The stars that shoot through the night sky, the butterflies that dance to the scent of flowers, the water that flows seeking lower altitudes, and the deep, dark mist.


All natural phenomena have some sort of cause behind them. Humans created reasoning to place an explanation on these phenomena.


And so, everything that could be seen was to become possessed by the human race....... supposedly.


Naturally occurring phenomena were explained differently throughout various places. The human race, who sought out a unified form of reasoning, would come to believe that all but one, or maybe even all forms of reasoning were false.


However, the youkai think like this: all observations, phenomena, and all forms of reasoning behind them are true. This is precisely because all youkai were born from the thoughts behind the phenomena themselves.


I happened to see the tengu's notepad once. The tengu had written all of the events of the world in that notepad.


That notepad described all of the most insignificant things of daily life from a completely different point of view from mine. It seemed as if the tengu's observational skills transcended my capability to comprehend the world that the tengu had claimed for her own.


Even if it was just insignificant daily life, by recording everything, the tengu was able to see something unseen before. As I thought that, I decided to compile a book of what I had thought had become the everyday scenery of my life --- spell cards.


Although I have to recall memories far older than the time that I saw the tengu's notepad, I may be able to acquire hints for new magic by writing them down.


From that train of thought, this book was born. It is the only danmaku grimoire in Gensokyo that a human has ever written. It is absolutely not a copy of Alice's grimoire in any way.


I want to become able to use more magic. No, I plan to become more able. I will eventually be called a great witch.


I won't spare any effort needed for that purpose, and I hope this book will be another step in obtaining that goal.


Well, if it doesn't, I'll just name it something grandiose like the Illusion Danmaku Artifact Encyclopedia and palm it off to a library for a high price, so it'd be OK either way~.




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