Jealousy Sign "Green-Eyed Monster"

使用者 水橋パルスィ

User: Parsee Mizuhashi

備考 地底世界に続く道で見かけた、奴隷タイプ(インビジブル)

Notes: Saw it on the way to the underworld, slave type (invisible)

羨ましさ ★★★

Jealousy Level: ★★★


A spell that impels the frustration of fleeing from a monster of unknown form.


On closer inspection, Parsee leaves everything to the monster and does not move herself. Looks fun.


This is an invisible slave type spell. This type of spell card is one of the ones I want to have. If I create a slave type spell card myself, what should I make as slaves? I'd like to spend my life looking for slaves.


Grandfather Cherry Blossom "Shiro's Ashes"

使用者 水橋パルスィ

User: Parsee Mizuhashi

備考 宴会芸の一つ、演劇タイプ

Notes: A kind of special party stunt, theatrical type

羨ましさ ★★★★

Jealousy Level: ★★★★


Sprinkle the ashes, though I can't tell of what, and flowers will bloom. Regardless of season or tree type, they will bloom.


Though everyone is amazed by the flowers, what's really amazing are the ashes.


I wonder where she hides those. I'm jealous.


By the way, dodging flower petals is nothing special.


Tongue-Cut Sparrow "Large Box and Small Box"

使用者 水橋パルスィ

User: Parsee Mizuhashi

備考 主に昔話、奴隷タイプ

Notes: Chiefly fables, slave type

羨ましさ ★★

Jealousy Level: ★★


A clone technique that makes a fake Parsee appear.


Even fairies know that the big one is the wrong one.


But if it's up to me I'd like to choose the big one. Because rather than the coins in the small box, it's better for me to have the youkai in the big box.[1]


Malice Sign "Midnight Anathema Ritual"

使用者 水橋パルスィ

User: Parsee Mizuhashi

備考 神社とかでよく見かける

Notes: Seen often in the shrine or like that

羨ましさ 羨ましくはない

Jealousy Level: Not jealous of that


The unfortunate spell which is supposed to be ominous but actually looks pretty.


The flames of jealousy released from the spiteful five-inch nails are ironically brilliant.


Maybe it would be fun to try having a midnight anathema ritual. I wonder who I should have a grudge against?

^  The "Shita-kiri Suzume" story. Enormous amount of coins in the small basket and a crowd of youkai in the big one.

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