Touhou Soujiki (東方掃除紀, literally "Eastern Sweeping Biography") is a challenging vertical-scrolling shooter, based on the Touhou series, using characters and bullet patterns from it. ("Soujiki" has the same pronunciation as "掃除機" (vacuum cleaner).)

In Gensokyo, Reimu Hakurei goes around sweeping various characters' stages.


Main article: Touhou Soujiki: Gameplay (includes a more detailed description of the game and information on scoring)

Touhou Soujiki features Reimu Hakurei sweeping other characters' stages.

Touhou Soujiki is unique in the fact that you shoot no bullets, and are forced to traverse either part of or the whole screen, and travel over every tile in almost every stage. Bombs are gained not through items, but rather by grazing and sweeping more tiles. Point items are gained only through bombs.


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