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Q: I want to make derivative work based on the Touhou series's characters and settings.

The copyright of the Touhou series, including its characters, content, quotes, and music belong
to my circle. That said, this series is supported by many doujin creators. (Thank you)

For the usual activities in doujin (uploading material on a homepage, selling them in a convention
or in a shop at your own expense), or doujin material (derivative comics, stories,
games, CGs, goods, cosplay), you do not need to notify me or request my permission. The
copyright of derivative works belong to the creators of said derivatives. If there is trouble
regarding the derivatives of my work, I cannot take responsibility. 

To avoid trouble, please satisfy the following conditions.

1. Using game data other than screenshots is forbidden.
2. If you need data other than screenshots, please make them yourself.
3. Content that includes inflammatory material towards us or other copyright owners is forbidden.
4. If possible, please attribute us. (recommended)
5. If possible, please include our contact information in the colophon. (recommended)
6. Please do not mistake the names of the games or the characters.
7. Do not reproduce or reprint ending material, including the text.
8. For the commercial production of derivative material, or the mass circulation of derivative
   material outside of doujin shops, you must seek my permission. 
   To publish on commercial magazines and books, you must notify me.
   (You do not need to do so for magazines that describe doujin and derivatives.)
9. If you did not satisfy the above conditions but received my permission, please make clear that
you have received my permission.

Otherwise, decisions like for sale or for free, how many to print, the price to sell them at, adult
only or not, original settings or not, is entirely free for you to choose. 
However, if I see material that I decide to not fulfil the above conditions, I have the right to
stop its distribution.

Q. I want to use snapshots on my webpage (for a walkthrough, etc.)
 Of course I don't mind.  You don't even have to notify me beforehand.
 As long as you follow the rules below, I won't mind.

 1. Don't post endings.
 2. Rescaling is okay, but please preserve the images' aspect ratio.
 3. Don't make image content edits that are indistinguishable from the
    original images.
    This includes things like changing the spell card names, recoloring the
    images, or add extra bullets that weren't originally there.
     * However, this is okay if it's done as a joke and it's clearly stated
       that it's a joke.
 4. Things like cropping the images or overlaying them with text are no problem.

 If you have any doubts, just ask me and I'll respond.
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