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This is the TouhouWiki community portal page, where anything related to the development of the project as a whole is located.

Also, this list is really easy to access wherever you are, since it is directly linked in the left navigation menu. This is so that once you notice a small thing that needs to be changed or done, you can quickly reach this list and add that task.


  • Needs a major redo and update in all areas.


  • The templates will be changed to better accommodate Oasis and to better accommodate the css on the wiki so things can be changed just a little easier.
  • Will be adding in a hide table template so some information can be hidden and more information (and tables) can fit on a page better.
  • Redo and rename {{Infobox Touhou}}. Change to {{Infobox/Games}}, which is a much better suited name. Add better categories, make it look more suited for wiki, and add actegories automatically (mebbe :3).
  • Redo all the game nav boxes and the character navboxes, they don't all follow the same style and they're aways open and awkward.
  • Make {{Infobox}} house all its subpage parts for better linkage.
  • Every character page that uses {{Character Info}} needs to be updated to {{Infobox/Character}}, excluding User Profile pages.


  • Redo all the navboxes and update them color wise.
  • Add color profiles for navboxes and infoboxes into Wikia.css for easy color changes.

Character Navb

  • Finish it up and add it to the bototm of each character page. {{Char-navb}}


  • All the games will be given a complete redo, something akin to what the character pages went through.


  • Change Tenshi Hinanai to Tenshi Hinanawi in various places.



  • Fixing up all the categories so they're less spaced out and so one page doesn't always have to have its own category.
  • Some categories can get their own pages so the information posted from then can be seen in a much better light (ex. Characters, with a small excerpt about each character on the page).
    • May be in alphabetical order, we'll see when we get there.


  • Lyric pages need to be shown better (maybe not all of them should have Kanji and Lyrics separately) they are the same song, so they should be shown as such.
  • More information will be added to them.

High scores

  • The High Scores page needs to be redone. The templates it uses are horrendous. Better links need to be added and the world records per game might need to be given their own separate page so it's more organized.


I use this term very loosely

  • Comics
  • Music
  • High Scores
  • Conventions

Fill in

  • Fill in the Character page with all the characters using the {{cl}} template.
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