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Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red

Main article: Article and Interview: Fairies

Aya goes to investigate the fairies responsible for a reverse rainbow. She discovers it is caused by Sunny Milk gathering sunlight to heal herself after she and Luna Child were struck by lightning during the previous day's storm. Although Sunny seems to have recovered, Luna is still badly injured.

Aya returns for a follow-up interview, where she finds Luna to have fully recovered. She learns the reason the fairies had flown in the storm was to continue their mischief. Star Sapphire shifts the blame for Luna's injuries to Sunny, and Aya gets increasingly ignored as the three fairies get ready to play a prank on the shrine maiden.

Perfect Memento in Strict Sense

PMiSS sunny

Sunny Milk

PMiSS luna

Luna Child

PMiSS star

Star Sapphire

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Sunny Milk

  • Runs away at the first sign of trouble.
  • Her favorite prank is to cause humans to lose their way.
  • Rain will give away Sunny's illusion.
  • She has a weakness for delicious food.

Luna Child

  • Her ability to mute sound is not very strong by itself, so she must work in concert with Sunny Milk.
  • Of the three, Luna Child is the least intelligent and the most independent.
  • Her most common mischief is stealing. She has a penchant for stealing coffee beans, which is unusual for a fairy.
  • Due to her lack of common sense, she will always use her ability during pranks, despite the fact that it gives her away.

Star Sapphire

  • Due to the nature of her ability, approaching her is very difficult.
  • That said, her ability has two weaknesses. She cannot detect unmoving things and she cannot distinguish between objects of similar size.
  • She makes it a point to avoid conflict to herself, so she will usually not act on her own.
  • May possess the most common sense of the trio.
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