For cards carried over from SWR:

Skill Card Hisoutensoku Skillcard 1

UNL Yukariskill1.png

UNL Yukariskill1screenshot.png

No. Hisoutensoku Skillcard 1: 知能と脚の境界
Border between Mind and Feet
Cost: 1 orb
Translation: A boundary that expand a straight line to progress, with power that able to severs things into two. Since everything exist based on boundary, there is nothing inseverable by this boundary.
Usage: 623B/C, The thickness of the border increases as the level increases. C takes longer to perform, however it is unblockable.

Skill Card Hisoutensoku Skillcard 2

UNL Yukariskill2.png

UNL Yukariskill2screenshot.png

No. Hisoutensoku Skillcard 2: 変容を見る眼
Eye of Changes
Cost: 1 orb
Translation: An eye from the gap targets the enemy. It becomes a stationary platform that offers supporting fire. It follows a designated path, so it can be regarded as one of Yukari's familiars.
Usage: 214B/C, B spawns a purple gap while C spawns a red gap, higher levels lengthen the gap's life, useless unless Yukari successfully attacks the enemy; once upon receiving an attack from Yukari, the enemy gets attacked by all purple gaps. The red gaps attack, when the enemy is in blockstun. Since a red gap drains 0.5 spirit orbs on every Level, it serves well to crush the enemy's guard. On Level Max, you can easily combine purple and red gaps, so that the enemy is instantly attacked by the purple gap, once her guard is broken. But bewares, if Yukari received an attack from enemy, all eyes that spawned will disappear.

Skill Card Hisoutensoku Skillcard 3

UNL Yukariskill3.png

UNL Yukariskill3screenshot.png

No. Hisoutensoku Skillcard 3: キマイラの翼
Chimera's Wing
Cost: 1 orb
Translation: Places a gap door that can be used to teleport when needed. Very fast speed, usable freely for escape and easy to carry around.
Usage: 421B to places a portal on Yukari, can be used on air. 421C to teleport to the nearest portal, therefore removing the portal, one portal must be placed before performing 421C.

Spell Card Hisoutensoku Spellcard

UNL Yukarispell.png

UNL Yukarispellscreenshot.png

No. Hisoutensoku Spellcard: 魔眼「ラプラスの魔」
Magic Eye "The Magic Eye of Laplace"
Cost: 4 cards
Translation: A large number of eyes appear staring at the enemy. Once the eyes see an exploitable weakness, they attack. It seems this is how Yukari knows what's going on in all of Gensokyo at all times.
Usage: Once the opponent received a successful attack from Yukari, all the eyes fire at the opponent once.

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