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Toyosatomimi no Miko of Ten Desires
○ Stage 6 Boss  Shoutoku Taoist

Toyosatomimi no Miko

Species: Saint
Ability: the power to listen to ten people speaking at the same time

Born in a stable, she was recognized as a genius at an early age.

Born into a high position, she overheard many complaints when she was young.
People would let their tongues loose around her, assuming she wouldn't be able to understand them, so she heard a lot of idle grumbling from servants and such.
However, Miko was able to understand them - and provide very specific advice right away.
Rumors of her spread throughout the land, and she gained enormous popularity as a holy person.

She had her own troubles as a genius.
"The earth hasn't passed on from the age of the gods, and the seas are filled to the brim.
Why must humans be forced to accept their own death?"
She became dissatisfied with humans' fate to die one day.

Seiga, who had heard the rumours about Miko, was confident she'd found the person she'd been looking for, and came to spread Taoism to her.

Taoism was essentially nature worship, and by becoming one with nature it could bestow immortality on its followers.

Miko's heart danced in joy.
She also told Seiga that her faith could never lead to the subjugation of Japan.
Seiga had no interest for national politics in order to further her own goals, but Miko held a different view.

In that case, Seiga recommended, she should make the appearance of becoming a Buddhist. When Miko learned Buddhism was a strict creed that forbade murder, she determined it would be a good means to calm the nation, and accepted it.

Miko spread Buddhism throughout Japan, in order to ensure that those without political power would not obtain it. In the shadows, she advanced her own experiments with Taoism.

As a result, she obtained superhuman abilities and left behind a number of legends with which everyone is familiar.

She didn't neglect her work towards her ultimate goal of immortality.
She turned to the use of various unusual materials, such as cinnabar. This ruined her body.
She had destroyed her health because of the very Taoism that was meant to grant her immortality.
Thinking she'd be unable to wait long enough with the state her body was in, Miko decided to become a shikaisen. This was a secret technique in which she would die (or make it appear that she'd died) and be resurrected.

However, afraid to undergo the procedure alone, she reached out to Futo, and convinced her to go to sleep first.
Believing in Miko's power, Futo became her test subject. Once Miko confirmed that, after death, Futo continued to sleep without decaying, Miko went to sleep herself.

Miko had planned to awaken when the nation felt limited by its Buddhist precepts and felt the need for a saint. However, her calculations went awry, and the nation was controlled by Buddhism for over a thousand years.

Because Buddhist monks continued to place seals on Miko's mausoleum, she was unable to resurrect. Miko's plan had been foiled.

Miko judged she had no need to rush and could resurrect herself at any time, and so continued sleeping. Finally, the time of her resurrection came.

The trigger was a rumor that the legends regarding her were all fabricated. Since, in modern times, there were no more people with superhuman powers, it wasn't surprising that tales of her exploits were seen as simple lies.

As a result, her mausoleum ended up in Gensokyo. Since there weren't any temples in Gensokyo at that time, she prepared for her resurrection to proceed whenever she felt it was necessary.

At about that time, though, a new temple was built.
And, whether by plan or by chance, it was built directly over her mausoleum.

That was, of course, Myouren Temple.

Would Miko let herself be held back by a Buddhist monk once more?
Or would she fight that monk?

A fight just like the battles between Mononobe (of the old gods) and Soga (of the Buddhists) had fought over and over so long ago?

Hopeless Masquerade

Toyosatomimi no Miko
The Almighty Taoist who Controls the Cosmos, Toyosatomimi no Miko

Hope is vanishing from the hearts of humans.
Miko, who noticed that this was happening, sought to save the world by becoming their hope herself.
In order to do that, first, she'd have to defeat those bothersome individuals in her own trade,
and then seize the hearts of humans for herself.
Miko sought out Gensokyo's most ancient religion.

Special skill: Divinely-Appointed Stateswoman

Whenever Miko gains popularity, she takes in the audience’s desires.
When she takes in a lot of these desires, each attack is strengthened.
Conversely, when her popularity declines, the collected desires are released;
if too much of those desires are lost, her attacks will become even weaker than normal,
so there’s a need above that of other characters to be the center of attention.

Last Word: Heed the Imperial Commands with Absolute Care

Placing all of her hermit's power and the popularity gathered from the audience in her shaku,
she transforms the shaku into a massive sword of light that completely hacks apart the battlefield.
Although the scope of the attack is confined to around the center of the field,
her sword of light cannot be grazed nor guarded,
so if you're within this interval you can take everything down.

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Toyosatomimi no Miko
Bizarre! The Fiend of the Two-Colored Mantle

Toyosatomimi no Miko

Occult Name "Red cape, Blue cape"

An all-purpose character that flawlessly combines physical attacks and projectiles; such is the temporary identity with which she sneaks through this world.

When her Occult Attack, “Do you want Red, or Blue?” hits the opponent, it presents the options of red or blue, where red raises attack power and blue raises projectile power. Utilizing this enhanced state and overpowering the opponent is the duty of this character.

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Toyosatomimi no Miko
Almighty Taoist who Works for the People

Toyosatomimi no Miko

"I have nothing against you personally,
but allow me to use you as a guinea pig."

A renowned figure and Taoist, who was brought back to life in the modern day.

To seek out the truth of the Perfect Possession incident, she joins hands with her business rival.
Her goal: solving the mystery of the "other Perfect Possession".

Her fighting style changes based on her Occult Special Move, which strengthens either her melee or her projectiles. The choice, however, rests in the opponent's hands; grant them whichever terror they desire.

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