It's not working.

Check the following:
It's running in BtS v3.17.
If you have a Windows Vista or 7, Run as administrator by right-clicking the icon.
Check your language. The patch only works in English, so reinstall your game if it's in another language.
Please try installing by Method 1.

If an error still appears, please write it down and let me know on my Talk page or somewhere.
Insofar as is possible, I will try to help you fix the problem.

How do I downgrade to 3.17?

Uninstall BtS, then reinstall it to its original state and apply the 3.17 patch.
If you can't get 3.17, then please wait warmly until 3.19 is ready (a few months maybe?).
(I think Steam users are unable to downgrade)

How to I install this Mod?

Method 1

Step 1: Extract the file and put the "jojisi" folder in the following directory:
\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\

Step 2: Start up Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword

Step 3: Select ADVANCED -> MOD -> "jojisi"

Step 4: If you see the title screen layout has changed, then you have crossed the Hakurei boundary.

Method 2

To begin Touhou Epic directly, without going through the main menu every time

Step 1: After extracting, put the "jojisi" folder in the following directory:
\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\

Step 2: Create a shortcut for the program, then right-click the icon and go to Properties
Change the parameter in the Target box so that it looks like ...\Civ4BeyondSword.exe" mod=\jojisi

Step 3: Run the shortcut

Step 4: If you see a modified startup screen then you will soon be "Spirited Away"

Uninstall problems or Anti-Virus problems or startup problems; commands not responsive.

Windows Vista is also causing problems. Check if you are running as administrator or have full privileges. If this is not a Vista issue, then there should be no such problems.
Again, if it's not BTS version 3.17, then errors may occur.

This doesn't use "Big P" or "Big P8" style? What's the big idea? It's hard to read the text.

This is the way this game is programmed. Try to delete everything in "jojisi\Assets\art\Interface\Symbols"

Leader personalities are weird. Some are too overbearing. Or buggy.

The leaders are pretty much direct copies of existing leader profiles, with a few changes. Especially Keine, she's pretty aggressive but doesn't it feel like Full Moon time? If after all considerations, there's still a big mistake, please report it so that it can be corrected. The more detailed and specific your bug reports or balance errors are, the more quickly the situation can be understood and corrected. In the "bug reports" section of the blog are some known bugs and known solutions to those bugs.

The leader's dialogue/speech is messed up in one part.

If there is a dialogue/speech error of any kind, the default is for Marisa's dialogue to take its place.

How does one use items like Hourai Elixir?

If a unit stack has an item available for use, and if item use is enabled, then an icon saying "Pick up Hourai Elixir" should appear. Just click that icon. You can also arrange items individually for different units within a stack.

A Boss Unit with a Protection Barrier is loaded into a ship, but it disappears or doesn't revive if the ship sinks.

Currently, this is a way to deal with this bug. Give the unit with the barrier a guard escort of other units, then try the process on all of them, on the other side, they should be there. Because this is a fairly large problem, please wait patiently until a proper solution is ready.

Touhou units are disappearing or multiplying.

This is similar to the "Ready-for-Death Barrier" ship bug mentioned above, when building your first settlement, don't put more than 3 units inside it. There have been reports that units left for 2 or more turns in one spot outside a settlement can disappear. Also the units might multiply, for example you might have 2 Marisas, etc. Currently the root cause is unknown, but please save a lot and try to revert to an earlier save. Also buggy saves can be submitted to the bulletin board for review, the more quickly such examples are made available for study, the more quickly a solution can be found.

The settlements of defeated/vassalized/assimilated civs sometimes disappear

This is very likely a conflict with the Civ4 code itself, because the vassalage system is not implemented here. The best solution for now is to just leave it as it is. Maybe it's just your memory playing tricks on you sometimes though.

The difficulty is too high.

Touhou units stats and game difficulties are already settled. Try promoting units carefully and keeping an eye on the condition of individual units, select which units to attack or defend carefully. When attacking, pay attention to the suggested combat route the game suggests to make sure it's what you want, also consider specializing your units, for example Remilia, Sakuya, and Flandre from the Scarlet Devil Mansion, certain promotions (e.g. March) will allow units to be healed even while engaged in combat. Or consider the Youkai Mountain team with Nitori, Kero-chan (Suwako), and Sanae; specialize them like this: Consider not upgrading to her Skill and instead upgrading her Hammer-yield (Spell Cards or Extra Mode). For Kero-chan, try upgrading her tile yield boosting abilities, and instead of Sanae's Skill, consider her resource tile boosting skill (Extra Mode). Skills from Nitori and Kero-chan can also be used together, for example on the tiles of the capital to really boost production and showcase their special abilities. (Commonly called "Mountain Economics")

This is too easy.

This is the fate of Mods, as the difficulty is down a little from BtS. Try playing it on Deity. If that's not enough, try enabling the "Strong AI" option. The bonuses given to the AI Touhou Units will become extreme. Besides the "Strong AI" option there's not much else.

I want to control even more Touhou characters.

For those people we recommend the custom option Matchless Mode. Touhou units will now receive such ridiculously huge bonuses that you could lose in under 5 turns. All rival factions could use up all of their Spell attacks on you at once. The difficulty scale is thus "Hourai < Matchless Mode = Deity << Boss".

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