God Sign "Genealogy of the Sky-Born"

使用者 八意永琳

User: Eirin Yagokoro

備考 永夜異変の時に、移動型ストレスタイプ

Notes: During the Eternal Night incident, movement-style stress type

参考度 ★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★


A laser that extends like a genealogical line lasting for untold millenia and restricts my freedom of movement.


Light seems to fly into infinity, but it doesn't actually fly. It travels as it emits and absorbs little by little. But this genealogical laser seems to spread out into infinity. I guess new lasers are being born one after the other to replace the previous ones.


I figured this as Eirin's self-deprecating joke.


Because she seldomly joins fights, this spell card isn't seen very often. Too bad.

蘇活「生命遊戯 -ライフゲーム-」

Revival "Game of Life"

使用者 八意永琳

User: Eirin Yagokoro

備考 永夜異変の時に、複合型ストレスタイプ

Notes: During the Eternal Night incident, complex-style stress type

参考度 ★

Reference Level: ★


A spell card that suddenly surrounds the area in danmaku, and then disappears.


The Game of Life simulates the life and death of living things. I don't understand it well, but maybe it's like watching a lot of caged bugs?


Eirin said that "If the parents don't die off eventually, food is going to run out and they are all going to die." Ahhhhhh.


Curse of the Heavens "Apollo 13"

使用者 八意永琳

User: Eirin Yagokoro

備考 人によっては13は不吉な数字らしい

Notes: I heard 13 is an unlucky number for some humans

参考度 ★★★★★

Reference Level: ★★★★★


A cursed spell card-like attack that demonstrates what goes up must come down.


It expands in an instant, and one after the other the danmaku falls with a bewitching light that one might find unintentionally watching. It's like an encounter with the unknown. [1]


I want to research how they're arranged to form those shapes. I heard a rumor that the answer is an extremely simple formula..., but I don't really understand it.


Eirin said "The minimal calculations defeat the pinnacle of space engineering. To defeat it, it is necessary to abandon technology." Hmmmm...


"Heaven Spider's Butterfly-Capturing Web"

使用者 八意永琳

User: Eirin Yagokoro

備考 お祭りの時に、移動型ストレスタイプ

Notes: During festivals, Movement-style stress type

参考度 無理かな

Reference Level: Impossible, huh?


A spell card shown to me when we were playing around.


Completely restricts freedom of movement. Having your freedom restricted anywhere is scary.


But in reality, just not being able to move isn't difficult. This is for play so it's only meant to make you feel like you've lost emotionally.


I bet being able to fire a bunch of Master Sparks would do the same thing.


Secret Elixir "Lunar Incense"

使用者 八意永琳

User: Eirin Yagokoro

備考 お祭りの時に、移動型ストレスタイプ

Notes: During festivals, Movement-style stress type

参考度 頑張れば

Reference Level: If I try really hard


Another spell card shown to me when we were playing around.


She really likes to restrict my movements, it seems. This is another spell card where it's hard to move.


The chances of winning at the beginning are slim, but Eirin will eventually open up some gaps to squeeze through. Good thing I'm not an idiot.


^  This is a parody of "Encounter with Unknown", the Japanese-translated title of "Close Encounter of the Third Kind".

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