Freeze Sign "Perfect Freeze"

使用者 チルノ

User: Cirno

備考 頻繁に見る、演劇タイプ

Notes: Seen often, theatrical type

温度 ★

Temperature: ★


Every bullet is frozen at the same instant in this unexpectedly amazing spell card


After being frozen, the ice seems like it starts to slip at random as it thaws, and is distributed around the area. After it thaws, no one can guess where it will go next. Not even Cirno.


In other words, whether this danmaku is difficult or easy, it depends solely on the ice. It's so amazing, I can't use it.


Freeze Sign "Minus K"

使用者 チルノ

User: Cirno

備考 湖の上で偶に

Notes: Occasionally seen above the lake

温度 測定不能

Temperature: Impossible to measure


Danmaku is suddenly chilled so that the difference in density of the bullets causes them to crack as a result of this explosive spell card


Making the biggest attack from the smallest danmaku is certainly a considerable feat.


However, until they explode, the density of the bullets is low, and one won't get hit if they are close to the user. Well, she's only a fairy, after all. If she's just think to shoot a few more bullets and balance the density better, I think it'd become stronger, but...


Maybe someone should teach her how to count.

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