aka Sukima

  • I live in the boundary between Dream and Reality
  • I was born on October 18
  • My occupation is Lurking between gaps...
  • I am a Youkai (?)

Sukima - "The mistake is paid with the life"

Sukima - "The world is like a weapon, has a useful life"

Sukima - "Victory is assured. Not from the throne, but from the front line"

Youkais - "The world will get used to me ... and I will accommodate in it"

Well...Hi, I'm Sukima (I like that name =D). In this wiki I usually arranged misspelled words or some text that, usually, have missing characters, ie fixed typo ...

Also if it is missing, added missing information or sometimes, the characters, the image is larger than the article, so you gauge the size and put it back.

Sometimes, I feel like I can do an article (with no erros, or sometimes some ones Dx) for this wikia, but if I gave the order to do that, I not hesitate and do it faster I can (obviously good).

PD: Sorry if I misspelled something wrong :S


Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards. Some cards are broken, but...NOT BAD.

...NOT BAD...

I would like to do a deck with this cards if they exist =(.


Here's the List of Touhou videogames I've played and it difficult.

Shooting Games

Photography Games

Fighting Games


When I say "Finished" this means that I finished the game with ALL the characters. Also, in the Photography Games I said the current Level I playing. To end, in Fighting Games I always play in Lunatic Mode in Arcade and Random fighting but for some reason I can't in Story Mode Dx.


【Touhou Anime】幻想万華鏡 2 ~Memories of Phantasm~【東方PV】

【Touhou Anime】幻想万華鏡 2 ~Memories of Phantasm~【東方PV】


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