Yup, this is ZUN, the one in charge of the afterword. Thank you very much for your patronage in acquiring this book.


How should I say this... this is an extremely rare book that only presents danmaku. I don't believe there are any other books like this at all.


My apologies to those who expected a walkthrough or a source compilation, but this book is nothing of the sort. I believe the internet can take care of such tasks nowadays. (What am I writing in a book that's publicized by strategy guide publishers...?)


New updates can be found on the internet as well. Ultimately speaking, "Practical information is all found more efficiently on the internet," would be the way things are now.


Then, what are the value of books from this era, especially those that correlate with games? I think they should be "books that you choose to own." I believe such books can be described as books that aren't finished after one read, books that aren't finished after a bit of research, but books that are "usually in shelf, but are peacefully looked through for your mind's leisure."


To exert the aesthetic value, I got rid of all the tiring strategy advice and setting explanations in this book (It's even elaborately full-colored!).


Not for studying the games, not useful for reference, but a book that danmaku lovers would want to have. I wish this book to be something of that sort.


Recently, commentary playthroughs of video games have been popular. (I guess the problem of copyright usage is the next issue......).


Through these videos, it is possible to observe a variety of players play a variety of games. Moreover, it becomes possible to use their opinions as feedback towards the works in progress.


However, that is one alluring trap that must be avoided.


Like arcades and when playing with friends, the reason these videos are popular is because the entertainment value lies within the observation of the player.


To observe the effects of these playthroughs with a practical eye might mean, at worst, the demise of video culture.


The sole pursuit of practicality never leads to the most practical idea. I wish for this book to be read like those commentary playthrough videos.


Marisa seems to be hard at work discovering the most practical things, but I wonder how she'll use this information.


博麗神主 ZUN

Kannushi (Shinto Priest) of Hakurei ZUN

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