Noisy Sign "Live Poltergeist"

使用者 プリズムリバー三姉妹

User: Prismriver Sisters

備考 色んな広場で(有料で)公開

Notes: Performed publicly in many places (for a fee)

音量 ★★★★★★★

Volume: ★★★★★★★


All three of them attack in this unfair spell card. Fundamentally, spell cards are meant for one-on-one play, but since everyone has the freedom to handle slaves and ghosts, it isn't that important.


These girls have a habit of shooting danmaku by themselves one by one, but when they play as an ensemble, they try to work together. Just as one would expect from three sisters, the main point of their performance is that they all have different ideas.


What are their real jobs, anyway?



String Performance "Guarneri del Gesù"

使用者 ルナサ・プリズムリバー

User: Lunasa Prismriver

備考 慌てるとよく使う、演劇タイプ

Notes: Used often when in a panic, theatrical type

音量 ★★

Volume: ★★


Fearsome danmaku that springs out in the immediate area. It's almost like the danmaku is somehow coming from the sound of the performance.


I hate having to calmly listen to music and get buried.


Somehow, the musician makes the listener face music that plants the seeds of terror into them...



Trumpet Ghost "Hino Phantasm"

使用者 メルラン・プリズムリバー

User: Merlin Prismriver

備考 なんか相手が居ないのに使っている事もある

Notes: Even used without the presence of an opponent

音量 ★★★★★★

Volume: ★★★★★★


A spell card that creates danmaku by blowing through brass instruments. It flies around freely like a vengeful spirit.

しかし、本人は一切トランペットに触れていない。だから飛び出した息は誰の物だろう? 魅惑的でお洒落な息霊[1]……。

However, the user doesn't touch the trumpet at all. So whose breath is blowing through the instruments? Maybe it's the breath of a charming, fashionable spirit...



Dark Keys "Fazioli Dark Performance"

使用者 リリカ・プリズムリバー

User: Lyrica Prismriver

備考 怒らせるとよく使う

Notes: Often used when angry

音量 ★★★★

Volume: ★★★★


Compared to her two sisters' spell cards, hers is the only one with very simple danmaku.


Besides that, the reason for this is because her performance is dull. Her technique is excellent, but it just doesn't leave any kind of impression on me. She performs flawlessly, but something is missing...


I'm afraid it's because she doesn't have an instrument filled with soul. I don't mean that figuratively either. It really doesn't have any souls, because the keys on a keyboard are only beaten.

^  It is a pun of "ikiryou"; "生き霊" (vengeful spirit) and "息霊" (fashionable spirit). The latter is originally-coined word. By the way, it is nonsense to compound "息" (breath) with "霊" (spirit) in English, because "spirit" is derived from the Latin counterpart of "breath": "spīritus". Reference].

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