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Imperishable Night - キャラ設定.txt

Stage 5 Midboss, Earthborn Rabbit

Tewi Inaba

Species: Youkai Rabbit
Abilities: Can bring fortune to those she wishes

After taking good care of her health and living for a long time, Tewi became something more than an ordinary rabbit. She leads the Earthborn rabbits living in Eientei. Her impetuous temperament makes her seem more like a fairy than a phantom.

Humans who lose their way in the bamboo forest around Eientei sometimes catch a glimpse of Tewi. Those who see her are able to find their way out without fail, so she is considered a guide of the forest.

It's a shame that they waste the fortune given to them by Tewi on such a small thing, but humans are too clueless to notice their mistake.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View - キャラ設定.txt

TH09 Tewi
White Rabbit of Good Fortune
Inaba Tewi

Species: Youkai rabbit
Ability: Making humans be happy

A youkai-powered rabbit who cared about her health and lived long.
In Eientei, she's a leader of plenty of earthborn rabbits.

This time, she went outside to have fun with the rabbits that is so excited with unnatural scenery without telling the members of Eientei.