Hell Realm Sword "200 Yojana in 1 Slash"

使用者 魂魄妖夢

User: Youmu Konpaku

備考 冥界で確認、演劇タイプ

Notes: Confirmed in the Netherworld, Theatrical Type

参考度 素手では難しい

Reference Level: Too hard while unarmed


Unique danmaku in which other danmaku is sliced.


Looking back on my observations in that place, each danmaku was altered, with a feeling a little like a live performance, or like she hadn't had enough practice, or like she was waiting to see my move in a game of rock-paper-scissors, and for some reason, it was like a play. Let's call it a theatrical type.

ちなみに、大玉は妖夢の霊部分から出ているようだ。結構な弾幕を出しているが、実はそっちの方が本体なんじゃないのか? [1]

By the way, the large orbs come from Youmu's ghost half. It can shoot danmaku well enough, so maybe that is the real body?


Human Realm Sword "Delusion of Enlightenment"

使用者 魂魄妖夢

User: Youmu Konpaku

備考 冥界で確認

Notes: Confirmed in the Netherworld

参考度 ★★★

Reference Level: ★★★


The concept behind this attack is enlightened humans ascending to Heaven's open door, only to fall.


I see, the danmaku chases you from behind, so you're forced to the front.


Quite a stubborn spell card.


Heaven's Sword "Five Signs of the Dying Deva"

使用者 魂魄妖夢

User: Youmu Konpaku

備考 触れると死が忍び寄る、バグタイプ

Notes: Touch it and death creeps up, Bug Type

参考度 参考にしない

Reference Level: Unusable as a reference


Like the signs a celestial sees when it time for it to die.


The five signs are loss of self-awareness, the flower crown withering, sweating from the armpits, dirtying the robe, and the body losing its light. To put it in an easy to understand and less incredibly boring way, your hair gets messy, you sweat, your clothes get dirty, and you stink. Something like that.


Sounds like the signs of a middle-aged man. Though people want to avoid those at all costs, those signs are a matter-of-fact for humans.


On the contrary, if you can avoid these phenomena, then you probably won't die. Always have fun, keep your head on straight, always be in a cool place and don't exercise, change your clothes often, and flowers. Mm-hmm, that should make a human look like they're not about to die.


By the way, the danmaku is an utterly simple straight ball and straight line attack. It's easy to let your guard down, but it's unexpectedly difficult. I don't think it really fits the motif of the name though...


Six Realms Sword "Ageless Obsession"

使用者 魂魄妖夢

User: Youmu Konpaku

備考 何となく、咲夜と似ている気がする

Note: For some reason, this looks like Sakuya's danmaku.

参考度 真似は出来ないが学べる事もある

Reference Level: Can't be mimicked, but there are things to learn from it


A spell card where the user cuts around herself at super-high speeds. Generally, once Youmu readies herself, tensions run high for everyone and time seems to run slower than usual, so if the attack lasts for even a moment too long, she can't stay concentrated. Because of that, it's a very busy spell.


I can say from personal experience that a cut at that speed isn't as scary as one might think. Thinking about it calmly, if she misses, it leaves a fatal gap in her defense. It's hard for spells like this that slice at their surroundings indiscriminately to avoid gaps.


Celestial Star Sword "As the Silent Nirvana"

使用者 魂魄妖夢

User: Youmu Konpaku

備考 滅多に見ることがない、無音

Note: Rarely Observed, Silent

参考度 ★★

Reference Level: ★★


Youmu readies her sword and tensions run high. It doesn't feel as though time is passing slowly, but the truth is that as she concentrates, she doesn't hear any sound, and even color itself is lost.

でも、これって避けるのに影響している? 音が無くなると避けづらくなるのか。色が無くなると識別しにくくなるのか。今度試してみようかな。モノクロサイレントスパーク。

But, even if you dodge, isn't there an effect? If you can't hear, it gets harder to avoid. If the color is lost, you can't tell things apart. Maybe I'll try this out the next time. Monochrome Silent Spark.


Enlightened Sword "Rise from Delusion"

備考 冥界で確認、ただの通り魔

Note: Confirmed in the Netherworld, Just a Slasher

参考度 意外と参考にしたい

Reference Level: Surprisingly unusable as a reference


A spell card of only striking blows.


This isn't danmaku, is it? Touche.


By the way, "Rise from Delusion" is apparently the boat that ferries souls across the Higan from the world of the unenlightened. Basically, a literal translation would be ""I'll-kill-ya-all slash".


"Paschal Moon-Reflecting Satellite Slash"

使用者 魂魄妖夢

User: Youmu Konpaku

備考 満月の前夜のみ見られる

Notes: Can only be seen on the night of a full moon

参考度 ★★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★★


A spell card that unleashes a high-speed attack which reflects the light of the moon. Eyes are dazzled by the chilly radiance.


After a long period of accumulation, the wavering moment of moonlight is finally cut, and a ball of light surrounds the area instantly in a fearsome, indiscriminate attack.


Its weak point is that while it is powerful, it takes a great deal of time to store up power. If you move when charging, it won't hit. From my experience, I just want to avoid getting cut by Youmu slashing like an idiot.


But just what is the light of the moon made of? From just the small amount that the tip of the sword takes in, countless daggers blanket the earth. I want to do some research on a spell card that uses the light of the moon too.


A laser of the moon's light, Moonlight Ray... I think I've heard of a spell card with that name before, but it's probably my imagination.


^  The original text is misprinted: "実はそっちの方が本体何じゃないのか?"

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