東方烈華伝 ~ rift in a friendship game (touhou rekkaden ~ rift in a friendship game) is a top down action game supporting up to four players in overhead battle.


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Two to four players fight against each other with an overhead point of view. Each player has four different basic attacks as well as a run mode, a dodge, and three spell card attacks. (Each spell card attack is strong, but requires a spell card to use. Each player starts with one, with a max of two.) When an opponent is hit by another opponent or when an obstacle is destroyed, items are dropped - coins (which slightly increase attack energy) and sometimes minor health-up items. Extra spell cards are occasionally dropped onto the field as well, usually well into the round. Attacking and dashing use up attack energy, but it can be regained by simply not shooting/dashing or by picking up coins. The last person standing wins, although defeated players can still shoot (with massively reduced power) at anyone still in the game.


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Story mode focuses on Hong Meiling.

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