This section explains the differences in the mod from the normal version.


  • New set of civilizations and leaders
  • Leaders have three traits - two common and one unique
  • Two new traits - Commercial and Sorcerous
  • Religions are replaced with alcohols (Mead, Jiu, Wine, Whisky, Beer, Sake, Gin)
  • New techs, units, promotions, resources
  • Some tech names have been changed (See Techs); Incense -> Persimmon, Wine -> Grapes
  • Increased upgrade limit (?)
  • Removed increased costs for team research (?)
  • Added increased costs for team Great People (?)
  • Touhou characters are special units
  • New Speed - Tengu (Quicker than Quick)
  • New Difficulty - Boss (Harder than Deity)
  • Protective, Alcoholic (Spiritual), Organized, and Serfdom are slightly boosted
  • Two civilizations have global magic (one-time abilities)
  • The Internet is replaced by Palace of the Earth Spirits (free tech known by 4 civs) and Hakurei Shrine (free tech known by 2 civs)
  • Cannot initially demand resource tribute from vassal states
  • Civ-specific Wonders will be destroyed upon occupation, except for the three Resource wonders

Touhou Units

  • Each civ has characters that can emerge as Touhou Units.
  • Touhou Units spawn as World Units, and upgrade as National Units. This means that no Touhou Unit can be built if it already exists. (i.e. If Remilia Scarlet exists, you can't build one, and no other player can build it either)
  • They can upgrade up to six times with the required techs; each upgrade increasing strength and CA level.
  • Unlike other units, they don't skip levels (i.e. You can't upgrade from Lv 1 to Lv 3)
  • They start off as Boss (Standby) Units, which are invisible air units that are able to rebase but can't attack.
  • If defeated or destroyed, they will revive in the capital as a Standby Unit. Most promotions are removed, and your level reset. That unit will lose 30% of its XP and not be able to move for 2 turns (AI units wait 3 turns). It will cost 1.2x more to upgrade that unit, up to a maximum of 2.5x.
  • If the unit had a Skill promotion, it will remain and the level will start off at 2.
  • As the units recover in the capital city, when one is revived in a combat-ready state, the capital becomes perpetually unbeatable. Thus units are revived unable to participate in battle immediately after revival.
  • By conducting an upgrade, one can treat it just like a normal military unit, though this has no use immediately following production or resurrection.
  • Some units don't have defense bonuses, while others are able to inflict collateral damage.
  • Touhou characters are classified as Boss Units. They follow a slightly different promotion tree that offers different bonuses and new promotions.
  • Each character has her own Skill promotion
  • Each character can cast her own Spells
  • The Ice Fairy Alliance and Human Village civs have One-Time Special Abilities. Any Touhou Unit can use it.
  • Upgrade costs vary from unit to unit. See Units for more details.
  • You can only build one at the start of the game. This limit is increased by 1 with Patternizing and All-Seeing Judgement

Auto-XP for Touhou Units

  • Each Touhou Unit can gain 1 XP per turn. The chance of doing so depends on a number of factors:
Factor Bonus
Initial 20% XP Chance/Turn
Patternizing; All-Seeing Judgment +5% Each
Replay Museum +7%
CA Level 16-19 x1.5
CA Level 20+ x2.0
Player (Matchless Mode) x2.0
Game Speed Multiplier
Marathon x0.5
Epic x0.75
Normal x1.0
Quick x1.25
Tengu x1.5
Era Multiplier
Ancient x1.0
Classical x1.1
Medieval x1.25
Renaissance x1.5
Industrial x2.0
Modern x3.0
Future x5.0

It is possible to obtain more then 100% XP Chance/Turn. If this happens, the Unit gets +1 XP and the leftover is used to determine another XP point.

Touhou Units built after researching Patternizing or All-Seeing Judgment receive an XP bonus.

Game Speed Patternizing All-Seeing Judgment
Marathon 40 60
Epic 30 45
Normal 25 35
Quick 25 35
Tengu 25 35

Three-Way Route Mechanic

Thepic 3wayroutechart

Spell and Power System

  • Touhou Units are able to cast Spell Cards. These spell cards have powerful effects ranging from damaging enemy units to increasing tile yield.
  • Casting a Spell Card will consume 1.00 Power. Power regenerates over time, and can also be increased by winning battles and the Spell Card promotion.
  • The strength of spells depends on the user's Card Attack Level (CAL).
  • Aside from Spell Cards, Touhou Units can cast Extra/Phantasm spells. These spells are weaker, but offer other unique effects and consume less Power. They require the Extra/Phantasm Mode promotions and Patternizing/All-Seeing Judgment.
  • Only one spell can be activated each turn, spell card or not.
  • Standby Units cannot cast spells.
  • See Units for SC effects
  • Some spells are very powerful and thus have a turn delay. The delay is modified as follows:
Game Speed Multiplier
Marathon x2.0
Epic x1.5
Normal x1.0
Quick x0.8
Tengu x0.67

Card Attack Level (CAL)

  • CAL determines the strength of Spell Cards and some spells.
  • Units start with their CAL at 0
  • It can be increased by the following:
Level Upgrade 1 2 3 4 5 6
CAL Increase +1 +1 +1 +1 +2 +3
Promotion CAL Increase
Easy Mode +1
Normal Mode +2
Hard Mode +3
Lunatic Mode +4
Extra/Phantasm Mode +1 Each
CA Level Up +15%
  • CA Level Up can be used more than once
  • Using Spell Cards increase CAL by 1

Danmaku Resistance

  • Units with Danmaku Resistance suffer less from spells cast by Touhou Units.
  • It reduces harmful effects by a percentage. Beneficial effects aren't affected by this.
  • The effects are inhibited as such:
  • Any damage will be reduced by a percentage (50% Danmaku Resistance -> 50% less damage)
  • Any promotion will have its chance of being afflicted reduced (50% Danmaku resistance -> 50% less chance of acquiring that promotion)
  • Damage as a direct result of promotions are not reduced (ex. Sakuya's "The World")
  • Note: Some spells ignore Danmaku Resistance
  • Promotions are able to grant Danmaku Resistance
Promotion Danmaku Resistance
Stream +15%
Patternize +20%
All-Seeing Judgment +25%
Th Combat I-VI +1-6%
Magic Barrier (Patchy's) +15%

Shooting (Long-range Combat)

  • Touhou units are able to launch indirect attacks from a distance with Longrange I.
  • Their range is limited by terrain (hills, forests, peaks) and fog of war.
  • Attacking through this method counts as an attack and consumes 1 movement point (much like bombarding would).
  • With Rapidfire, you can launch more than one indirect attack per turn.
  • These shots can be evaded. The Shot Evasion determines a unit's likelihood of dodging.
  • Promotions are able to grant Shot Evasion
Promotion Shot Evasion
Stream +15%
Patternize +20%
All-Seeing Judgment +25%
E/N/H/L Mode +2-8%
EX/PHA Mode +5% Each

Protection Borders

  • There are two promotions that can revive a Touhou Unit if destroyed. Both ensure that the unit does not lose XP or promotions
Supernatural Border
All Touhou Units start off with one. This border revives the unit at 1% health and consumes the promotion. It regenerates automatically. Each turn, 10+CAL is added to the needed total to regenerate the border.
Game Speed Amount Needed
Marathon 150
Epic 125
Normal 100
Quick 75
Tengu 50
Border of Life
This border triggers if the Unit doesn't have a Supernatural Border. It revives the unit at 50% health and consumes 1.00 Power.

Stack Bonuses

  • Some promotions benefit all of the units in the stack:
Promotion Bonus
Th Combat I +1% Danmaku Resistance
Th Combat II +2% Danmaku Res; +1% Strength
Th Combat III +3% Danmaku Res; +2% Strength
Th Combat IV +4% Danmaku Res; +3% Strength
Th Combat V +5% Danmaku Res; +4% Strength
Th Combat VI +6% Danmaku Res; +5% Strength
Stack Bonus +10% Strength
Easy Mode +2% Shot Evasion
Normal Mode +4% Shot Evasion
Hard Mode +6% Shot Evasion
Lunatic Mode +8% Shot Evasion
Extra Mode +5% Shot Evasion
Phantasm Mode +5% Shot Evasion

Touhou Unit AI

  • AIs will choose one of three routes for their Touhou unit randomly upon spawning.
  • AI handling of Combat and Shooting route will be similar to human.
  • AIs are restricted to using Patchy's EX spells (Damage nearby units or heal units in same tile) for the Spell Route

Enhanced AI Mode

  • Choosing this option gives AI certain bonuses (mostly Touhou units). The bonuses are affected by difficulty.
Difficulty Noble or less Prince Monarch Emperor Hourai Diety Boss
XP Penalty (relative to full amount) 80% 70% 60% 50% 30% 10% 0%
Turn Delay for Defeated Touhou Units 3 3 2 2 2 1 1
XP Bonus for Touhou Units 120% 130% 150% 170% 200% 300% 400%
Auto-XP 120% 130% 140% 150% 170% 200% 300%
Touhou Upgrade Cost 80% 65% 50% 35% 20% 10% 1G
Bonus Promotions (Touhou Units) None None None Border of Life Border of Life Sprntrl Bdr & Life Sprntrl Bdr & Life
Bonus Promotions (General Units) None Stream Stream Strm, Patternize Strm, Patternize Strm, Pttrn, ASJ Strm, Pttrn, ASJ, Foc I
Extra Touhou Units 0 0 0 0 0 1 1

Matchless Mode

  • This options significantly enhances Touhou Units at the expense of the production of non-Naval Units.
Free Promotion (Player)

+1 XP Chance/Turn
+2 Movement Range
-50% XP Penalty for Revival
Auto-Heals Extra 10%/Turn
+1 Visibility Range
-50% Supernatural Border Regen Time
+15% CAL

Free Tech Free Level 1 Tech at Start of Game; 20G for Human Village
Bonus Treasury 30G
Increased Touhou Limit +1 Touhou Unit for Patternize, All-Seeing Judgment
Increased Touhou XP Bonus +100% XP from producing Touhou Unit

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