Death Song "Ferriage in the Deep Fog"

使用者 小野塚小町

User: Komachi Onozuka

備考 水上じゃなくても出る、私自らタイプ [1]

Notes: Not on the water, but "I, personally" type [2]

参考度 参考にする気は無い

Reference Level: I have no motivation to reference it


A ramming spell card using a boat riding on a large number of ghosts.


While I have written about many kinds of spell cards in this book in order to widen my own magical repertoire, rather than to research methods of defeating them, freely controlling ghosts like this is something I cannot use as a reference.


Even so, it shouldn't be possible to ride a boat on ghosts that float in the air. What is her job anyway?


Malice Sign "Irresolute, Bound Spirit"

使用者 小野塚小町

User: Komachi Onozuka

備考 水辺には霊が寄ってくるらしい

Notes: It seems that ghosts gather by the waterfront

鬱陶しさ ★★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★★


A spell card that entwines ghosts.


Entwined ghosts are the worst kind of nuisance. You can shoo away mosquitoes, but your hand will just go right through a ghost.

ん? 素通りなのにダメージを喰らうというのはどういう事なのか。幽霊の鬱陶しさの秘密はそこに隠されていそうだ。

Hm? Why do you still take damage if they just pass through you? The secret of the ghosts' gloominess must be hidden there.


Death Price "Price of Life"

使用者 小野塚小町

User: Komachi Onozuka

備考 主に宴会で人気者、奴隷タイプ(インビジブル)

Notes: Mainly a popular parlor trick, slave type (Invisible)

信憑度 ★

Believability: ★


A spell card where an opponent is shown how much money their life is worth.


The agitation of being surrounded by money tarnishes the beauty of this fearsome danmaku.


But what concerns me is that no matter who receives the fortune-telling, there aren't any differences in the amount of money. Are we being fooled?


By the way, a human's life is priceless.

^  This is a parody of Klaus's line, the final boss of Xexex, "I, personally, will come out!" (Watashi mizukara ga deru!, 私自らが出る!) Regardless of the excellent BGM, gameplay graphics, and play control, the character graphics were awful and, even worse, the final boss's dying words were in poor, rarely heard Japanese. This phrase is loved by some shooting game fans.
^  The pun here is that "I" ("watashi", 私) and "personally" ("mizukara", 自ら) are words pronounced identically to the more common construction "ferry, ferryman" ("watashi", 渡し) and "out of the water" ("mizu kara", 水から). "Not on the water, but from out of the water I come as ferryperson!" You can groan now. (As an added bonus, 自ら can also be pronounced "onozukara".)

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