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Miko in Fan Culture

  • Some fans depict Miko as a DJ because of her headphones like accessory.
  • Fans have depicted her alongside Byakuren Hijiri for obvious reasons.
  • Japanese fans call her "Taishi" (太子: The first name of Prince Shoutoku) more often then her official name. This is because of the popularity of Prince Shoutoku in Japan (Alongside with the influence of Gag Manga Biyori: A famous comedy manga that is known to have unique parodied characteristics of Prince Shoutoku ), calling her the first name "Miko" sounding a bit odd because it shares the same pronunciation as shrine maiden and using her last name "Toyosatomimi" is complex to write or speak casually.
  • Sharing the same parodied source as the Prince Shoutoku in Gag Manga Biyori, some fan imports certain characteristics to use on her in fan works. Such as, wearing a stupid looking blue sports suit, smelling like curry, practices in no-underwearism, being treated seriously impolite by her subordinate and uses a special move screaming "ASUKA CULTURE ATTACK! KNOW THE DIGNITY OF TAOISM CULTURE!!". (an example work in niconico douga)
  • Some fan had found out that she resembles an owl because of her strange hair cut.
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