Spell Card 01

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No. 01: 霊撃札
Spiritual Strike Talisman
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 瞬時に周囲を結界で囲い、近くの敵を弾き飛ばす防御カード   無敵時間が有り安定性が高い
Translation: Instantly encloses the surrounding space with a magic barrier, a defensive card that repels nearby enemies and sends them flying. Has a long safe invincibility duration providing great security.
Usage: Reimu's card. Knocks back the opponent when used. Does not inflict any damage

Spell Card 02

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No. 02: マジックポーション
Magic Potion
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 魔法の森のキノコから抽出した 魔力回復剤で、服用すると霊力が高速で回復し、最大値も元に戻る
Translation: Drawn out of mushrooms from the Forest of Magic into a magic power restoration drug, after taking a dose, spiritual power regenerates very quickly, also spirit orb limit is restored.
Usage: Marisa's card. Regenerates spirit orbs at an increased rate for a short period of time. Broken orbs are restored.

Spell Card 03

Soku common card002.png No. 03: ストップウォッチ
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 使うと時間が止まる奇妙な時計 効果中は手を出せないため   一種の移動カードとなる
Translation: A strange pocket timepiece that stops time when used. During the middle of use, you cannot act. A movement affecting card.
Usage: Sakuya's card. Two seconds after activation, it stops time for the enemy, allowing your character to move about. Unable to attack/spell card while under this effect.

Spell Card 04

Soku common card003.png No. 04: 白楼剣
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 迷いを断ち切る妖怪の鍛えた刀 使うと現在の動作を中断しつつ ダッシュ移動を行う      使い方は多岐に渡る優秀カード
Translation: A youkai forged sword that cuts away hestition, when used, the current action will be interrupted while a dash movement will begin, an excellent card for covering large amounts of distance quickly.
Usage: Youmu's card. Cancels your character's current action, reducing delay. Uses up all remaining spirit orb energy. Your character dashes when used.

Spell Card 05

Soku common card004.png No. 05: 身代わり人形
Sacrificial Doll
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 所持者が受けるダメージを一部 肩代わりする有難い人形    効果は微々たる物だが永続し  複数使うと防御が累積する
Translation: The damage taken by the possessor will be partially taken by this gratitude evoking doll. The effects are small, but persist. Using more than one will continue to increase defense.
Usage: Alice's card. Absorbs a portion of damage. Duration and amount absorbed increase with each usage. Each card adds 5% to your damage reduction. As an additional bonus, the 4th card will add an additional 10%, for a total of 30% for all 4 cards.

Spell Card 06

Soku common card005.png No. 06: グリモワール
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 魔力の篭った貴重な書物    所持者の霊力を活性化し、使うと永続的に霊力回復速度が増加する複数の使用で効果が累積
Translation: A precious book that fills you up with magic power. The possessor's spiritual powers will activate, when used, rate of spirit orb recovery persistently increases, the more it's used the faster the rate of recovery.
Usage: Patchouli's card. Spirit orbs regenerate faster. The effect increases the more it is used.

Spell Card 07

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No. 07: 特注の日傘
Custom Parasol
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 光をシャットアウトする白い日傘使う者が使えば太陽だけでなく 弾幕も弾き返す盾となる    使うと射撃を防ぐバリアを展開 実はもう一つ効果があるが…?
Translation: Shutting out the light, a white custom parasol whose wielder, upon use, will block out the sun. It also acts as a danmaku repelling shield. When used, a defensive barrier will form to protect against projectile attacks. Actually there is an additional effect but...?
Usage: Remilia's card. Creates a shield that blocks most projectiles until the shield disappears. Also putting this card into Remillia's deck will allow Remilia to be fought even in outdoor daytime stages, otherwise she can't be encountered there. This is the aforementioned additional effect.

Spell Card 08

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Unl system 08.PNG

No. 08: 人魂灯
Soul Torch
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 幽霊を呼び寄せる冥界の道具  使うと幽霊が現れ敵を追尾する 弾速が遅く追尾性も良好で   本体が攻撃を受けても消滅しない
Translation: A tool from the realms of the dead that summons spirits to draw near. When used, spirits will materialize and pursue the enemy. A danmaku good for slow pursuit, even if your original form is attacked, they will not disappear.
Usage: Yuyuko's card. Conjures three spirits above your character's head that pause and then float towards the enemy to inflict damage. 3 hit, 1039 damage, 10% limit per hit. They won't vanish if you get hit.

Spell Card 09

Soku common card008.png No. 09: 左扇
Left-Handed Folding Fan
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: スキマ妖怪の力が篭った奇妙な扇ガードすると強制クラッシュする特殊打撃を出すことが出来る  防御側は食らえばノーダメージでやり過ごすことが出来る
Translation: The card which fills you up with the power of the youkai of boundaries, a mysterious folding fan guard which when used, can then crash through all obligations to deliver a strike. If blocked there is a guard crush, otherwise there is no damage.
Usage: Yukari's card. Performs a melee attack with a short delay. Guarantees a guard crush if blocked. If not blocked, causes no damage and 100% limit.

Spell Card 10

Soku common card009.png

Unl system 10.PNG

No. 10: 伊吹瓢
Ibuki Gourd
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 無限に酒の沸く鬼の瓢箪    使うと符力が漲りカードを二枚 引くことが出来る便利なアイテム
Translation: The treasure of the Oni from which an infinite quantity of sake flows. When used, card power will swell up allowing for 2 cards. A useful item for drawing attention.
Usage: Suika's card. Fills up the equivalent of two spell card's worth in your hand.

Spell Card 11

Soku common card010.png No. 11: 天狗団扇
Tengu Fan
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 風を操る天狗の団扇      手に持つと風で体が身軽になり 永続的に移動速度がアップする 複数使うと効果が累積
Translation: A Tengu fan that can manipulate the wind. With this in hand, the wind will affect your body to make it lighter and more agile. Speed persistly is increased with each use. Multiple uses further increase the effects
Usage: Aya's card. Slightly increases speed. The effect increases the more it is used.

Spell Card 12

Soku common card011.png

UNL SC12screenshot.png

No. 12: 符蝕薬
Spell-Breaking Drug
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 精神にダメージを与える劇薬  使用して出る打撃を当てると  相手の先頭にあるカードを破壊
Translation: A strong poison that inflicts damage upon the soul. When used and it's a hit, the opponent's top card will be destroyed.
Usage: Reisen's card. Performs a melee attack that hits high. If it connects, it deals 500 fixed damage, forces limit, and subtracts the top spell card from the opponent's hand.

Spell Card 13

Soku common card012.png No. 13: 宵越しの銭
A Penny Saved
Cost: 0
Comment: 死神の距離を操る能力を持つ銭 ガード中に使うと距離を開ける 効果はささやかだが、何度でも 使用可能という特徴がある
Translation: Coins that carry the distance manipulating powers of the Shinigami. Using the card will cause space to be freed up. The effect is meager, but the card has the feature that it can be used any number of times
Usage: Komachi's card. Can only be used during blockstun, causes pushback to your opponent. Infinite uses, but drains spirit.

Spell Card 14

Soku common card013.png No. 14: 龍魚の羽衣
Divine Raiment of the Dragon Fish
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 風も稲妻もいなす龍魚の羽衣  ガード中に使うと出始め無敵の 打撃で強制的に割り込める   押されて苦しい時は頼もしい
Translation: A wind and lightning bolt repelling raiment of dragon fish. When using this card, a successful strike will cause an invincible state to come into being that will interrupt attacks. Press down on this when defense becomes difficult
Usage: Iku's card. Guard Reversal card.

Spell Card 15

Soku common card014.png No. 15: 緋想の剣
Sword of Scarlet Perception
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 気質を操る天人の武器     使うと天候を発動させたり   現在の天候を終了させたり出来る
Translation: A celestial maiden's weapon, capable of manipulating the weather. When used, the laws of weather will be invoked, and the current weather will end.
Usage: Tenshi's card. Ends current weather. If it is clear, changes weather to next one indicated in timer.

Spell Card 16

Soku common card015.png No. 16: 病気平癒守
Illness Recovery Charm
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 傷を癒す守矢神社のお守り   使用すると体力が一定量回復する
Translation: A charm from the Moriya Shrine that can heal wounds, when used the body will recover a fixed amount.
Usage: Sanae's card. Causes a light teal glow to surround you, slowly restoring 10% of your health much like the Scarlet Weather Rhapsody equivalent. Getting hit ends the effect. Cannot use aggressive actions while being healed.

Spell Card 17

Soku common card016.png

UNL SC17screenshot.png

No. 17: 冷凍カエル
Frozen Frog
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 強い冷気が込められたカエル  周囲の地面を凍らせ足元を悪くし踏んだ相手を転倒させてしまう その威力は自分が踏んでも転ぶ位強烈である
Translation: A frog into which potent coldness was placed. The nearby ground is frozen, stepping in would be bad and your opponent would slip and fall. If you yourself steps on the power your advantageous position will slip and fall.
Usage: Cirno's card. Creates a patch of ice on the ground. Anyone that touches it (including you) is knocked down, no damage. Can be blocked both high and low. Blocking it high will register as wrongblock although there is no spirit damage for some reason.

Spell Card 18

Soku common card017.png No. 18: 龍星
Dragon Star
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 龍の力が篭った(と言われる) 星型の頭飾り。 使うと気が漲り 短時間攻撃を受けて怯まなくなる
Translation: To become filled with the power of the (so-called) Dragon. A star-shaped hat decoration. When used, one's chi energy will swell up and for a short amount of time, receiving a blow will not cause you to falter.
Usage: Meiling's card. Briefly grants you one hit of time-limited superarmor.

Spell Card 19

Soku common card018.png No. 19: 制御棒
Control Rod
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 核融合の力を操作できる制御棒 使うと永続で攻撃力が上昇するが逆に防御力は低下する諸刃の剣 核の御使用は計画的に
Translation: Control rods which can regulate the energy of nuclear fusion. A persistent effect that increases your attack power but lowers your defense, a double-edged sword. Plan your use of nuclear power carefully.
Usage: Utsuho's card. 4 different levels. Causes everything you do to deal more damage, but also causes you to receive more damage. Each card will cause you to deal 10% more damage, in exchange for receiving 7.5% more damage from attacks.

Spell Card 20

Soku common card019.png

UNL SC20screenshot.png

No. 20: 三粒の天滴
Three Heavenly Drops
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 一日三滴降ると言う不思議な水 一つ使っても二つ使っても何も 起こらないが、三つ目を使うと?
Translation: On the first day of each month, only three drops of this mysterious water will fall, or so they say. On the first and second use, nothing happens, but on the third use?
Usage: Suwako's card. First two uses do nothing, third use grants full invincibility for seven seconds

Spell Card 21

Soku common card020.png

Unl system 21.PNG

No. 21: ナマズの大地震
Catfish's Great Earthquake
Cost: 1 Card
Comment: 巨大ナマズが辺りに地震を起こす地震は無差別攻撃なので災害注意
Translation: The Great Catfish will cause an earthquake to happen in the vicinity, the earthquake is indiscriminate and is a calamity which hits everything so caution is advised.
Usage: Makes a 'whoosh' sound, signifying the arrival of the Great Catfish a few seconds later. Anyone on the ground (including you) when the Great Catfish lands takes 1000 damage and is knocked down. Can be blocked, hits low.

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