The Grimoire of Marisa: Sanae Kochiya's Spell Cards



Esoterica "Gray Thaumaturgy"

使用者 東風谷早苗

User: Sanae Kochiya

備考 目から鱗、連戦タイプ

Notes: Seeing the light, Multiple Battles Type

参考度 ★★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★★


A unique spell card that sets the stage for a miracle to occur.


Even though it's a ceremony for preparation, it turns out to be rather clever danmaku.


Basically, whenever I recite greater magic spells, the recitation always leaves me wide open. At those times, if I could turn the recitation itself into a spell card, it'd be killing two birds with one stone.


Wonder "Daytime Guest Stars"

使用者 東風谷早苗

User: Sanae Kochiya

備考 ガンマ線なんちゃらがどうとか

Notes: Worried about the gamma rays

奇跡度 ★★

Miracle Level : ★★


A miracle to greatly increase the brightness of the stars, making them visible even during the daytime.


For a miracle that comes from using a single spell card, it's pretty plain.


Sea Opening "Moses's Miracle"

使用者 東風谷早苗

User: Sanae Kochiya

備考 猟師さん歓喜

Notes: A hunter's delight

奇跡度 ★★★★★

Miracle Level : ★★★★★


A miracle that splits the sea. Good for catching fish.


But there aren't any seas in Gensokyo, so this is just an image.


Great Miracle "Yasaka's Divine Wind"

使用者 東風谷早苗

User: Sanae Kochiya

備考 竜巻になりきれないつむじ風

Notes: A whirlwind that turns into a full-blown tornado

奇跡度 ★★★★

Miracle Level : ★★★★


A spell card in which winds spread around Sanae with her at the center.

風を起こすだけだったら天狗でも出来るのだが…… 早苗の起こす風の方が均一で一切ムラがない。 [1] 天狗は力強いが雑である。

If it was just stirring up wind, the tengu could do it too, but... Sanae's wind is completely uniform, with no inconsistencies. The tengu is strong, but sloppy.


But it still seems like there a lot of plain miracles.


Miracle "Miracle Fruit"

使用者 東風谷早苗

User: Sanae Kochiya

備考 果物だった

Notes: It was a fruit.

奇跡度 ★★★★

Miracle Level: ★★★★


A miracle that turns the sour things in this world sweet. This is amazing. It really feels like a miracle.


Still, what's up with throwing the seeds of that miracle at people?

^  Ichijinsha apologized that this sentences had a large printing error, and the line above is fixed from the second printing. The original print is "風を起こすだけだったら天狗でも出来るのだ一で一切ムラがない。"

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