Functions for character scripts.

Character Control Functions

Functions to control user-defined characters.


Set the x-coordinate of the player's character.

1 Parameter
    1) x-coordinate


Set the y-coordinate of the player's character.

1 Parameter
    1) y-coordinate


Set the speed of the character.

2 Parameters
    1) speed on normal move
    2) speed on slow move


Set the collision detection. When the circle is attacked, one life is lost.

3 Parameters
    1) x-coordinate (commonly GetPlayerX)
    2) y-coordinate (commonly GetPlayerY)
    3) radius (commonly about 1)


Set the frames to accept the counter-bomb. The frames is automatically shortened 3 frames per counter-bombing. The frames is returned to the value indicated here after miss.

1 Parameter
    1) frames


Set number of the initial bombs. After miss, the number of bombs is returned to the number.

1 Parameter
    1) initial bombs

Shot Control Functions

Functions to control the character's shot. The complex bullets are created by using object bullets.


Load the bullet definition script for character's shot.

1 Parameter
    1) path of the  bullet definition script (string)


Fire a bullet.

7 Parameters
    1) x-coordinate
    2) y-coordinate
    3) velocity
    4) angle
    5) power (damage per frame)
    6) penetration (attackable times by vanishment)
    7) graphic (user-defined only)

The Other Functions


Set the image of the player's lives.

5 Parameters
    1) path of the graphic
    2) left
    3) top
    4) right
    5) bottom


Show cut-in for using the spell card.

3 Parameters
    1) type of cut-in
    2) spell card name
    3) path of the cut-in image


Use the spell card.

2 Parameters
    1) spell card name (string)
    2) user-defined argument


Set the y-coordinate of the lower bound to collect the items automatically.

1 Parameter
    1) y-coordinate (default is 160)


Get whether on counter-bombing or not.

Return value
    true : on counter-bombing
    false: not on counter-bombing

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