taken from Kira from Death Note, which literally means "Killer".
  • Youmu only beat Kira because ChocolateLily likes Youmu.
  • According to ChocolateLily's "Not-So-Perfect Memento in Not-So-Strict Sense", no living person knows Kira's surname.
    • That means ALL of Kira's family is dead. Poor Kira...
    • ChocolateLily has made demented speculations like "Shelly de Kira".
  • For those who don't know Himuaka no Tsukiko, she is one of ChocolateLily's older fanmades.
  • According to the Not-So-Perfect Memento, Kira's is also not her real name and she didn't trust the Sasaki's at first. The memento also states that she may have a connection to Maka from Soul Eater because they look similar...

Kizuko Motohare

Kizuko and her older sister, Fuko, were orphaned at an early age. Kizuko was lucky to have a clever sister. Fuko sufficiently used the remaining resources and that helped them last for almost 5 years. One day, they visited a shrine. The goddess granted Fuko the power to sense any situation and Kizuko to manipulate mana.

Fuko used her ability well. However, Kizuko found her ability almost useless. She had no spells or rituals and couldn't use her mana for anything at all. Kizuko didn't really give it a second thought and she ran away from her home one night. She doesn't know about Fuko moving into the Hakurei Shrine. The two sisters were separated.

Kizuko moved to the Mahoshojo Shrine, which was actually outside Gensokyo. That means she is very far from Fuko. It is unknown how she came to know the Mahoshojo Shrine in the first person.

In the Mahoshojo Shrine, they mainly focused on bright, beautiful magic. However, this consumes the trainees' mana. This is where Kizuko's ability comes in handy. Kizuko can just replenish her mana and keep training. The fellow candidates say Kizuko is a 'cheating dog'.

Kizuko, one day may be a huge threat like Uchuhakai no Fushiko. However, according to Fuko, Kizuko is safe and perfectly normal. Fuko worried for Kizuko during the events of the "Walfas Story". However, Kizuko didn't know a thing about the apocalypse. Fuko is lucky to know that Kizuko is safe. Fuko's ability is truly helpful.

Kizuko plants to visit Fuko again one day. She misses her sister more than anyone else. Although, when shall this day come? That will remain a mystery.

Fun Facts

  • Kizuko was only created for those who were curious of what actually happened to Fuko's sister.
  • Motohare means 'Wonderful'. Kizuko means 'Wound Girl'.
  • If you can guess what Kizuko's ability is associated with, you can have a cookie.
  • Mahoshojo's kanji isn't revealed, but it's supposed to mean "Magic Maiden".
  • Yumi is the name of ChocolateLily's bear!
  • According to the Not-So-Perfect Memento, Motohare is not her true surname. She is sometimes compared with Magina.

Hiurekara no Hoshiko

Hoshiko is the carer of any events that occur beyond the atmosphere. She can manipulate anything that is out of earth, excluding planets. However, she can control the sun, stars, comets, meteors, asteroids and all those stuff. She does it to protect the earth. Born with that ability, she took the responsibility of searching for asteroids to prevent a crash. Hoshiko is loved by many people because of her compassion for others.

Although she is known as a caring person, she needs to beat up Shinigami to increase her lifespan, otherwise she will die and no one will be able to defend the universe.

It is said that Hoshiko is the cause of years, seasons and time. She has a special item called 'Rokuroku' (Lock Rock) that locks a position into place. With the sun's current temperature and all that stuff, it is because of the Lock Rock stuck in the core of the sun. That way provides the best conditions for the universe possible. The specififc position gave the earth 24 hours a day, 4 seasons (with the help of the axis), 52 weeks a year and 365 days a year. The Lock Rock, however, was scratched a little bit, being in the core of the sun. This caused the earth to have leap years (that's not true).

Hoshiko has had various meetings with Sakuya Izayoi. She asked Sakuya to use her ability wisely, as this interferes with the world's space, making it harder for Hoshiko to do her generous job. Sakuya gladly went with this. Hoshiko threatened to throw a meteor at Sakuya if she uses her ability for the wrong reasons, because Hoshiko can manipulate space objects, too. Yeah, some 'kind' celestial.

However, there are so many rocks found in the middle of outer space. Some comets miss Hoshiko and sneak their way into earth. This can't be helped—unless Sakuya gives a quick warning to Hoshiko and then Sakuya enlarges the space between the asteroid and the earth to buy Hoshiko time to stop it.

That is her daily routine. However, Hoshiko's past is quite enigmatic and mysterious. No resident of Gensokyo; not even Sakuya herself knows about her past. However, you will. Hoshiko was formerly a human. At least, everyone thought she was. She was actually born as a celestial. She was chosen by 'god' to help the world. Thanks to Hoshiko's endeavours, earth has avoided at least 1,642 asteroids (not really).

When Hoshiko needs a rest, she snoozes in heaven. Although, she has no relationships with Tenshi, Suika and Mishojo (and Alan).

Hoshiko is a benevolent celestial. She risks her life to save everyone. One thing she can't prevent is natural and man-made earth disasters, as she has no abilities that can manipulate planets.

Fun Facts

  • Hoshiko means "Child of Stars". Her surname is Hiurekara. The 'Hi' means 'Beauty', the 'Ure' means 'Happy' and the 'Kara' means 'Void', 'Sky', 'Heaven', or '(Outer) Space'.
  • She is just as threatening as Uchuhakai no Fushiko. She could destroy the whole earth if she felt like it. However, Hoshiko is a nice person, so she wouldn't.
    • Orly?
  • ChocolateLily has made pathetic jokes about Hoshiko being Shou's daughter. Shou has the same kanji as Hoshiko (except without the 'ko') and ko means 'Child'.
  • She can't manipulate planets, but she can manipulate moons. Eirin doesn't approve. Maybe that's the cause of the 'Broken Moon' (get it?).

Kiyohime Sanzuishi

Kiyohime was formerly a daughter of a prosperous family. They were so rich that they could provide luxurious accommodation for their visitors who happened to pass their shrine.

One day, a handsom priest visiting fell in love with Kiyohime. The couple became quite close. However, this affect the priest's studies and all, so he had to end his relationship with Kiyohime. Kiyohime became angry and tracked him down. Kiyohime and the priest eventually met at a river. The priest asked the boatman to assist the priest in crossing the river and told him not to allow Kiyohime to cross. Kiyohime decided to dive into the river and swim after him. While swimming in the effusion of the river, she began turning into a serpent that was homage to her rage.

The priest fled to a temple. He hid under the bell of the temple, however the furious serpent Kiyohime could tell he was hiding with her sharp senses. Kiyohime coiled around the bell and it started to catch on fire. It melted the bell, resulting to the priest's death.

Ever since, Kiyohime has been swimming everywhere, leaking rage and passing it onto others. She hasn't really been happy since—she was full of hatred that she is now able to manipulate hatred.

She swam into Gensokyo, but no one seemed to accept her. She was full of anger. Unfortunately, this only caused more anger for Kiyohime. She realised she wasn't much use to the world, so she just enjoyed herself by swimming through reservoirs.

Although, one day, she started to think that she couldn't live with a carefree life. She moved to the Myouren Temple. Although, the reason being is unknown. Was it to learn about Buddhism, or hope for new friends? That will be Kiyohime's mystery of the day (or eternity).

Fun Facts

  • ChocolateLily has compared her with Kanako Yasaka for obvious reasons.
  • Kiyohime is the name of her species. Sanzuishi means 'Swimming Serpent.'
  • Her picture is the picture that was used for Kyuuruwachika no Kimiko, who was removed for that reason.
  • This is only a speculation, but Kiyohime may have a small connection to Parsee. Parsee is a Hashihime, which is her species, but has a certain character and background behind it, like Kiyohime.
  • Like Nue and Satori, her name is her species, and it's also written in hiragana instead of kanji.
  • The priest's name is presumably Anjin.
  • ChocolateLily has made stupid and ridiculous speculations that the priest is actually the Male version of Shingyoku and that Shingyoku is actually a yuurei or borei (possibly akuryo).

Ryla Lightheart

Ryla Lightheart is a Youkai who was rather bright and happy. She believed in light's power and its purity. She was passionate and achieving. Ryla was confident in her abilities and was always persistent.

However, one day, a strange dark thing lurked through her heart, and the darkness enveloped her soul. A small, secret dark side emerged into her, creating Ryla Blackdevil. Fortunately, Ryla Lightheart's spirit was too strong, so only half of her bright side was killed.

Ryla Lightheart is the dream of everyone however, not a soul knows about Ryla Blackdevil. Anyone who dare encounters Blackdevil will be slaughtered without a trace of hesitation. Blackdevil is only awake during full moon, new moon and cresent moon. At other times, Lightheart is conscious.

Ryla was formerly Koakuma's master. However, Koakuma caught a glimpse of Blackdevil. Terrified, she ran away and ended up with Patchouli. Ryla once worked with Mima, however Ryla suddenly betrayed her because she saw Reimu approaching.

Ryla works solitarily these days. During Lightheart, a lot of people look at her. The light that shines upon her inspires the heart of the audience. However, when Blackdevil arrives, Ryla chooses to hide, but the dark side says, "Go out and kill everyone you see!".

Because Ryla often flies through the skies nowadays, she met Iku Nagae quite a few times.

Ryla was such a happy and successful person. This unknown dark entity, however, ruined it all for her and everyone around her.

Fun Facts

  • The name Ryla is derived from one of ChocolateLily's minor friends.
    • Not that the friend Ryla is more of a Lightheart than Blackdevil.
  • The name 'Blackdevil' could imply that the mysterious black entity was a miniature devil.
  • According to the not-so-perfect memento, the entity was actually a black blob.

Senshi Hinanawi

Senshi is Tenshi's older or twin sister, but they have no idea. Senshi was separated from her family before Tenshi was even born. Senshi formerly lived in the underground with her family. Senshi was often lectured for being lazy and not hard-working, even though she was pulling out the best of her abilities. One day, the Hinanawi went off to the surface, leaving Senshi behind. Whether this was done intentionally or it was accidental, Senshi lived with Rin Kaenbyou, who was very kind and lovely. Senshi became attached to Rin, she was such a caring friend.

However, the other demonic creatures of the underground hated Senshi. The wicked creatures declared a war on Senshi, and obviously, Senshi fell in defeat. Senshi was kicked out to the surface. Rin begged them not to forsake her, however the meanies wouldn't listen.

Due to the atrocities of the fierce war, Senshi's face stuffed up. It was completely disordered. Not a doctor could fix her face as it was too difficult. She had to live by surrounding herself in immaterial light that people could see, but they wouldn't be able to see her face. This gives people positive thoughts; "Immaterial Light? She must be divine, wow."

Senshi was fine with the light, she eventually got used to it. She befriended Yoshika Miyako, who was still 'alive' then. They became great friends and met almost daily. Eventually, Yoshika died and was resurrected during Ten Desires.

Despite losing her family, Senshi became a celestial anyway. She often visited Sanzu River to see if Komachi was passing. If Komachi was to be seen, Senshi would bash her to extend her lifespan.

When she was horribly beaten in the subterranean world, a spirit was thrown at Senshi. This spirit was actually a unique one; it will immaterialize your body. This granted Senshi to possess living creatures. She can use that to save herself, hide herself or even for fun to mess with others. Senshi is not that merciful.

After living as a celestial, she ascended to Heaven. She met Suika Ibuki, however there is no reference that she met Tenshi. Will the sisters unite? Or...

Fun Facts

  • Her surname means "Comparitive Calm Family with Authority" while Senshi means "Child of Necromancy" or "Child of Hermitude".
  • Her name could've been something different, but it was intended to sound similar to 'Tenshi'.
  • The kanji for 'Sen' (仙) is the "Sen" used for hermit (sennin).
  • The picture used for Senshi is just a blurred, lightened picture of Tenshi, that is her 'immaterial' presence that covers her bashed face.
    • This raises a possibility that Tenshi and Senshi are identical twins.
  • Her ability may be a reference to Ghostfreak or Kirby Ghost.
  • Because she uses her ability for fun and to torture others, ChocolateLily's official title for Senshi is "The Girl Who Played With People's Shapes" (get it?).

Ayaka Sekugami

Ayaka is someone who has never entered Gensokyo, but has seen many pictures and heard all different kinds of stories about it. Ayaka knows Maribel Han and Renko Usami well. They are great friends, however Ayaka has not seen them for a long time. Years ago, the three studied about necromancy and spirits, but Ayaka left to continue writing books. She dislikes long names (like Rin Kaenbyou) so she has people call her just Aya.

Ayaka likes to make strange stories that express her feelings and depictions of what Gensokyo is like. She once made a story about a crow tengu that writes newspapers. She has also written biographies of many people. She has written so many books, she is able to write 3000 letters per minute by hand. The poor pencil/pen...

When Ayaka was 8, she learnt that she will die some day of age. This broke her heart and she cried almost everyday. She thought, "If we are born to die one day, why must we exist in the first place?". Ayaka looked through books from a local library. She learnt about hermits and shikaisen. She decided to attempt the technique to become immortal. She placed her fake figure and went to sleep.

However, Ayaka's relatives knew about it. They found Ayaka and woke her up from her sleep, so the procedure was only half-finished. She wasn't a full hermit, so she doesn't have full youth and half the lifespan of an average hermit. Ayaka plans to complete the other half of the process some day.

Ayaka attended Daikoku Private Academy, where she met Light Yagami. Ayaka developed a small crush on him that seemed to get worse everyday. Eventually, she wrote a story about him. Whatever it was, she burnt it after she found out Light was Kira. When she heard that Light was Kira, she ran away to live somewhere else because she feared death and being a half-shikaisen doesn't mean you're truly immortal, unlike the consumers of the Hourai Elixir.

Now she spends most of her days writing strange books. She has an active imagination and enjoys writing story, especially because she can write so fast. Ayaka wrote a biography on herself once.

Ayaka is usually locked in a room writing. She's always alone. She's smart enough to use 100% recycled paper to support the environment. When Ayaka goes off to the public, she's shy and very timid. She is often quiet and doesn't say a word unless someone asks her a question.

Fun Facts

  • Ayaka literally means "Rapid Incense". Sekugami means "Swift God".
  • Ayaka has no relationships with Aya Shameimaru.
  • Because she is a shikaisen, ChocolateLily depicts that she is a Taoist, despite Taoism is not compulsary for a shikaisen.
  • ChocolateLily has made speculations that Ayaka will be the author of "Ayaka's Extremely-Perfect Memento in an Extremely-Strict Sense" or "Ayaka's Archive in Japanese Purple" or even "The Grimoire of Ayaka" despite Ayaka have no sort of magic.

Mayuka Totokokoro

Mayuka was a shinigami. She ferried spirits to the Yama, Shikieiki Yamaxanadu. She was sometimes seen with Komachi Onozuka, her greatest friend. However, unlike Komachi, Mayuka worked hard and thanks to her extreme endeavours, Shikieiki had more work to do. Mayuka never slacked around.

One day, while ferrying through the Sanzu River, Kasen Ibara suddenly popped out of nowhere. Kasen's intention was to defeat Mayuka so that she can increase her lifespan, however Kasen accidentally went a little too far and killed Mayuka. Mayuka's spirit was found by dazed Komachi, but she was too lazy to send it to Shikieiki, not know that it was Mayuka's spirit.

Mayuka's body was found by strangers and they buried her in a cemetery. However, an unknown person resurrected her into some kind of zombie (Jiang Shi or carcass). As soon as she was resurrected, the resurrector disappeared. Their current whereabouts is unknown.

Mayuka disdainfully walked out of the cemetery. When she sees nearby humans, she would suck on their qi for life. Eventually, Mayuka consumed so much qi that she gained the ability to suck qi without physical contact.

These days, she just looks at someone and goes, "I WANT QI!" and the victim's qi will diminish. Eventually, the victim will gade out and die due to the loss of qi. Because Mayuka has consumed so much qi, she is unable to eat anything else and can only have qi.

This became a huge problem because of Hong Meiling. Meiling can manipulate qi. When Mayuka sees Meiling, she would quickly try and hide because she is afraid that Meiling will manipulate Mayuka's qi.

It's not really known what sort of undead Mayuka is. It is definitely not a Ghost or Phantom, however. It is more like a Jiang Shi, zombie or carcass. It is most likely Jiang Shi because of her picture.

Fun Facts

  • Mayuka, when read separately means "Decay" (Mayu) and "Brilliant" (Ka). Totokokoro when divided means "Carcass" (To) and "Heart" (Kokoro).
  • Mayuka is compared with Yoshika Miyako for obvious reasons.
  • Mayuka happens to have the same name (except different kanji) as one of ChocolateLily's cousins. Yes, I just called her a zombie and a death god. ChocolateLily is not really sure whether she should feel ashamed or if she shouldn't care.
  • The picture used for Mayuka is Ling Ling Huang, a Jiang Shi. Mayuka is most likely to be a Jiang Shi.

Ren Lumei

Ren Lumei is a Chinese robot that is skilled with the katana created by Kong Lingwulu. She had amazing swordsmanship skills. Lumei was formerly someone from the underworld. She lived with her sister, Ren Yaomeng, who was also a robot created by Kong in an underground palace called "Furujimiya" (lit. Ancient Underground Palace). The palace was very poor and broke. It became a very hard place to live in after the population was constantly rising.

Lumei and Yaomeng decided to escape the village to give them more space. Lumei and Yaomeng they could stand the world above.

The sisters borrowed a ladder and climbed up the hole leading to the surface. However, while they were climbing, Yaomeng fell off the ladder and was crushed. Unfortunately, Lumei didn't notice until she was at the top. Lumei grieved for several days straight, despite being a robot and not supposed to feel feelings or emotions (MAYBE IT WAS ANA'S FAULT). Anyway, Lumei felt a bit more free and with no restrictions, she could do anything she wanted to! Until she saw something intriguing.

Lumei did not expect youkai, spirits, powerful humans and other supernatural entities. Then she realised she was in the great Gensokyo. She began exploring Gensokyo, when she was suddenly attacked by Yukari Yakumo. "Strange robots from the underworld are not accepted here without my permission! DIE!"

Not one could accept random people barging into Gensokyo, despite that not being Lumei's intention. They battled her. Lumei resisted with her swordsmanship skills, but there were too many enemies. As a result, Lumei died. What happened next is unknown. Was she burnt? Was she buried in the robot cemetery?

They attempted to climb out of the cramped, atrocious subterranean world to meet death. The two sisters, I mean.

Fun Facts

  • "Ren Lumei" is a Chinese name (unsure if genuine). Ren means 'Sword', 'Katana' or 'Edge'. The 'Lu' means "Green" and 'Mei' means 'Charming', 'Elegant' or 'Bewitching'.
  • When converted to kanji, Ren Lumei is pronounced something like 'Jinha Rokumi'.
  • The kanji for 'Yaomeng' is not intended to sount like 'Yao Ming' but is actually written as "妖夢" meaning 'Bewitching Dream'. I wonder where we've seen that before...
  • 'Kong Lingwulu' is the Chinese equivalent of "Utsuho Reiuji". MIND-BLOWN!!!

Akatsuki no Mako

Mako is a Lunarian who lived with Eirin Yagokoro. She was once of Kaguya Houraisan's priestess, however Himuaka no Tsukiko was the highest one. Unlike Tsukiko, Mako didn't mind Kaguya's greed and has great respect for her. Tsukiko had enough and exiled while Mako took her high priestess position.

However, Kaguya was also exiled to earth. Eventually, Eirin did, too. Before Eirin left, when Mako entered her secret laboratory, she found a vial of strange liquid. She drank without thinking. This gave her the abilities to case a special spell: "TRANSPERA, TRANSPERA... IDENTICA!" which shoots a queer bubble into Mako and into someone else. When the two bubbles collide, they swap bodies but keep the same brain.

When Eirin and Kaguya exiled, Mako was invited to live with the Watatsuki sisters. Mako ultimately refused, which caused guards to attack Mako. They threw all different sorts of toxins to try and decay her body as a punishment. They failed because Mako has resistance to poison and toxins. So they beat her up in some other way, forcing Mako to now become their servant.

Mako ended up being devoted to Watatsuki no Toyohime. Yorihime is usually out to search for peaches, so Mako thought she wasn't careful and aware of her servants. When she has time, Mako assists the sister's with training the rabbits or she plays with Reisen.

Mako once attempted to escape the moon to see Kaguya and Eirin, however she was caught by Watatsuki no Yorihime who was looking for peaches. She was sent home immediately, however someone else had Mako pay for her sin, she was sentenced to lunar jail for 6 months. When Mako was free again, she was locked in the Watatsuki's home and is never allowed out unless permitted by Toyohime.

Mako once spotted 2 charming goddesses that she has never seen before. The first was a mysterious moon goddess the night elves worship and the mother of Cenarius, Elune (aka Satoko's creator). Mako is the only Touhou (fanmade) character to have ever seen Elune. No one else has seen her. The second shining goddess was a Chinese one who drank the Elixir of Life, Chang'e. Mako is lucky to have caught a glimpse of their faces, since that time is very rare.

Fun Facts

  • Akatsuki means 'Red Moon' while Mako means 'Child of Magic'. She has no relation to Remilia Scarlet.
    • Maybe it is meant to be similar to "Himuaka no Tsukiko". They both have "Aka", "Tsuki" and "Ko" in their name.
  • Her title is "Mage of teh Lunarians" instead of "Mage of the Lunarians". This is sort of ChocolateLily's joke of trying to express that Mako is actually a baka.
  • ChocolateLily drew a picture of what she depicts Mako to look like, however due to it looking ugly and a reception's drawing, she decided not to use it.
    • The character had blue hair in pigtails tied with red beads. She had deep green eyes. She had a white and black dress. The top half was white, and in the middle it had a blue trim. The bottom half began dark black which slowly faded to grey. She had green sleeves with red trim. She wielded a stick with some sort of purple and green liquid.
  • Elune is the 'creator' of Satoko Yukinabu. Although, the TRUE creator is me!

Sakura Ijoumareru

Sakura was born with a high level of holiness and seemed to be a prodigy. She constantly bested others in any way. She had plenty of natural talent, making it easy to master many things. Her family were Buddhists thus Sakura studied lots about Buddhism. She quickly took interest and thanks to high holiness, she was quickly accepted as a Saint before she was even 15.

When she became one, however, her body began changing. She acquired the power to gather things or people. By the time she was 25, she looked and sounded exactly the same as she was when she was 17. While participating in saint-related activities, it seems that she was transforming into some sort of Hermit.

Because Sakura was busy leading Buddhist groups for a long time, this slightly affected her learning credibilities and didn't seem to be a genius everyone thought she was anymore...

Not too long after, the Soga and Mononobe war began. The political war over Buddhism. Sakura used the best of her abilities to end it as soon as possible, but this only resulted to Sakura's death.

Sakura's spirit was taken to Shikieiki for judgement. Shikieiki surprisingly enough, reincarnated her. Sakura somehow remembered everything from her previous life and who she was and her enemies/allies. It seems that she is a true genius after all.

Legally, Sakura was considered deceased and no longer the saint of Buddhism. However, when they found out that Sakura was actually alive, they couldn't allow Sakura to take the position as a saint again. Sakura grieved because of these circumstances.

Then Sakura met Byakuren. When Byakuren told Sakura about her beliefs, Sakura's heart danced in joy. Byakuren was out to co-exist human and youkai. Unfortunately, Byakuren was sealed. When Sakura went out to find her, she suddenly fell in a hole.

She had no idea the hole actually lead to the Dream Palace Great Mausoleum. She noticed a mausoleum that belonged to Toyosatomimi no Miko. Realising that she was the saint of Taoism, she quickly placed more seals to prevent resurrection. However, Miko unsealed because of Ten Desires anyway. She was extremely surprised to that Futo and Tojiko are allies during Ten Desires.

Sakura is stuck in the mausoleum. She doesn't know how to get out. She always avoids Miko. She has no idea that Byakuren has been unsealed by Murasa's team and that the Myouren Temple is directly above her own home.

Fun Facts

  • Sakura means 'Cherry Blossom'. When Ijoumareru is divided, it means 'Desires', 'Passion' and 'Grace'.
  • She is the Saint of Buddhism. It's only natural she's enemies with Miko.
  • ChocolateLily believes that she resembles Reimu Hakurei.

Yuri Fuyukawa

Lily Winterriver was a Demon who lived outside Gensokyo. She lived with her friend, Ami in some random house. One day, three people suddenly knocked on their doo and harassed them and spouted out foolish insults. The three were actually Sanae, Kanako and Suwako cosplayers who for some reason hated them and tried to make them look bad. Lily mistaked them for the geniune ones and left one night to enter Gensokyo, leaving Ami behind to look for the three and bash them.

Although, entering as "Lily Winterriver" would seem slightly suspicious. She changed her name to Yuri Fuyukawa, which basically means "Lily Winterriver" in Japanese. Using her ability, she transformed from her demonic appearance to a young, delicate, pretty human school girl. She entered the school in Human Village to study more about Gensokyo first before finding the gods (and arahitogami, which technically IS a god).

Yuri had an incredible amount of knowledge and was extremely intelligent. She answered any question Keine asked with ease and was able to complete 100 random math questions under one minute. However, she wasn't the best in her class.

There was someone else who consistently bested her. That person was Ryuumi Shuuken. Ryuumi achieved higher grades than Yuri, making her a lot more notable at school. This made Yuri extremely envious. She was so depressed (what the hell) that she forgot about her plans to have revenge on the fake Sanae, Suwako and Kanako and decided that she will kill Ryuumi.

Years later, when Yuri eventually confronted Ryuumi one-on-one once more, Yuri planned to erase her once and for all. However, due to Ryuumi's new curse leak, Yuri forgot about Ryuumi and didn't up killing her, since Ryuumi was now officially a complete stranger to Yuri. It didn't really matter though, Ryuumi, by chance also forgot who Yuri was. They just gave a quick "Hello, nice to meet you I am Yuri, blah blah blah" and left.

In the end, Yuri had forgotten about Ami, Suwako, Kanako, Sanae and Ryuumi. She just lived in Gensokyo as a demon in human disguise. In fact, she had forgotten the fact that she was actually a demon in the first place and not a human. What an idiot... how pointless...

Lily/Yuri's personality isn't exactly bright. She was used to having the highest rank on anything, so she gets envious very easily. She also gets angry easily, too. When things aren't going her way or she isn't respected, she will lecture them.

Fun Facts

  • As already stated, 'Yuri' means 'Lily' and 'Fuyukawa' means 'Winter River'.
    • Because Yuri can also mean 'Lesbian', ChocolateLily has made pointless jokes about Yuri being a lesbian.
  • I did not create Ryuumi Shuuken. Alanomega did.
  • Lily is part of ChocolateLily's name, but it is not her real name however.
  • Cirno is a ⑨ and Utsuho is a ⑥. ChocolateLily depicts Yuri to be a ③ (a factor of both 6 and 9) for forgetting Ami, the three gods and even forgetting her own race naturally. Forgetting Ryuumi isn't that stupid though, because of her curse leak. So Yuri is also a baka. Haha... but Yuri is definitely not the strongest.

Yumetara no Youkou

Youkou was born as a phantom. She was born with the ability to look sideways or behind her without turning her head at all. This became incredibly useful for people who talked behind her back or hide from her. She lived in a fairly religious family, however they began going on a crisis because they couldn't decide which religion they should go for.

Unlike her family, Youkou took this lightly and chose calmly. Youkou chose Confucianism. However, she knew she wouldn't be accepted as Youkou had no traces of humanity, an important part of Confucianism. Youkou began changing ever since—she wanted to go for Confucianism, but she couldn't.

Her family eventually recovered, but Youkou hasn't. Youkou caught Sakura Ijoumeraru from her back eye. Sakura taught her about Buddhism and how great it is. However, not long after, Toyosatomimi no Miko taught Youkou the benefits of Taoism.

Youkou, however had no interests in Taoism or Buddhism and wanted to be a Confucianist all along. However, this would throw away her own race as a phantom. Youkou began grieving daily.

She decided to visit a Confucius Temple. She pretended to be a human. However, the moment they saw her, they could tell she was a phantom. They said she would never be allowed to become a Confucianist. All of her aspirations towards Confucianism was thrown away by the very Confucianists themselves.

Youkou began reluctantly choosing between Taoism and Buddhism. After the Soga and Mononobe war, Youkou thought Buddhism was dangerous and in the end, she chose Taoism. After becoming a Taoist, her life seemed more carefree and unrestraint. She started becoming more popular.

Despite now living a better life, she was still depressed about losing her rights to be a Confucianist. She went as far as seeking Rikako Asakura, a scientist. She asked Rikako to create a medicine that transformed her into a human. When she revisited the temple as a human, however, they still recognised her face.

After, her parents became rather bitter and all of her Tao friends started to hate her for throwing away her true race and life for something she would never be able to achieve anyway. The Confucianists had her ultimately sealed away. Surprisingly enough, her family agreed with it. "Life has some restrictions, and life isn't the way you always want it to be. Youkou went way too far."

However, Rikako felt bad for taking no punishment for Youkou's crime, since Rikako was technically an accomplice. Rikako created many fighting contraptions and together she would go unseal Youkou.

Fun Facts

  • Youkou means 'Deep Red' while Yumetara means 'Dream' and 'Tang'.
  • The 'Tang' in her surname refers to the Tang Dynasty, meaning that Youkou must have existed during the Tang Dynasty. This then gave her an official birthday. It's also no wonder why she had to pick a religion to believe.
  • If Youkou really is someone from the Tang Dynasty, that means she is Chinese. The Chinese equivalent of her name is Mèngtáng Yánghóng.
  • Another backup for the fact that she is from the Tang is that she had three religions to pick from—Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, the three religions that relate to Tang Dynasty.
  • ChocolateLily really likes Youkou for some reason. Maybe it's because of her huge story. Or maybe it's because Tang Dynasty is the period in which one of her favourite poems was written.

Ryouko Gokuyousei

Ryouko is a robot created by Yumemi Okazaki in the Outside World. She was created for a mysterious person who Yumemi claims to be her younger sister. However this mysterious younger sister died the next day, which caused Yumemi to escape to Gensokyo with Chiyuri Kitashirakawa (and thus the events of Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream occurred).

Ryouko hung around the world by herself. As for her personality, she would be described as eccentric, silly and playful. She dangerously lashes out any random objects, from toy cars to real cars. Yumemi created her with absolute power and strength, and she was built with an abundance of happy energy. Some described her as a sweet warm person while others described her as a mad psycho.

But she was able to devote herself to Shiroka Hakukou (Literally; White Incense of Red and White). And thus, Ryouko became a shrine maiden at the Hakukou Shrine. However, it was hard to fit in due to her crazy eccentric behaviour. She was still able to learn how to use a katana, however.

One day, a mysterious lady with blonde hair approached Ryouko and invited her to move the entire shrine to Gensokyo. She said yes.

Yes, she said yes. Without giving it a second thought.

However, no one could make it thorugh Gensokyo, except Ryouko. Everyone died, including Shiroka, the goddess of the shrine herself. Due to Ryouko's happy-go-lucky style and clumsiness, she didn't care and lived in the shrine by herself, losing more faith everyday.

She still didn't care. She just enjoyed herself. Never to see anyone again. It's a happy ending but deep inside, it's sad.

Fun Facts

  • Ryouko means "Child of Light" and Gokuyousei means "Bewitching Verdure Azure".


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