Cat Sign "Cat's Walk"

使用者 お燐

User: Orin

備考 最近地上でも見かける、演劇タイプ

Notes: Can see it above ground as well recently, theatrical type

不快度 蚤が付きそう

Unpleasantness: Seems infested with fleas


The cat runs around outside. I can't read the cat's moves, but it's easy to read the danmaku's.


If I calm down and dodge then it's no big deal, but it troubles me to think that her moves are more catlike than Chen's.


Malicious Spirit "Spleen Eater"

使用者 お燐

User: Orin

備考 喰われそうになる、自爆型奴隷タイプ

Notes: Like I'm getting eaten, self-destructing slave type

参考度 参考にする気は無いぞ

Reference Level: Not planning to reference it [1]


Recalls the vengeful spirits who love the negative feelings of humans such as anger and hatred.


The spleen is where humans store their emotions, it seems.


If human with emotion comes, they'll appear out of nowhere and slowly pounce upon him. If he loses and got his negative feelings eaten, does he get refreshed...?


Atonement "Needle Mountain of a Former Hell"

使用者 お燐

User: Orin

備考 まさに地獄

Notes: Really Hell

痛さ ★★★★★

Painfulness: ★★★★★


A spell card of rioting spirits in pain above the uncountable needle mountains.


The needle mountains are painful even if you're not a spirits. This spell card gives me a taste of a hellish Hell.


Even so, getting hit by the spirits in pain is still painful. Is this the Hell of Needle Mountains?[2]


Cursed Sprite "Zombie Fairy"

使用者 お燐

User: Orin

備考 今宵、ゾンビが踊り出す、奴隷タイプ

Notes: Tonight, the zombies come dancing, slave type

陽気さ ★★★★★★

Cheeriness: ★★★★★★


The corpses of fairies got possessed by vengeful spirits and came back to what this spell card seems like.


Actually, they're only good-humored fairies pretending to be zombies and attacking.


A typical slave type. It can't start without fairies that play along.

^  Marisa once rejected eating Mokou's gut, when Mokou told her not to eat hers.

^  East Asian mythology has a lot of hells, many are named after their function or type of torture.

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