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Mission Statement[]

This wiki is dedicated to the Touhou game series, most of which are curtain fire shoot'em up games made by ZUN.

A wiki is a collection of articles that anyone can edit. We invite you to share whatever information, obscure rumours, linguistic nitpicking, or artistic talent you can offer. All contributions are welcome! Except for the stuff that isn't. The latter case has rarely come up (spambots aside), so there's a good chance that someone will appreciate your efforts.

This site is devoted to material related to the Touhou game series. Our primary goal is to provide users with a place to share their creations with fellow Touhou fans. This wiki is also contains information on Touhou and related games, but our goal is not to be a complete database. Feel free to edit any article or add information where you see fit. Don't be afraid if you are new at editing, any mistakes you might make can be corrected. Just keep the policies and copyrights in mind while editing, and beware of potential spoilers while reading articles. While we are working on redesigning the front page, you may still use the former main page.

A tale of two wikis[]

The original Touhou Wiki was hosted by Pooshlmer on a different website, but due to hosting issues and growing pains, decided to move their content to the Wikia network. The website grew while on the Wikia network, but due to changes with the skins provided by Wikia, a large majority of the users decided to leave the Wikia network. The feeling was that Wikia should close this page, owing to the fact that some the content was not created on the network, and let the new Wiki continue forward. However, under the Wiki Creative commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, a right was given to Wikia to keep this content, and Wikia decided to keep this Wiki open despite the exodus of most of its editors.

Now, while it can be argued that Wikia should or should not have kept this wiki open, the fact of the matter is they decided to. Some people did not like this, and a few individuals decided to vandalize the Wikia page with shock images, spam, page blanking, and other actions. Although some of the worst vandalism was cleaned up by ex-contributors and Wikia staff, the majority of the website remained in poor condition.

The (not at this time) current administrators decided to restore this wiki and remove the vandalism from the pages. From there, we will be doing our best to keep this page updated as much as possible.

Posting your content[]

Any content you make is welcome to be posted here, as long as it isn't horribly offensive (I think you can guess what NOT to post).

Although there are many places to post on the wiki, the User Created Content is an easy place to file your content creation so that others can see it.

Although all content is welcome, please try to avoid Neko Scarlet quality posting.

Becoming a featured user[]

Have a website, YouTube channel, or art page account you want to promote? Think about becoming a featured user! All you need to do is post a message on my talk page with:

  • Who you are
  • A short description of you and your work
  • Links to your pages