Flower Sign "Gorgeous Sweet Flower"

使用者 紅美鈴

User: Hong Meiling

備考 良い匂いがする、フラクタルタイプ

Notes: Smells wonderful, Fractal-Type

参考度 ★★★

Reference Level: ★★★


This spell card belongs to the one in charge of the flower beds of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. This danmaku gives you an image of a flower blooming, like a reversal of Letty's.


Actually, this is a spell card born from magnifying the same pattern again and again.


I will classify this type of spell card as "Fractal-Type".


This kind of danmaku is often simple. This is because if the next wave of danmaku incoming has the same shape, you avoid it the same way. It sure is pretty to look at, though.


Flowery Sign "Colorful Light Lotus Flower Palm"

使用者 紅美鈴

User: Hong Meiling

備考 何かお寺っぽい

Notes: Somehow Temple-like

参考度 ★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★


The portion of the lotus that floats above water is lovely, but in the water it becomes something terrible. I'm not quite pleased that that part isn't reproduced with danmaku. Perhaps, there may be something terrible happening to Meiling, who is standing in the center of all this.


But lotus roots sure are yummy. How about lasers in the shape of lotus roots? ...Is that unrefined?


Colorful Sign "Extreme Colorful Typhoon"

使用者 紅美鈴

User: Hong Meiling

備考 紅霧異変にて遭遇、バグタイプ

Notes: Encountered during the Scarlet Mist Incident, Bug-Type

参考度 ★★

Reference Level: ★★


A danmaku made to resemble rain. Speaking of things that you could represent well with danmaku, there's snow, rain, starry sky, flower petals, sumo wrestlers' purifying salts...


But compared to those, rain is easy to dodge. It ranks next to snow as easy to dodge. Because their bullet paths are straightforward, right?


Incidentally, it's said that the rain this person uses is like that from waving around a watering can, sprinkling water all over the flower beds. Or, rather, I just said that.

カラフルな水を撒けばカラフルな花が咲くと思っているようだが、そうなのだろうか? 今度試してみよう。

I think that if colorful water were sprinkled then colorful flowers would bloom, but is that right? I'll try it out next time.


If rainbow colored flowers would bloom, then by fighting above rainbow colored flower beds, you could use some hard to see techniques.


By the way, this danmaku is a prototypical Bug Type.

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