Touhou Fortress is a work-in-progress mod for the hit FPS, Team Fortress 2, involving Touhou characters.

The creators of this project are currently looking for voice actresses to aid with sound packs for their mod (English speaking women only)

Currently available skins:

SCOUT ~ Aya Shameimaru

SOLDIER ~ Reimu Hakurei / Yuka Kazami / Utsuho Reiuji

PYRO ~ Fujiwara no Mokou

DEMOMAN ~ Suika Ibuki

HEAVY ~ Yuyuko Saigyouji

ENGINEER ~ Nitori Kawashiro

MEDIC ~ Eirin Yagokoro

SNIPER ~ Patchouli Knowledge

SPY ~ Sakuya Izayoi / Nue Houjuu / Koishi Komeiji

A custom map is also in the works, being based upon the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

There is also a special Steam Community Group made specifically for Touhou Fortress where players can join in and either be a member there or contribute to the actual mod.

This group is also the place where you can check for the latest update and get to know the latest updates that may come.

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