Drown "Trauma in the Glimmering Depths"

使用者 河城にとり

User: Nitori Kawashiro

備考 トラウマ、ストレスタイプ

Notes: Traumatic, Stress-Type

ストレス度 ★★★

Stress Level: ★★★


I don't have any clear memories of drowning, but this spell card made me recall a scene looking up from the bottom of the water.


Maybe I'm blocking out memories of nearly drowning when I was a kid.


By the way, I don't think I will imitate this danmaku. It really makes me feel anxious and disturbed.


Water Sign "Kappa's Pororoca"

使用者 河城にとり

User: Nitori Kawashiro

備考 ポロロッカって……何?

Notes: "Pororoca"... What's that supposed to mean?

参考度 ★★

Reference Level: ★★


This one's a flash flood. This spell card only directly converts water into a danmaku form. However, that is quite difficult.


This spell card goes well with my tastes for powerful techniques, but to consistently make the precise movements to avoid the water is difficult.


If I use this as a reference in the future, perhaps one that converts water into boiling water would be good. I would expect it to be powerful.


Kappa "Monster Cucumber"

使用者 河城にとり

User: Nitori Kawashiro

備考 後で河童が美味しく頂きました [1]

Notes: It was enjoyed by the kappa afterwards.[2]

野菜 ウリ科

Vegetable: Gourd family


Kappas love cucumbers. Cucumbers are gourd-type vegetables with a large amount of moisture.


Even if there was a festival where tomatoes were thrown to hit people, I would rather have them chilled and salted, then eat them.


I also eat this danmaku with miso.

^  This phrase is a parody of "This food was enjoyed by the TV staff afterwards" (後でスタッフがおいしくいただきました, Ato de SUTAFFU ga oishiku itadakimashita), which has recently been used on comedy shows when they let food go to waste to prevent viewer complaints.

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