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A Chinese youkai serving as the gate guard of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Generally agreeable, so long as you don't try to sneak past her. . Debuting in a patch in IaMP but universally regarded as the weakest character in the game, Meiling returns again in Hisoutensoku with considerable upgrades in all aspects.

Those of you playing her from IaMP may be disappointed to notice that her dropkick (214) and grazing attack (236) have both been turned into 214 moves, so you can no longer use both at once. An awkward chi beam replaces her 236 graze attack.

Advantages: Meiling has a wide variety of fast-hitting melee moves with numerous opportunities for high/low mixups. This is complimented by the fact that most of her air melee can be safely chained together with various bullets on a blocking opponent to produce sometimes unexpected aerial guard crushes. Her 66 series of moves can chain into several powerful spellcards. Her 6C bullet is extremely dense, able to cleanly swipe through Komachi's wisps, and her 5C is formidable as well. Her B shards are good for covering an area so you can move back in to lay down further melee pressure, and if the enemy tries to graze out you can often land and punish them with melee before they can safely block. Her 2A can be used to drain orbs, stagger, push to corners, and gain spellcards. Her alt 623 Scarlet Inch Crush can be used in a nearly-fatal corner loop in Diamond Dust.

Disadvantages: Meiling's greatest failing, as evidenced by her in-game quotes, is her inability to use danmaku appropriately. At best, her 6C is used as a chaser/bullet eater and her 5C can be used briefly to eat bullets or play defensive. Her default B bullets are useless and her 6B bullets fade quickly. Overall, she most certainly does not have the luxury of bullet backup that other characters (Yuyuko, Suika, Remilia...most everyone, really) can rely on. This is exacerbated by the fact that most of her melee is fairly short range. While her 66 moves are good, once the enemy recovers from blockstun they'll almost always be able to attack you before you can attack them. She lacks threatening graze attacks outside of her default 214B/C, which has two tempting trade-up options. She has a notable lack of any air-to-ground bullets aside from j.2B shards, which have little to no useful hitstun or damage on their own. Her j.5A is more horizontal than it is vertical so jumpins can be awkward. Of all her bullets, her 6C is the only one with any decent traveling distance, the rest simply move forward into fixed positions and stay there.

Overall, Meiling is suited to a cautious but aggressive style of play. Her mixups and pressure is where she really shines, but once the enemy regains bullet momentum the game becomes extremely unsafe. Memorizing her melee ranges, blockstrings and pressure options to force the enemy into a corner is key. Once there, Hong can wail on them with her high-damage moves.

Hisoutensoku 1.10 Changes

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  • 6A moves Meiling farther.
  • 66A maintains considerably more momentum when used.
  • 6B/j.2B range increased. (?)
  • Scarlet Cannon (623B/C): C version now has more delay.
  • Fragrant Wave (236B/C): C version now takes longer to charge but has 5 hits.
  • Scarlet Inch Crush (623B/C): Both versions appear to be faster, has some extra special effects just for looks.
  • Rainbow Sign "True Radiant Rainbow Fist": Kickback/recoil removed. Still has recoil when the enemy blocks, just not on hit.
  • Sky Dragon Kick (alt 22C) has an added property at max level which hits the enemy higher into the air, allowing for a follow-up juggle that normally wouldn't be able to be done. Example: (Against Suika) 5AAAA 22C j.2A (one hit) j.5C j.214B (Descending Flower Slam, level 2 or higher).
  • j.6A can no longer be connected when you're close to the ground (for example, after an air-to-air j.5A that leaves you slightly above the ground).

Normal Moves

Move Description Damage Proration Hits Limit Notes
Close 5A Old 5A. Quick jab. Mid 0% Begins Dial-A
(5AA) 5A Old 66A. Elbow jab, has enough hitstun for combos. High 0% Drains one spirit orb on wrong block.
(5AAA) 5A Old 5B. Neutral ender to Dial-A. Bad hitstun, but cancellable into both specials and spellcards. High 0% Drains one spirit orb on wrong block.
(5AAA) 6A Forward ender to Dial-A. A wide open arm attack. Wallslams. Only spellcard cancellable. Note that this will whiff outside the corner if the opponent wrong blocked the third 5A. High 40% Drains two spirit orbs on wrong block.
(5AAA) 2A Down ender to Dial-A. A low sweeping kick. Knocks down. Only spellcard cancellable. Low 40% Drains one spirit orb on wrong block.
Far 5A Old 5B, forward kick, somewhat slow. Reels on counterhit. Can combo into 6A at certain distances and Lotus Flower Palm spellcard, however it's much safer to continue the string with 3A. High 0% Drains one spirit orb on wrong block.
2A Old 2A. Crouching poke. Hits 4 times midscreen before enemy is pushed too far away, 6 times in corner, 8 times on Okuu in the corner. Can strangely hit 7 times in a row if they wrongblock it. Low 0% Drains half a spirit orb on wrong block.
3A Old 22B. Meiling performs a low sweeping kick. Low 40% Drains one spirit orb on wrong block.
3[A] Same as above, but chargeable. Launches into the air briefly on hit. Low 40% Guard crushes on wrong block.
6A Old 22A. Meiling charges forward a bit, slamming into the enemy with her back. Launches across the screen on hit. High 40% Drains one spirit orb on wrong block.
6[A] Same as above, but charged. High 40% Guard crushes on wrong block.
j.5A Old j.B. A flying kick. Combos into j.6A, j.8A and j.2A. This move's hitbox is mostly vertical, making jumpins difficult. High 0% Drains half a spirit orb on air block, drains one spirit orb on wrong block.
j.6A Same as above, except it launches Meiling forward. Cannot be used close to the ground. High 40% Drains half a spirit orb on air block.
j.8A Two-hitter move. First hit causes Meiling to thrust upwards with her leg raised, second one bring the leg down and launches the enemy into the ground. Can cancel into a bullet after the first hit, and that's only if it connects (regardless of block). The second hit has potential as a wakeup trap for when an enemy airtechs from a stray j.5C. High 25% per hit Drains half a spirit orb on air block per hit, drains one spirit orb on wrong block.
j.2A Old j.A. Meiling spazzes about with a teal orb of chi energy in her hands. Two hits. First hits in a lower arc from in front of her chest, all the way down to slightly behind her. Second one goes straight to the top-right. It's much more common for both hits to occur than it was in IaMP, and they have a long enough stun in the air that they can often be followed up on. Can't get a second hit in on the ground. High 25% per hit Drains half a spirit orb on air block per hit, drains one spirit orb on wrong block.
66A A short forward thrust with her elbow, in IaMP. All of Hong's 66 moves chain fairly easily into some spell cards. High 0% Drains one spirit orb on wrong block.
66B Some combination of old 214B and 6A. She rushes forward, stomps on the ground while thrusting a palm forward. The stomp and tremor graphic have no hitbox. High 40% Drains one spirit orb on wrong block.
66C Old 33C? Meiling does a sweeping low kick as seen in her 3A. Has EXCELLENT momentum preservation. Chains into the following cards: Level 1 Youhou, Comet Kick (not in corner on some chars), Lotus Palm, and most spell cards. Low 40% Drains one spirit orb on wrong block.

Bullet Moves

Move Description Max Damage Proration # of Projectiles Limit Notes
5B Old close-C bullet. A quick burst of Chi energy in front of Meiling. Whiffs at point blank. 1 5% Drains half a spirit orb on block.
5[B] Same as 5B, but longer range, slightly higher damage, and launches on hit. 1 5% Drains one spirit orb on block.
6B Old A bullets. Shoots out 7 glowing rainbow shards in a wide arc in front of Meiling. Lingers briefly before vanishing. Whiffs at point blank. 679 7 4% per hit Drains roughly 7/8 of a spirit orb on full block.
2B Old 2C. Meiling kneels and makes a quick burst of green chi energy erupt from the ground. BIG vertical hitbox, launches on hit. Whiffs at point blank. 1 40% Drains half a spirit orb on block.
j.5B Same as 5B. Has some recoil, pushing Meiling a little back. 1 5% Drains half a spirit orb on block.
j.5[B] Same as 5[B]. 1 5% Drains one spirit orb on block.
j.6B Same as 6B, but angled a little downwards. 679 7 4% per hit Drains roughly 7/8 of a spirit orb on full block
j.2B Same as j.6B, but angled further downwards. 679 7 4% per hit Drains roughly 7/8 of a spirit orb on full block
5C Old B-bullets. 'Rainbow swirlies/wheels'. Meiling kicks and launches a swirly rainbow light about a quarter-screen distance that lingers for a little over a second. 616 1 (3 hits) 5% per hit Drains roughly 3/4 of a spirit orb on full block.
5[C] Charged version of swirly. Bigger, more...swirly and considerably more dense than the regular version. 616 1 (3 hits) 5% per hit Drains roughly 3/4 of a spirit orb on full block.
2C Same as 5C, but launches both Meiling and the swirly about one character height into the air. Whiffs at point blank. 616 1 (3 hits) 5% per hit Drains roughly 3/4 of a spirit orb on full block.
6C Old 2A. Meiling launches a quick chi orb. Has nice homing properties. Fairly dense but whiffs at point blank ranges. 738 1 (3 hits) 10% per hit Drains a little over one spirit orb on full block.
6[C] Same as above, only the orb travels much faster. Travels through a blocking opponent too fast to drain as much spirit as the uncharged version except at certain angles towards air blockers. 738 1 (3 hits) 10% per hit Drains a little over one spirit orb on full block.
j.5C Same as 5C. 616 1 (3 hits) 5% per hit Drains roughly 3/4 of a spirit orb on full block.
j.5[C] Same as 5[C]. 616 1 (3 hits) 5% per hit Drains roughly 3/4 of a spirit orb on full block.
j.6C Same as 6C. 738 1 (3 hits) 10% per hit Drains a little over one spirit orb on full block.
j.6[C] Same as 6[C] 738 1 (3 hits) 10% per hit Drains a little over one spirit orb on full block.

Special Moves


Fragrant Wave - 236B/C

Flavor Text: A semicircle of chi circles and released as a forward beam. Limited range, but instantaneous. High penitration.

Meiling charges a moment and launches a big, albeit short-ranged beam-like chi blast in front of her. Decent range (although a chunk of the tip of the graphic has no hitbox), but slow startup. Drains 1.25 orbs on block. Because the blast lasts a little over a second, this is a surprisingly good move for Oki. The piercing attribute of it makes it a useful close-range counter to some projectile attacks (such as Komachi's 214 Wisps), as well.

  • B Version: Three hits.
  • C Version: Longer range and five hits, but the startup is longer.
  • Level Up: Increased damage and range. At max level, the range of the B and C versions are identical.

Red Cannon - 623B/C

Flavor Text: A chi bomb that directly attacks the upper diagonal. Connecting with the fist also causes damage, so it's a great anti-air and melee move.

Old 623. Meiling makes a manly pose and thrusts her fist towards the heavens, causing an explosion at the end. Quick move, vulnerable recovery. Gains a bullet at level 1 that goes as far as the second shockwave and an incredibly stylish finish. Hits high, drains 2 orbs on wrongblock. Level 1+ bullet drains 1 orb on block. Because it strikes almost instantaneously, it's incredibly difficult for airborne opponents to avoid this move. If landed on a counter hit, it causes opponents to fly laughably high into the air.

  • B Version: Meiling remains in place for the thrust.
  • C Version: Meiling zips roughly one and a half character lengths forward before doing her thrust. Slower by only a few frames.
  • Level Up: Increased damage. At level 1, a projectile is launched from Meiling's fist, traveling diagonally upwards at a great speed. The bullet's range only extend to the edge of the red shockwave, however.

Spiral-Light Steps - 214B/C

Flavor Text: Gathers chi in her arms and punches and stomps the enemy. At higher levels, the stomps also do damage.

Old 236B/C. Meiling pauses briefly, makes a flashy rainbow orb around her fist and then lunges forward. Graze attack. Vulnerable startup. Hits high, drains 1 orb on wrongblock. 40% limit. This move is excellent for closing distance, but if used too often can be predictable. It is, perhaps, best used as a melee-based counter to projectile-heavy characters, such as Yuyuko. Air-unblockable.

  • B version: Standard move.
  • C version: Goes farther than B version and has higher damage, but the startup is longer.
  • Level Up: Increased damage. At level 3, Hong's startup stomp forward gains a hitbox. Hits low.

Yellow Quake Kick - 22B/C

Flavor Text: Directs chi towards the earth, and spreads throughout the ground and attacks. The release and cycling of chi through the earth is of fundamental importance.

Old 214B/C. A stomp on the ground. Boom. Hits the ground in front and behind Meiling, can be charged. Both versions launch enemy into the air, charged version does it long enough for followup attacks. Drains 1 orb on block, 2 on wrongblock, hits low. No difference in orb damage if charged. Because it comes out quite quickly, it's an excellent move to add to dial-a-combos and can double as an Oki move if timed correctly.

  • B version: Regular speed.
  • C version: Slightly slower startup but no difference otherwise.
  • Level Up: Increased damage. Level MAX adds small shockwaves on both sides of the stomp, effectively extending the hitbox for a few frames.
  • Why are Meiling's moves so manly..?

Alternate Skill Cards


Water Taichi Fist - 236B/C

Flavor Text: Creates a barrier of chi out of a whirlpool-shaped chi flow, which absorbs all projectile attacks. Her way of caring for the environment.
Meiling makes circular gestures with her hands as if she was using an orb super, but instead a big rainbow circle appears in the air in front of her. The circle can absorb bullets. Soon it shoots out a rainbow orb towards the enemy. 30% limit total, 3 hits. Button can be held to maintain the shield. The more bullets you absorb, the farther the orb travels. 1069 damage at level 1 with 1368 at level 4. Drains 1 orb on block.

  • B and C versions do not differ.
  • Level Up: Increased damage. Orb travels farther before fading.

Colorful Rain - 236B/C (air)

Flavor Text: Gathers chi from the surroundings and disperses it around. It should have dispersed uniformly if one's mind is calm, but because she's always thinking about dinner and such, the paths are random.

Meiling spins about in a quick circle and becomes surrounded briefly by a rainbow whirlwind as rainbow shards are shot up into the air. They travel into the air and then arc down towards the ground on both sides of Meiling. C version makes the shards go farther. Damage is fairly random. Usable in the air, which fires shards directly downwards and preserves momentum while Meiling is spinning. Each shard drains 1/5 an orb on block. Has possibilities, but the recovery and speed at which the shards vanish make using this move difficult.

  • B Version: Sends the shards out at default range.
  • C Version: Widens the spread considerably.
  • Level Up: Increased damage. More shards are fired as level increases.

Scarlet Inch Crush - 623B/C

Flavor Text: Gathers chi into her arms and releases a huge attack from her entire body. The first time she tried it, she destroyed the wall of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, so this is an extremely intimidating attack.

Meiling does Bruce Lee's One Inch Punch, explosive Hong-style. She braces herself in an awkward manly way while a suction-sounding noise plays in the background. And then a small red explosion happens directly in front of her. Has an extremely small and close hitbox, but it remains active for a few frames and has considerable damage. Has applications as a frame trap. Air-unblockable.

  • B Version: A small explosion in front of Meiling. Hits mid, decent chip damage, grounded. If hit is successful, Meiling is pushed back slightly.
  • C Version: Much longer startup than the B version, but cannot be blocked. At a certain level (???) this move can be looped continually in Diamond Dust weather.
  • Level Up: Increased damage, decreased startup time for both versions.

Tiger Chi Release - 623B/C

Flavor Text: Activates all chi within Meiling and makes her attacks stronger. The first hit she lands in this condition is extremely strong and is a counterhit. Becomes more powerful at high levels.

Like her super, Meiling becomes a Super Saiyan. For a few seconds, the next attack she makes has counterhit properties and does more damage. Only works on your first hit, however. Increased levels increases the duration of the move. At level 1 it lasts for 6 flashes, and each level up gives it an addition flash (or 2), for a maximum of 10 flashes.

  • B and C versions do not differ.

Radiant Rainbow Fist - 214B/C

Flavor Text: First unleashes a high-speed punch and then fires a few balls of chi at the enemy to stop her. Finally, she unleashes one last powerful punch. A move created to suppress and then pummel the enemy.

Meiling does a series of rapid punches in a wide fan arc in front of her, accompanied by rainbow shard projectiles. This usually hits roughly 10 times, and then finishes it off with an elbow to the chest. Around 1.5k damage on level 1 alone, this is the strongest of Meiling's 214 skills, but it lacks the flexibility of its counterparts. The initial hits are projectiles that hit for around 1/2 an orb total at point blank, the ending thrust hits high with 1 orb drain on wrongblock.

  • B Version: Default move.
  • C Version: Startup is longer and the projectiles and punch hit farther away from Meiling.
  • Level Up: Increased damage.

Descending Flower Slam - 214B/C (air, lvl2)

Flavor Text: Attacks overhead with this sweeping arc kick. A mid-level attack, hard to be bested even in mid-air.

Old 421B/C. Meiling leaps into the air, bringing down her leg in a rainbow axekick. Hits high, drains 1 orb on wrongblock. Considerable wallbounce on counterhit, allowing Meiling to chain two of these together for easily over 2,000 damage.

  • B Version: Meiling leaps forwards before kicking.
  • C Version: Meiling leaps vertically before slamming down from on high. Very little horizontal range, but the ascent of the kick has graze frames.
  • Level Up: Increased damage. At level 2, the move can be used in the air with identical properties.

Earth Dragon Wave - 22B/C

Flavor Text: Stomps the ground and deals damage to the enemy with a wave. In Gensokyo, where battles are aerial, this move sees very little use.

Meiling stomps the ground, sending a small tremor along the ground to the opponent. Charging this causes a tremor to fire behind you as well. It's worth noting that this extra wave spawns in the same spot as the forward one, meaning that both will connect at point blank. Each tremor drains 1 spirit orb on block. This is Meiling's primary chaser for midscreen pressure strings.

  • B Version: Default tremor speed.
  • C Version: Projectile moves much faster.
  • Level Up: Increased damage. At level 3, the tremor projectile grows in size. At this level it starts to hit Suwako on her lily.

Sky Dragon Kick - 22B/C

Flavor Text: Using the counter-reaction from stomping the ground, she kicks strongly into the air. With a dragon like silhouette, this move is one of her favorites.

Meiling leaps forward into the air in a comet kick. Hits high, 1 orb drained on wrongblock. Meiling can attack afterwards if she hits with the C version, but cannot do anything until she lands if she misses. Leveling increases damage and allows you to attack after a connected 22B.An all around amazing move due to the fact that you can combo easily both into it and after it. It can even combo into itself on counterhit or with a Tiger Strength! Depending on the spacing, you can chain j.5a j.6a/j.8a 5C alt 214B/C (Flower Slam lv 2 or higher) after a sucessful hit for a ton of damage. See the "Sky Dragon Kick" section below for more details.

  • B Version: Meiling travels the normal distance and then falls to the ground.
  • C Version: Meiling travels farther in the air, her momentum carries her forward as she recovers. Can be briefly followed up with aerial moves.
  • Level Up: Increased damage.



Colorful Sign "Colorful Windchime"

Flavor Text: Using all of her chi, she creates a whirlpool and attacks. A very handy and easy invincible attack and a staple in defense.

2 cards. Old level 1 whirlwind card. This time, though, it moves Meiling forward instead of up into the air. Reversal. 11 hits, 1.7k - 2.3k damage.


Rainbow Sign "True Radiant Rainbow Fist"

Flavor Text: A wild, chi-infused attack forwards. The hitbox is fan-shaped and covers the front. If the distance is right, she can move on the ground and still remain in range.

2 cards. Meiling performs a series of quick punches accompanied by rainbows. Unfortunately, hitting the enemy both pushes him/her away from you and you away from him/her, so at best you'll get 5 hits and 1000 or so damage out of this card. Rather weather-specific, you can deal up to a decent 2.5k damage if used in and only in Typhoon. You can move forward or backwards slightly by holding in that direction.


Chi Sign "Star Bullets"

Flavor Text: Releases chi bullets forwards. A fairly standard ranged attack, and the bullets are easy to use because they're large.

3 cards. Old level 1 orb card. 5 hits, roughly 1600 damage, 20% limit. Drains 1.25 total orbs on block.


Attack Sign "Roc's Fist"

Flavor Text: An all-out attack upwards. Only invincible from the waist up, but has a large hitbox. The enemy falls down quickly, so it's difficult time, but it is possible to hit the enemy on their way down.

3 cards. Old Level 1 Youhou card. Fondly known as 'Manly Space Punch'. 50% limit, 1.6k damage ish. Launches the enemy so far into the air it seems like they got stuck in the ceiling, but they did not. You -can- follow this up in the corner with a j.A hit of some sort if you're able to time when they come down after a few seconds, but they usually fall really quickly. 2C is easier to hit, but lets the opponent recover faster. Hits high, drains two orbs on wrongblock. Grounded and cannot be airblocked. Great synergy with Utsuho's Scorching Sun weather, as they'll be at the top of the screen for around four seconds taking massive degeneration.


Chi Sign "Earth Dragon Sky Dragon Kick"

Flavor Text: A flying, seven-colored, chi-filled kick. The kick suspends the enemy in mid-air, and Meiling can continue to hit her. Because of this, the move is slow on startup if you use it close to the enemy.

3 cards. Meiling stomps the ground, sending the enemy into the air, and then she rushes forward and unleashes a devastating kick similar to alt 22B/C that carries both her and the enemy across the screen. 19 hits, 3107 damage, 2k800-ish damage if you didn't hit the first ground stomp. 100% limit. Stomp hits low, drains 1 orb on wrongblock. The flying kick hits high and CANNOT be wrongblocked nor airblocked.


Ultimate Color "Mad Colorful Dance"

Flavor Text: Whips up a storm using powerful chi from all over her body. Because the chi is strong, she can fly into the sky. Great range, very reliable.

4 cards. Old level 2 whirlwind card. Meiling swiftly launches herself vertically into the air surrounded by swirly rainbow winds of death. 34 hits, 3700 damage. Avoid using it in typhoon since Meiling gets pushed away as they're hit.


Colorful Brilliance "Rainbow Taichi"

Flavor Text: A special ranged attack that creates waves of chi that undulate like waves. They are really slow, but spread and limit the enemy's movement.

4 Cards. Meiling stomps on the ground, causing a circular wall of rainbows to appear all around her. It slowly moves out and damages the enemy if they touch it. Takes awhile to fade, but even using it in a combo you'll generally only get roughly 3 hits out of it. Drains 1/3 of a spirit on every blocked hit.


Chi Sign "Fierce Tiger Energy Release"

Flavor Text: Explosively raises the level of chi in the body. During this time, all first hits on all combos are treated as counterhits and gain an extremely large attack bonus.

4 cards. SUPER SAIYANNNNNNN! Upon activation, Meiling starts flashing gold and all of her melee attacks gain counterhit properties. The extra damage from counterhit is also substantially boosted, making maxed out melee specials do nearly 5k damage on a raw hit! Lasts about 8 seconds. Worth noting that the pushback from the counterhit invalidates Dial-A combos without dashing momentum. As of 1.10, the effect continues even if Meiling is hit.


Star Chi "Earth-Moving Star Bullets"

Flavor Text: Takes a while to create a huge, seven-colored bullet of chi. Even while being created, the bullet has a hitbox. On top of that, it forms very quickly.

5 cards. Old level 2 orb card. 10 hits, 3400 damage, 40% limit. Roughly 5 seconds delay where Meiling conjures the orb in front of her before she launches it across the screen. Any enemy inside the orb while it's being conjured will take damage, similar to IaMP's orb. Drains two spirit orbs on block if not held in place.


Firey Attack "Roc-Killing Fist"

Flavor Text: A three-tiered powerful attack. She can power through enemy attacks and still use this move; extremely powerful and able to be linked into, this is one move that can turn the tables completely in a match.

5 cards. Old Level 2 Youhou. Meiling thrusts forward with her palm for the first hit, spins around and slams into them with her back for the second, launching them into the air, and then she does a 623 punch that sends them flying. 50% limit, 5330 damage, cannot be airblocked. Hits high, guard crushes if blocked low but Meiling doesn't continue the combo. Believe it or not, the startup has super armor frames. Also has great synergy with Scorching Sun weather. If you land this raw in the corner due to superarmor or a mixup on your opponent, they'll be falling with 50% limit. You can seal the deal with 2C and then following up in the air with j.6A, etc.


Brilliance "Rainbow Brilliance Palm"

Flavor Text: Moves a large amount of chi directly into the enemy, then sparks the chi within them with a huge attack. Super effective against demons and undead... not.

5 cards. Meiling dashes forward, and if she hits, she pauses on the other side of them with her palm facing away. The enemy remains stunned as rainbow chi energy builds up, unleashing itself in a massive explosion. Two hits, 4500 damage, air-unblockable, guaranteed limit.



5AAA 2B hj9...
j.5A j.6A j.5B/6B/5C/6C (If near corner)
j.5A j.6A j.6C (Good midscreen airtech chaser)
j.6A j.5B/6B/5C/6C (minimal difference, use if 5A won't connect)
j.5A j.8AA (If you want a guaranteed grounding/knockdown)
Spirit Orb Usage: 2 or 3
Notes: Works anywhere, hj9 may not connect on some characters.
5AAA 2B 2C alt214C (Descending Flower Slam lv2+) - 2324~2345 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Nice and easy midscreen BnB. 95% limit.
5AAAA 214C (Spiral Light Step) - 2504 at level 3, 2590 damage at max level
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Requires Spiral Light Step at at least level 3
5AAAA 623C (Scarlet Cannon) - 2158 Damage at level 1, decent midscreen combo
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
5AAA 2B 2C 9D j.5A j.8A - 2499 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2.5
Notes: Limits.
5AAA 2B alt 22B/C (Heavenly Dragon Kick) 2144 at alt skill max
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Works anywhere, simple knockdown for nearly 2000 damage.
j.2A (one hit) 3A 623B
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Works with both a crossup and a non crossup j.2A, 105% limit.
j.2A j.5C j.66 j.8A j.5C
Spirit Orb Usage: 2, 1813 Damage.
Notes:Immediatley j.8A our of j.66 for it to land, it is possible to j.5A j.6A but they will most likely be too high.
f.5A 5C...
j.5A j.2A j.5C alt 214B/C (Descending Flower Slam) 2568 at alt skill max
j.5A j.6A
j.5A j.6A j.5B/6B/5C/6C (If near corner)
j.5A j.5A j.8AA (near corner if you want a guaranteed grounding/knockdown)
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: The level 2+ Flying Flower kick may miss quite often.
6A 6C j.5A j.6A
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Must wallslam to hit. 1900 damage, 110% limit.
j.5C 66 j.5A j.6A j.5C
Spirit Orb Usage: 2 1760 damage, 70% limit. Last hit only hits near wall.
3A 2B j.5A j.6A
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Hits anywhere. 1890 damage, limits
2AAAA 214B/C - 2196 damage at max level
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: You can cancel a 2A into her default 214 anywhere beginning at level three. The number of 2As u can do depends on your opponent, how far away you are when using the 2As, and whether or not your opponent is in the corner.

Near Corner

6A 6C j.2AA
Spirit Orb Usage:1
Notes: Fast and quite easy. j.2AA may whiff sometimes. 1786 damage, limits.
alt 214B/C(Descending Flower Kick) 6A 623B/C
Spirit Orb Usage:2
Notes: Difficult, but notable for even further extending alt 214 counterhit combo. Requires rather specific spacing and very fast input of 623. Roughly 2900 damage, limits.


5AAA 5B 5C 623B/C
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
5AAA 2B 5[C] j.A j.8A - 2499 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: 100% limit
5AAA 2B 5[C] j.A j.6A 5B - 2556 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Limits.
5AAA 2B 5C j.A j.8A j.5C - 2539 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: 95% limit, opponent can tech--punish with j.8D j.8A j.5C
5AAA 2B j.2A j.5C j.66 j.A j.8A - 2478 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: 100% limit, alternative in case one of them is character dependent
5AAA 2B hj9 j.5A j.8A (1 hit) 214B (Descending Flower Kick) - 2400
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: 100% limit, nice and easy if it's hard for you to do the rest.
5AAA 5B 5C j.A j.2A 623B/C - 2862 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: 110% limit. Both hits from j.2A, timing is strict. 623B/C may be character specific.
5AAA 5B 5C j.5A j.2A alt 214B/C(Descending Flower Kick) - 2995 at max level
Spirit Orb Usage: 4
Notes: 100% limit. One hit from j.2A. The kick at the end may miss as well.
5AAA 6B 6C alt22B(Earth Dragon Wave) hjc9 j.5A j.2A - 2636 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Limits.
5AAA 2B hjc9 j.5A j.2A 7 j.5A j.8A - 2517~2523 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Limits. 7 is a normal jump, not high jump.
5AAA 6B 6C 214C - 2397 damage point blank, 2635 at max range
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
5AAA 6B 6C 236C - 2000 to 2530 damage depending 6B connection
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
3A 2B hj.9 j.5A j. 6A - 2000 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Use when 3A lands.
j.2A 5C j.5A j.6A j.5C - 1955 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Use when j.2A lands only one hit.
5AAA 6B 6C alt 22C (Heavenly Dragon Kick) - 2619 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
CH alt 214B/C alt 214B/C - 3305 damage at max level
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Counter hit combo. B version will not combo into C version.
CH alt 214C j.5A j.2A j.5C alt 214B/C (Descending Flower Kick) - 3577 damage at max level
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Counter hit combo. 120% Limit. One hit from j.2A. The kick at the end may miss.
CH f.5A...
5AAA 2B j.5A j.6A j.B - 2814 damage
5AAA 2B j.5A j.2A - 2754 damage
5AAA 2B 2C alt 214B/C (Descending Flower Kick) - 2934 damage at max level
5AAA 2B j.5A j.2A (one hit) j.5C alt 214B/C (Descending Flower Kick) - 3229 damage at max level
6A 5C j.5A j.6A 5C - 2442 damage
6A 5C j.5A j.6A 5B - 2518 damage
6A 5C j.5A j.2A (one hit) j.5C alt 214B/C (Descending Flower Kick) - 2813 damage at max level
Notes: Counter hit combo. If you hit with the tip of the f.5A in the corner, you will have more of a window to start a combo with 5A as you opponent bounces back towards you. The last four on the list limits. Also, because of this ability to continue a combo from f.5A, you can dial-A into spellcards as well. The kick may miss at the end of the combos containing it.


66A/B/C Flower Sign "Rainbow-Colored Lotus Flower Palm" 3955(A)/3364(B)/3260(C) damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Notes: For 66X connections anywhere/
66A/B/C Qi Sign "Earth & Heaven Dragon Steps" 2867(A)/2866(B)/2807(C) damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 0
Notes: For 66X connections anywhere.
5AAAA 623B Strike Sign "Roc's Fist" (pause) 2C - 2880 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Follow up with the youhou ASAP or else the enemy will fly out of range. Delay 2C (easier to land if you step back a bit so it doesn't land outside the screen) to hit limit.
5AAA 6B 6C Blazing Strike "Great Roc's Assault Fist" 236B/C - 4440 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Corner, Limits. You can also chain this into pretty much every other super with ease, just be sure you launch the Comet Kick super as soon as possible or else its tremor won't connect.
5AAA 22B Colorful Flower "Rainbow-Colored Tai Ji Quan" - 2800+ damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Two possible followups. Let it take them as close to 60% limit as possible and then 22B/C (Heavenly Dragon Kick). Or, as soon as you recover, do j9 j.5A j9 j.5A j.236B/c for 3300 damage.
22B/C Blazing Strike "Great Peng's Swooping Fist" 236B/C
Damage: 4540
Notes: Works anywhere. Difficult spacing midscreen.
5AAAA 22B Blazing Strike "Great Roc's Assault Fist" 623C - 4127 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Works anywhere. The stomp must be canceled quickly or the spell card will miss. If midscreen move forward to go for 623 ender. Timing on the 623C is difficult. 130% Limit.
Blazing Strike "Great Roc's Assault Fist" 5C 214C - 5677 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2
Notes: Works anywhere. Depending if you are in the corner or midscreen, you will have to either back up or move forward before using the 5C. 105% Limit.
5AAAA Strike Sign "Roc's Fist" 236C - 3353 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: 1.10 combo. 100% Limit.
Blazing Strike "Great Roc's Assault Fist" 236C - 5813 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: 1.10 combo. 100% Limit.

Sky Dragon Kick

Meiling alt 22B/C "Sky Dragon Kick" has interesting properties that allows Meiling to deal some extremely high damage combos (some in the 3000 range!), especially when used in conjunction with her alt 214B/C "Descending Flower Slam". The following is a list of combos involving Meiling's Heavenly Dragon Kick.
Each combo requires Meiling to have her 22B/C set as "Sky Dragon Kick", her 214B/C set as "Descending Flower Slam" at level 2 or higher, and optionally her 623B/C set as Tiger Strength.
Min damages calculated with "Sky Dragon Kick" at level 1 and "Descending Flower Slam" at level 2. Max damages calculated with both skill cards at level 4.
In all cases 623B/C can be omitted if 22B/C lands a counterhit.

Update: As of 1.10, Sky Dragon Kick has a longer recovery unless it is at max level, invalidating most follow-ups after a 22C at lower levels. In those cases, min damage is calculated with Sky Dragon Kick at max level, and Descending Flower Slam at level 2.


5AAAA 22C 2236 damage min. 2469 max.
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: 40% Limit. This combo do not work on most characters if they are crouching when hit with 5A (Only works on Yukari, Alice, Suwako, Aya, and Iku), or standing Suwako, since 22B/C will fly right over thier heads.
An interesting thing to note is 22B/C will miss Utsuho after 5AAAA, but not if if simply use it in front of her. Meanwhile the opposite is true for Aya, it whiffs if you use it in her face, but hits after 5AAAA.
3A 22C 1495 damage min. 1699 max.
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: 80% Limit.
6A 22C 1544 damage min. 1747 max.
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: Does not work if the opponent is far from the wall behind them. 80% Limit.
66A 22C 1468 damage min. 1746 max.
Spirit Orb Usage: 1
Notes: 40% Limit.

Near Corner

623B/C 22C j.5a j.6a 5C 214B/C 3699 damage min, 3766 max
Spirit Orb Usage: 3 (4 with Tiger Strength)
Notes: Combo after a counterhit 22C near the corner. 135% Limit Knockdown. Requires Sky Dragon Kick at max level.
5AAA 6B 6C 22C 2495 damage min. 2743 max.
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: 98% Limit. Works best if your opponent is a couple steps out of the corner; damage is lowered slightly if they're backed all the way into the corner.


22C j.5a j.6a 5C 214B/C 3166 damage min, 3234 max
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Combo after a connected 22C midscreen. Does not work if Meiling is standing close to her opponent at 22C's activation of if your opponent is too far way from the wall. 135% Limit Knockdown. Requires Sky Dragon Kick at max level.
5AAAA 22C j.5a j.6a 5C 214B/C 3584 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Combo after a 5AAAA midscreen. Only works on opponents with larger hitboxes and if you and your opponent are closer to the wall your back is facing. Deals really nice damage. 135% Limit Knockdown. Requires Sky Dragon Kick at max level.
623B/C 22B 22C j.5a j.6a 3613 damage
Spirit Orb Usage: 2 (3 with Tiger's Strength)
Notes: Combo after a counterhit 22B (not C) midscreen. 120% Limit. Requires Sky Dragon Kick at max level.
22C j.5B j.5C D9 j.5A j.8A 2600 damage min, 2946 max
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: One of the few follow-ups available to you after a 22C below max level. The timing on the j.5A j.8A is very tricky. You can replace the j.8A with a j.6A for a substantially easier execution and small sacrifice to damage. Limits.
22C j.5B j.6C 214B ~2558 damage min, 2986 max
Spirit Orb Usage: 4
Notes: Another possible follow up to a below-max 22C connection. Very costly on spirit, however. Damage seems to vary by about 30 depending on spacing. Limits.
5AAA 6B 22C j.2A (one hit) land 22C 2814 min, 3233 max
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: Youmu-specific combo. Works with 22C at any level, good in case you get unlucky draws. 22C needs to be done very quickly after 6B. Limits.
5AAAA 22C j.2A (one hit) j.5C j.214B 3337 max
Spirit Orb Usage: 3
Notes: 5AAAA 22C follow-up for characters that don't have larger hitboxes. Requires Sky Dragon Kick at max level. Limits.
5AAA 5B 22C j.2A (one hit) j.5C j.214B 2964 min 3258 max
Spirit Orb Usage: 4
Notes: Works against almost every character, but requires dashing momentum against Suika. Use only when Sky Dragon Kick isn't maxed out; it's a more inefficient combo. Limits.


623B/C 22C 22C j.5a j.6a 3966 damage.
Spirit Orb Usage: 2 (3 with Tiger's Strength)
Notes: Combo after a counterhit 22C while cornered. Mostly used if you land a lucky 22C counterhit while being pressured in the corner. 120% Limit. Requires Sky Dragon Kick at max level.
623B/C 22C 22C j.5a j.5b j.5c 4043 damage.
Spirit Orb Usage: 4 (5 with Tiger's Strength)
Notes: Variation of the above combo. VERY HIGH damage, but the high spirit consumption to pull it off will most likely render if impractical during actual matches. Requires Sky Dragon Kick at max level.

More to come later


Tranquil as a forest
But on fire within
Once you find your center
You are sure to win
You're a spineless, pale pathetic lot
And you haven't got a clue
Somehow I'll make a China of you

Hong Meirin
You must be swift as the coursing river
Hong Meirin
With all the force of a great typhoon
Hong Meirin
With all the strength of a raging fire
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon.

Weather Related

  • Scorching Sun

Hong's default 623, Red Cannon, has the very manly attribute of sending the enemy very far into the air. This goes as well for her two Youhou Supers. Focus on using these moves when you can to take advantage of Scorching Sun's degeneration at higher altitudes. Scorching Sun also increases power in the air, so make use of her easy launch (2B) and a follow up combo in the air. Alternatively, use Heavenly Dragon Kick combinations which are pretty much aerial.

  • Sunshower

Sunshower works as a great way for Hong to (re)gain momentum during the match due to her wide variety of high/low mixups. Make sure you've practiced followups to unexpected guard crushes, or else you won't get much damage benefit out of this weather. One of the best skills to have maxed out during this weather is her default 214B/C: at level 3, it gains an additional hit - her startup stomp - which hits low, making this skill almost unblockable (high-speed low-hitting move followed by a quite fast high-hitting move). This can work to your advantage with supers, too. If the enemy fails to lowblock the stomp of your Comet Kick super, they'll be guardcrushed and forced to eat a flying kick to the face.

  • Mountain Vapor

Yeah, it sounds really odd, but Mountain Vapor is a fairly nice weather for Hong. Most of her skill cards and supers are comboable off of either Dial-A, 5AAA, 66A or 66C. Unless you have a lot of system cards in your deck, it's generally safe to take the risk and cast whatever your hidden card is, since few other characters have the luxury of such flexible cards.

  • Diamond Dust

Another good weather for Meiling. Since they can't tech, your powerful mixups can keep them in the corner for the entire duration. Instead of focusing on raw damage that the enemy may be able to escape at the end of (since you won't always hit limit), focus instead on moves that force some sort of knockdown like 3A, since the enemy takes a fair amount of damage from just standing up in this weather. If you're cornered, yourself? Rip out level 2 Youhou. Unexpected superarmor!

Scarlet Inch Crush Loop

The notable characteristic of Meiling's alt 623 Scarlet Inch Crush is that its C version is unblockable. If you combine this with Diamond Dust weather and a corner situation, Meiling has the enemy completely helpless due to lack of ground or air teching.

This loop becomes easier to perform as the move's skill level rises, allowing it to come out sooner. At level MAX, timing the moves activation around the moment the enemy hits the ground usually results in them being hit when they wake up. Be sure you're standing as close to them as possible. The crush has a few active frames, so sometimes you'll be surprised to find that the enemy stands up invulnerable only to be blasted a split second later.


In this section, the term 'chain' is meant to refer to a move that can't necessarily be mechanically canceled into from a previous move, but it has enough speed/frame advantage/etc. that you're able to activate it without the enemy being able to escape.


Ground Moves

5A- Only important to note that this launches your dial-A combo, it has extremely short range but is rivaled in speed only by Cirno's.

5AAA- Your opening sequence for when you're in the opponent's face. 3rd A hits high, it's not recommended you finish the string unless you can somehow guarantee a special/super cancel that guard crushes.

2A- Your main pressure/poke for when you dash into the enemy. Hits low for a solid half orb. D6 -> 2A is a skill you'll have to master. It's important to note that you'll get four hits out of this skill at most when midscreen, assuming they don't wrongblock. Always be ready to follow up the string. In the corner, the number of hits extends to roughly six or so. Cancels into 6A or 3A, can be chained into f.5A.

f.5A- Hits high for a full orb. Once you've started to use this move in the corner, your blockstrings have gotten awkward because Meiling lacks truly airtight options at this point. Meiling begins using f.5A once she is 4 or more 2A distances away from the enemy. Naturally, wrongblocks will cause this to occur faster than normal. Meiling's hitframe moves forward slightly when executing this move- however, in the event of a rightblock or successful hit, Meiling is nudged back to the same position she began the kick from, essentially gaining no ground on the distance where she can utilize her crucial short-range moves (2A).

Cancels into 6A, 3A and certain bullets. You can USUALLY safely cancel this into 5C, but if Meiling strikes the opponent at the tip of her kick's hitbox, the 5C will not be able to connect.

6A- Hits high for a full orb. A followup to several moves and one of the few that move Meiling forward in her pressure strings. While maintained distance is highly valuable, the spacing/range of 6A makes the move a gamble. It's very easy to whiff this move when landing it off of a f.5A, when you need it the most. Generally speaking, if you can't rely on connecting 6A, it's time to pull out a finisher and back off to recover.

3A- Hits low for a full orb. A followup to 2A and f.5A. While this doesn't get you any closer to the enemy as 6A does, this is a much safer move to chain into. If you play other characters where f.5A -> 6A is a common reflex (Reimu, Yukari, Remilia, Yuyuko, to name a few) you'll need to condition yourself to break the habit with Meiling, as it is far too unsafe.

3[A]- Guard crushes if blocked high. This move charges and launches at a ridiculously fast time compared to other moves, but a quick opponent will be able to hit you out of it. A bit of a gamble, but definitely notable in that it's more reliable than the charged normals of other characters.

Air Moves

While you won't always end up with aerial blockstrings, these moves are best used in the corner.

j.5A- Your standard jumpin. Meiling's HJC angle, even if you do hj.9, do not provide for a free jumpin opportunity due to the shallowness of this move's hitbox. Mostly used as an aerial followup to a 2B launch or a falling (steep) jumpin.

j.6A- Notably, this move launches Meiling forward, and it can sometimes be hard to aim. Whiffing it will penalize you with a fairly decent recovery time, and it's going to be painful if you whiff it under a Komachi player in midair.

j.2A- Not useful for largely aerial skirmishes, but it can substitute as a jumpin or a move to use in the air at nearly-ground levels.

j.8A- Your key move in the corner. Aiming it can be difficult as the first hit of the move may nudge Meiling out of orientation and prevent the second one from hitting. Usually best to follow this up with a 5C and work from there. Notably, the second hit of this move can be a tech trap in the event that they tech too quickly from the first hit.


5B/2B- Your main B bullets, due to the recovery and lack of hitstun on 6B. Be wary of the push caused by these.

5C- Eats 3/4 an orb. One of your main moves, usually chained from a mid-to-close f.5A. Also useful in corner aerial strings. Good to use on approach, especially the charged version, as they eat most enemy bullets completely.

6C- Drains 1 orb. Can't be used as seamlessly as 5C, but if used midair it has the potential to be a chaser.


Meiling's skills are all suited to her pressure game, some better than others.

Fragrant Wave (236BC)- The chi beam is delayed, has decent health and spirit damage. Can be used to catch unsure enemies, but otherwise it's risky.

Crimson Cannon (623BC)- Provides rare forward momentum with the C version and drains a massive 2 orbs on wrongblock. Very fast execution, as well. The only problem is that you're easily punished on whiff, and if you do manage to complete a crush with this, you can't follow it up unless you're in Blue Sky weather or have a super on hand.

Yellow Tremor Step (22BC)- A fair 1 orb on wrongblock (high), but it completely cuts off your pressure string unless you have a super.

Spiral Light Step (214BC)- One orb if blocked low. Best used as a frame trap for when a 5C or 6C doesn't connect seamlessly and the enemy tries to graze forward.

Descending Flower Slam (alt 214BC)- Functionally the same purpose as the above as far as pressure strings are concerned. However, it groundbounces instead of wallbounces on counterhit, allowing you to chain two of these in a row for hefty damage.

Scarlet Inch Crush (alt 623BC)- Used more as a frame trap. There's a section on this later.

Earth Dragon Step (alt 22BC)- A key move in Hong's pressure scheme, used mainly as a chaser to 5C or a dial-A ender. Drains a solid orb on block. Highly recommended you take this over the default.


Midscreen Pressure

Hong's usual midscreen routine is started either from a jumpin or a dashing 5A or 2A.

3A 5B/2B 5C/6C
6A 5B/2B 5C/6C

The spacing here can allow you to take a gamble and try and trap the enemy- if a 5C or 6C won't connect seamlessly, you can followup with a 214 (Default or Flower Slam) or 623 (Default) to catch grazing opponents. They can also be used to attempt to go straight for a crush- the 214's will generally be fairly safe regardless of the block they use, and unlike 623, if you manage to crush them you'll be able to recover in time for a quick followup.

Note: It's important to practice these routines in order to learn how to gauge Meiling's distance appropriately. You can't afford to whiff a B projectile, because the recovery time before canceling into 5C will break the string. With this said, it's important to learn what qualifies as Meiling's 'short' section (usually 2A range) where B bullets can hit and drain spirit, and where the 'far' section is (5.fA, usually 4 2A distances off) so you can instead focus on 5C 22C (more on that later).

Corner Pressure

Here, Meiling shines. Using f.5A and 5C effectively are key.


...3A 5B/2B 5C/6C
...6A 5B/2B 5C/6C

As you can see, the same basic principle applies, but since their back is to the wall, we can also follow up with...

...3A 5B/2B 5C/6C 22C - Normal, safe string.
...6A 5B/2B 5C/6C 22C - If you want to risk a 6A to get closer to them or simply wish to hit high.
...5C/6C (as distance appropriate) (hj.8 D3 j.5A?) 22C hj.8 D3 j.5A - If distance is appropriate and you want to attempt a reset where necessary.

If you clip them with f.5A, here are safer options if you don't want to risk a 3A knocking them down too quickly, are out of 2B range, or can potentially whiff 6A.
...5C/6C 236BC (earlier the better, to capitalize on hits, since 5C throws them slightly upwards)
...5C/6C 623C (Scarlet Inch Cannon)
...5C/6C 22C
...5C/6C 214 (B if Flower Slam, C if Light Step)
...5C/6C (Any non-lvl 2 Youhou super)

You'll notice a certain trend here in her strings:

xxxx 5C/6C 22C

This is present because at a certain point it becomes impossible for Hong to safely maintain her melee 'lock' on the opponent due to expanding distance. Likewise, she'll eventually run out of spirit, and pure-melee strings can be very tricky considering how even with bullets she can't pull off anything airtight. When these situations occur, it's time for Meiling to back off- this is done with a 5C 22C string. This will not always hit, especially in the case of a far f.5A, so be sure to plan ahead. You need to use the C version, and cancel into it as quickly as possible, else the tremor won't reach them in time and they'll be able to graze out. If both of these connect seamlessly, you've left them down 1.75 spirit orbs- almost a whole two.

It's important to note that this retreat string is nowhere near as effective on Suwako, who can hide on her lily to avoid the tremor unless you've gotten it to level 3 or higher.

Depending on how much pressure you applied to them before pulling this retreat sequence, you may very well guard crush them on your way out. With quick enough reflexes, you can reverse your retreat and land a combo before they recover. By the time they're up off the ground, your spirit is back almost fully and you're ready to lay on the pressure again.

Now, if you're midair, it usually goes like this:

...j.8A j.5B/j.6B j.5C D8/D9 (x2) - Nearly guaranteed to crush them. If you only use 1 hit of the j.8A and they're full on spirit, they'll fall just short of 1/4 an orb for the crush.

A simple string, but what you must look out for is j.8A's second hit. The initial hit arcs upwards and can easily push a blocking enemy out of the way of the followup downward kick. Both kicks are essential to spirit damage, but it's up to your own discretion when to fully execute the move. To avoid the second kick, you can cancel into a j.5B (you can intersperse these anywhere as spirit permits, just be aware of your distance) or j.5C and continue from there.

Now, if you crush them on the first hit of j.8A and allow the second one to hit, they will be knocked down to the ground. Generally speaking, you can recover and simply fly down towards D1 or D2. However, if the range is appropriate, you can hit them with j.2B on the way down to stop their teching, allowing you to D2/D3 and continue pressure.

If you crush them on the first hit of j.8A and do not allow the second one to hit, you have two options:

j.8A (1 hit, crush)...
j.5C D8 j.5A j.8A j.5C - 2214 damage
j.5C 214BC - 1988 damage (Flower Slam, level 2+)

Both of these require a different amount of spirit, but the first combo is much harder to pull off. Generally speaking, if your j.8A crush hits with the very tip of the hitbox (that is, the enemy is practically above you) then you're able to execute the first combo. Otherwise, the second is much safer.


D6/66 2A
This is a very common technique for almost all midscreen approaches aimed at applying pressure and guard crushing. Simply put, it involves dashing into the enemy, releasing D6/6 and continuing immediately into 2A. Your momentum will continue for a brief moment when you transition into 2A. This allows Meiling to get 5 or even 6 2As on an enemy midscreen. This is because while the hitframes for both characters will collide, the actual 'collision box' for the characters is in the middle of all that, allowing two characters to temporarily stand 'in' eachother in this way.

Consider that, from a neutral state, Meiling can only achieve four 5A hits on the enemy at midscreen or 7 in the corner, the number increasing once for larger characters such as Utsuho. If at the start of her dash, Meiling can extend this to 6 and 9 or even 10, respectively. Your opponent will have to guess when to begin blocking high, and you'll be able to mash against them for free meter.

In a neutral state, Meiling's fourth 2A pushes her into the range that turns her 5A into a f.5A. You can instead stop after the third 2A and instead of linking into 3A or 6A, you can instead stagger into 5AAA. You may catch the enemy unawares by this move, and the 3rd hit of the chain hits high for blockstrings. Overall, a blockstring off of 5AAA may be more preferable to a softer one off 2A.

Note that if using the previous technique to dash into the enemy, you may be able to go as far as the fourth or fifth 2A to safely stagger into 5A.

2A Scarlet Inch Crush Trap
At level MAX, the B version of Scarlet Inch Crush can be chained into from up to three 2As in a neutral state. While not particularly threatening on its own, the enemy has few options. Attempting to highjump is futile as it is a grounded attack. Trying to hit you out of it will result in them taking massive damage from a counterhit. Blocking it will force both of you away from eachother (essentially nullifying the match momentum) and cause them to take sizable chip damage. If you want to take a risk, you can try fooling them into waiting for the C version, which can't be blocked at all.

This is best done in the corner but can work midscreen if you keep your enemy lowblocking from the 2As. Any movement backwards will invalidate the chain, and when lowblocking the enemy is in a crouching (non-moving) state.

Earth & Sky Dragon Kick Trickery
This spellcard is one of Meiling's cheaper ones (in terms of cost) with a fair damage return. It's also notably the only card outside of the orbs (which do mediocre damage) to cause actual spirit damage under certain circumstances. Namely, the stomp forward must be blocked low or else the enemy is drained of 1 spirit orb. After that, the Sky Dragon Kick can only be blocked high, and wrongblock is impossible. This means that the enemy has to be very hasty in switching up their blocking if they want to save their spirit.

This comes in use in certain situations:

  • If the enemy is in f.5A range, and a f.5A -> 5C chain sets them below 1 spirit, using this spell card can cause them to be crushed on the stomp and eat the entire kick of the super. This is because after the f.5A, they will usually continue blocking high and may not react in time from the super flash.
  • If in Sunshower, this card can easily mess up an already-panicking (if you're pressuring well) enemy with an instant crush.
  • The kick cannot be blocked midair.
  • The stomp has a fair enough range that it can be a viable reward to most successful guard crushes.